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League of Legends Rune: Greater Quintessence of Percent Health

Greater Quintessence of Percent Health

LoL Rune: Greater Quintessence of Percent Health

Purchase Cost: 2050
+1.5% health

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Loki421 | September 22, 2015 11:54pm
You only need more than 3200 total hp to make these the strongest HP Quints. I like to go scaling seals of hp, marks of armor and glyphs of scaling MR on my tanks. This gives me 216 hp from the seals @lvl 18. This means on almost all tanks all I need is an additional 600-800 hp and the quints become the most efficient choice. If you're building a tank its almost impossible not to get that much hp and a ton more long before level 18.
KingsGlory (2) | June 5, 2013 6:02pm
full set of these and the seals with juggernaut gives you +14% max HP. Beautiful on HP stackers
Akirasip | May 7, 2013 12:04pm
I think these runes can be good if you are going to stack loads of hp and aim at late game. Not so good in early game as flat ones, but at around 3200-3300hp this quint will surpass hp/lvl ones.
riler | August 19, 2012 4:06am
dats not the ruins guy i put the wrong one am sorry.. suppose to be the +health items
bukalo (2) | August 8, 2012 12:50pm
this rune is sooo not worth it. and I'm not even exaggerating on this one.

let's do the math.
say you have 3000 hp at level 18 (pretty standard with a slightly tanky build.
3000 divided by 100 = 30
30 times 4.5 (where 4.5% being what the maximum bonus will be with 3 of these runes)
that will give you a pathetic 135 bonus hp at lvl 18.

rather buy flat hp quints which gives you 75 hp at lvl 1.
veluxe | October 29, 2016 3:22am
Ofcourse your numbers are correctly. But you have to compare the situational effects of these runes.

Example on Dr. Mundo:
Health on level 1:
With flat runes: 660
With % runes: 608
With /lvl runes: 590

Health on level 18:
Health on level 1:
With flat runes: 2262
With % runes: 2282
With /lvl runes: 2329

As you can see, on level 1 these runes are better than /lvl scaling runes. On level 18 these runes are better than flat HP runes.

BUT the most important effect of this rune is, once your gold curve is going better than your level curve, maybe due to some decent kills, the % runes do their job. They are placed in between flat and /lvl scaling runes and they are worth at any point when simply: [YourTotalHealth] * 0.045 > [YourLevel] * [2.7].
eLayUndercover | May 5, 2012 10:04am
question. does this give you an overall 1.5% health total of max health throughout the game or just in the beginning off your starting base hp?
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