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Well, I'm just a boy who likes to play League of Legends. Well, actually, I also like StarCraft and.... Well yea. So, I joined MOBAFire just so I can let others get an opinion on my builds, get some constructive criticism so I can improve and learn/gain a better understanding of the game. I've only been recklessly playing while experimenting many different item builds and masteries. Runes are the only thing I need to work on, because I got them WAY too late. I played LoL for only two months, so I know I am not that great of a player yet. My favorite champion is Twisted Fate, all the way. He's flexible, hybrid, dps, ap, any way you want to build him. Well I don't think tanky TF really works but... Well I can try. He has plenty of burst damage and is a great assassin.Also, he's great at backdoor-ing and ganks, but I want TF to have back his global ult again. LeBlanc is also a great assassin, and if youre able to pull off your combo, from early-mid game, it's almost always a kill, or get enemies to about quarter health or less. I don't use her as much, because I'm focusing on TF, but guess I will work on her too. I would appreciate it if any other members can help me out, because I'm still new to this site, and give me suggestions.
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