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League of Legends Masteries

What are Masteries?

Masteries are tools a summoner can use to increase their champions statistics. Like Runes , Masteries increase in power the higher in level a summoner is.

Masteries are separated into 3 different "trees" of focus. Each "tree" has it's own unique masteries. Each "tree" also has 6 tiers of masteries.

One mastery point is gained every time a summoner levels up, rounding out to a total of 30 points.

One can have a maximum of 10 mastery pages.

What are the Different Mastery Trees?

Currently, masteries are split into 3 different trees, Offense, Defense, and Utility.

The offense tree is focused on increasing your damage output. The offense tree is best for champions that need to do a lot of damage, such as ability power (AP) and attack damage (AD) carries.

The defense tree is focused on increasing your survivability. The defense tree is best for champions that need to be able to take a lot of damage, such as tanks, or even in some special cases, off-tanks.

The utility tree is not nearly as focused as the other trees. The utility tree provides a plethora of stats, such as health regeneration, mana regeneration, movement speed, reduced death timer, and much more. The utility tree is best for champions that are more supportive, however, unlike the other trees, any character can use this tree with fairly good results.

What are Mastery Tiers?

There are 6 tiers in each mastery tree.

Tier 1: This tier usually provides very small, but helpful, bonuses. Requires 0 points prior.

Tier 2: This tier usually provides slightly larger bonuses than the 1st tier. Requires 4 points prior.

Tier 3: This tier usually provides quite decent bonuses that noticeably increase your champion's strength. Requires 8 points prior.

Tier 4: This tier usually provides large bonuses that are very helpful to your champion. Requires 12 points prior.

Tier 5: This tier usually provides extremely large bonuses. Requires 16 points prior.

Tier 6: This tier contains only 1 mastery. This tier is the main reason that most summoners choose one tree over another. This tier's mastery provides legendary bonuses. Requires 20 points prior.

What are Connected Masteries?

Connected masteries are masteries that usually give similar bonuses to each other. To get one of the masteries, you must put enough points in the lower tier one. Connected masteries sometimes skip tiers, although, this is not always the case.

Here is a list of all the connected masteries:

How Do I Create a New Mastery Page?

All you have to do is click the "+" button above your mastery trees.

How Do I Rename My Mastery Page?

Just click the box with a pencil in it at the top left corner of the screen to edit the name of the mastery page. Type in the words you want, and then press the "enter" key to finish changing the name.

How Do I Add and Remove Mastery Points to My Mastery Page?

To add a mastery point into a mastery, simply left-click the mastery that you want to add a point to. You can only add points into the non-greyed out masteries.

To remove a mastery point from a mastery, simply right-click the mastery you want to remove a point from. If you try to remove too many points from a lower tier while still having points in a higher tier, this will not work.

If you want to remove all your mastery points and start over, simply click the "return points" button.

How Do I Save My Mastery Page?

It's pretty simple. All you have to do is press the "Save Masteries" button.

If you leave the masteries page without saving, you will get this message. Click "Yes" if you want to save it, or "No" if you do not.

After saving your mastery page, you will get this message. This is just for verification that you saved your mastery page.

How Do I Delete My Mastery Page?

All you have to do to delete a mastery page is press the "Delete" button.

When you press the "Delete" button, you will get this message. Click "Yes" if you want to, or "No" if you do not.

"Why would you delete a mastery page?" you may ask. You are limited to only 10 mastery pages, and you may want to delete a mastery page to create room for a new one. You may also want to delete a mastery page to organize your mastery pages better, so that it is easy and convenient to navigate between them.

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