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Jukes and Kills with Brand Report Report


Jukes and Kills with Brand

Created By iJoemar
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iJoemar shows you a game with brand with awesome jukes and getaways MUST WATCH!

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xTopPriority | March 14, 2012 12:40pm
I'm sorry but this was rather bad. Sure you got a ton of kills but I believe the only reason you got any kills was because of the terrible quality of your opponents. I mean those jukes? you just ran through a couple of brushes and they somehow didn't realize it. Your skill progression is out of order any experienced Brand player will tell you to lead with E unless the person your laning against is super careful and refuses to get in range. Also I saw several times where you could of sniped a low champ with your R when you see a low champion in a clump press R on the nearest one and hope your lucky. Also who plays on locked camera seriously.

TL;DR ****ty Brand is ****ty
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