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League of Legends Pushing

What is pushing?

Pushing means that a friendly minion wave is moving towards an enemy tower. You can accomplish this by constantly autoattacking and/or using abilities on the enemy minion wave. You will often do this when the enemy champion(s) is not in lane, and you want to attack the tower, or when you want to deny the enemy champion farm (because the turret will kill your minions). Make sure to have the entrance(s) to your lane warded!

Champions known for pushing

Total Price: 3150
// He will use his H-28G Evolution Turret to push your lane.

Total Price: 3150
// She will often use her Glacial Storm to quickly kill minions.

Total Price: 3150
// He will use his abilities on minions to charge his passive.

Basically any champion with an AoE damage skill and AD carries can push well, because of the great damage they can do on the whole minion wave.

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