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Warwick How to Jungle without Smite Report Report


Warwick How to Jungle without Smite

Created By TheButtonMasherz - Gerry
9,043 1
In this video Gerry takes you on a journey of how to play his controversial junglewick WITHOUT smite. Try it out, don't be ignorant. Or be ignorant and get owned by everyone else trying it out =p

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Skill Point Order:
1- W
2- Q
3- W
4- E
5- E
6- R
7- E
8- Q
9- E
10 and On, get Ultimate whenever it shows up again, don't know exactly when. Also make sure to prioritize E (Blood Scent). Q (Hungering Strike) is my last priority with this build as melee DPS and crits are a major component of this build so put W (Hunters Call) as a priority behind your E (Blood Scent).

Final Build:
1- Wriggle's Lantern
2- Boots of Swiftness
3- Madred's Bloodrazor
4- Infinity Edge
5- Banshee's Veil or Black Cleaver (Preference to how the game is going)
6- Black Cleaver or Banshee's Veil (Preference to how the game is going)

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Stonicus | May 11, 2011 11:40pm
Nice post, went 16-9-13 first time trying the build, I started a build that featured more ad and getting rid of smite helped quite a bit, thanks!
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