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League of Legends Runes

What are Runes?

Runes are bonus statistics that can be grouped on a Rune Page in order to boost the normal statistics of a Champion. Like Masteries , Runes require levels on your Summoner in order to realise their full potential. Additionally runes come in 3 Tiers of runes that differ in efficiency and cost. A Rune Page consists of 3 Quintessences, 9 Marks, 9 Seals and 9 Glyphs. Runes can be Primary or Secondary in their respective fields of speciality. Runes can only be purchased with IP ( Influence Points ).

Rune divisions:

1. Quintessences
2. Marks
3. Seals
4. Glyphs

What are Rune Tiers?

Runes come in three tiers of advantages:

1. Tier One: Levels 1 - 10
2. Tier Two: Levels 11 - 20
3. Tier Three: 21 - 30

It is best to wait until you are level 21 before buying runes as Tier Three runes are better than the tiers below them.

What does Primary/Secondary mean?

They are categories that specify whether a bonus will be big or small. Primary runes mean big bonuses, secondary means small.

Let's use an example: Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction (primary) > Greater Seal of Cooldown Reduction (secondary) > Greater Mark of Cooldown Reduction (secondary)

They give: -0,65%, -0,29% and -0,16%, respectively. As you can see the secondary runes are not even half as good as the primary runes. So even if you have all CDR seals and marks you'll still get less than from just the glyphs.

So instead of getting Greater Glyph of Attack Damage and Greater Mark of Cooldown Reduction you should get Greater Glyph of Cooldown Reduction and Greater Mark of Attack Damage, for much bigger bonuses.

Since the bonuses often are more than twice the amount, using only primary runes is USUALLY the best choice.

Rune Division Explanations - Quintessences

// Quints are basically big bonus version of marks, seals and glyphs. Quints give you a lot of statistics and are slightly more cost efficient than their lesser counterparts. All Quints are Primary. There are utility runes only available in quints. Those are +1.5% movement speed , +2% experience gain, +1 gold/10 sec and -5% time spent dead.

Rune Division Explanations - Marks

greater mark of desolation
// Marks are generally offensive-based runes, with most rune pages focusing on getting Armor Penetration or Magic Penetration , both of which are Primary for this division. Tanks may consider getting Greater Mark of Armor despite them being Secondary.

Rune Division Explanations - Seals

// Seals are generally defensive-based runes, with most rune pages focusing on getting armour to negate Armor Penetration , Health Regeneration or flat HP to counter certain lanes. Secondary options often include mana regeneration.

Rune Division Explanations - Glyphs

// Glyphs are generally utility-based runes, with most rune pages focusing on improving the utility of the champion in terms of Cool Down Reduction, Magic Resist to negate Magic Penetration and flat mana or mana regeneration for AP Casters.

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