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My Mid Lane Tier List Patch 13.1

V1kt0r555's Tier List V1kt0r555's Tier List
Last updated on January 27, 2023
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This is my Mid lane Tier list. This will show you what champions on tier list are broken and what champions are not viable (from OP to D Tier). Just because some champions are broken doesn't mean you can win every single game or some champions are not viable doesn't mean you are going to lose. This Tier list is all in my opinion. If you want me to some add more champions that rarely appears in Mid lane, let me know! And a vote would be pleasure. :)

OP Tier

These OP champions are very powerful in current meta. They have received some buffs from previous patches. They are currently the best pick to climb then in Higher Elo due to their high potential for snowball and carry the games despite being good for Lof or High Elo. You should play with them until they get nerfed soon if Riot decides.


S Tier

These champions are still powerful in current meta and very good to climb in High Elo. They perform really well thanks to their damage potential or outplaying opponents. Thay are still worth to play with them as you can easily climb in High Elo if you play with them correctly.These champions are still powerful in current meta and very good to climb in High Elo. They perform really well thanks to their damage potential or outplaying opponents. Thay are still worth to play with them as you can easily climb in High Elo if you play with them correctly.


A Tier

These champions are still very good in current meta to climb in High Elo. They can do really nice job in almost every game. Some of these champions have received some nerfs but they are not horrible at the moment. Overall, very solid pick but weaker than S Tier.


B Tier

These champions are not bad but also not good either. Some champions has received some nerfs, others are pretty unpopular in Mid lane. They can still help you to climb in High Elo especially if you are considering to pick a champiuon as a counterpick so you can easily destroy them if you play well. Overall, not a very bad choice to play with them.


C Tier

These champions are pretty bad right now and it is not recommended to play with them in Mid lane unless if you main them and you are very professional player. A lot of champions has received nerfes, some players do not play them in Mid lane at all and some champions has a lot of counters and can get easily destroyed. Highly recommended not to pick them.


D Tier

Really? You want to main them in Mid lane? Have you lost your mind? Well, go for it! But honestly, these champions who mains them in Mid lane are very horrible. If you play with them and you have lost your lane, you will regreat it badly. Only play with them in Normal Blind/Draft modes, not in Ranked games.

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Dustyacer (4) | January 24, 2023 9:56pm
hmmmm, Imma have to disagree with mostly the lower tiers.
D tier: no way is zac d-tier, in fact id put him around a-tier. constantly 55%+ wr, strong setup, roam, 1v1 (just heals it back up), scaling, sustain and decent dmg. His passive is really strong early in skirmishes. Assassins can't kill him, control mages outscale but get jumped on ez with jungle, etc. He doesn't need to get a lead imo, his scaling is great. The only weakness is maybe his waveclear which is just ok, but he can just roam with a ****ty wave since he's a tank and does lots of cc in late game anyways.
Vi is b-c tier imo
sion simialr to zac, but probably a bit weaker maybe b-tier.
ornn similar to sion imo, at least c-tier. Decent sustain with shop, okay gank setup, good gank followup, good burst dmg. Good waveclear.
orianna probably lower in b tier, but next patch with the buff maybe a-tier
ekko imo is trash and in c-tier, barely wins any mus, and if he does its by doing tons of roams.
tryd imo is op and in s-tier as i for the life of me don't know what you can do vs tryd. He can roam, 1v1, sustain infinitely, scale well, invade enemy jngl at lvl 2+

some minor things elsewhere but not going to write everything done
V1kt0r555 (1) | January 25, 2023 5:02am
I will change some champions soon when I have a time. I will also add some champions from D Tier to a higher Tier. And those champions what you write, I will add what you want.
Pulgontes | January 24, 2023 8:58am
Yo subiria a twitch
V1kt0r555 (1) | January 24, 2023 2:56pm
No, I won't put Twitch on higher Tier for now. And please, only type in English, I don't speak other languages.
Pulgontes | January 24, 2023 5:47pm
Alphaomegalogs (2) | January 24, 2023 8:22am
You say Irelia is cancer? Ever played against a lux or Yasuo? XD
V1kt0r555 (1) | January 24, 2023 2:55pm
I'm not saying a real word "cancer". She is just too broken champion. And yes, I played over 100 games against Lux and Yasuo. And I believe many players says any different type of words against Irelia.
Alphaomegalogs (2) | January 26, 2023 6:40am
I know what you mean I just got a tad defensive because I enjoy playing Irelia. And worse than lux and Yas,teemo and yuumi XD.Irelia is broken but also a high skill champ, same with Yasuo. Teemo, lux, and yuumi are all super easy and still ultra annoying to play against.
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Lavi Sorrow (1) | October 23, 2022 3:39am
Really in-depth Tier list, noice!
V1kt0r555 (1) | October 23, 2022 6:02am
Thank you! :)
BradJr (29) | October 22, 2022 11:30am
Hello! Interesting tier list. I have some additions/changes that I would like to see, let me know if you agree:

- Zed should be OP tier. His kit is very hard to counter, and he has some of the best outplay potential in the game.
- Sylas should be moved down one tier, he is not as oppressive anymore and his First Strike can be poked out by ranged champs.
V1kt0r555 (1) | October 22, 2022 3:05pm
Hello! I have to think about these changes. I am still not 100% sure which champions should I place in each Tier. And also, I need to add notes to each champions which also gives me a lot of time to think about. It's kinda complicated a bit since some players has their opinions which one should go. I'm not sure if Zed goes in OP Tier list but I will think about that. Also about Sylas, he is still OP champion even after some his nerfs. And a lot of Sylas players are using Conqueror which is best Rune Keystone for him. First Strike should only be taken on easy/free matchups so you should avoid use First Strike against any ranged champions. Overall, I will finish Mid Tier list by adding notes on each champion and I will swap some champion which Tier should go.
SELORONIOS (117) | April 10, 2022 5:08am
Heeyyy, about adding "champions that rarely appear in Mid lane", I like to suggest adding Nocturne to one of the lower tiers. He's been Off-Meta since the Nerfs on his Passive Healing and Magic Resistance, but I still pick it into any melee matchups like Yasuo, Yone, Irelia, Kassadin, ...
it's pretty decent to counterpick / punish enemy mistakes.
V1kt0r555 (1) | April 10, 2022 5:22am
OK, no problem! I added Nocturne. If you have any other champions that I didn't add, please let me know! :)
SELORONIOS (117) | April 10, 2022 5:35am
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