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League of Legends Smart Cast

What is Smart Casting?

The ability to adequately smart cast is without a question, what separates the pros from the noobs. Once you start smart casting, you will not look back. Every champion ability, item and summoner spell can be allocated to a smart cast key. Smart casting removes the preset blue alignment guide when you attempt to use an ability, that requires you to press a key twice in order to use the ability. Without the settings changed, holding Shift + Key will smart cast the ability. If you are right handed and use QWER, you will find learning smart casting a easy. If you're left handed, smart casting is a little trickier, but playing the game in general would be hard.

There are some abilities in the game that are automatically smart casted, if you are reluctant to muck around with your settings. Karthus' Lay Waste is smart cast, as is Nidalee's Pounce. It is advisable to test smart casting in a custom game before attempting it in a real game. Some champion abilities are more difficult to use with smartcasting, such as Ashe's Enchanted Crystal Arrow. You may want to adjust your keybindings on a game-to-game basis depending on which champion you're playing.

To enable smart casting, you have to go in-game and edit the key bindings.

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xSoundwavex | August 12, 2012 4:10am
No, It's like your spell automatically shoots out to where your mouse is pointing at when you activate the spell.
Biodt (2) | August 7, 2012 10:46am
I don't get it,

What does smart cast do? does it just keep 'pressing' q or watever until the spell cools down so you don't have to notice? Does it cast it like a bot would cast? something else?
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