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21 Aug

Views: 773 Bronze I...

I don't even know what to say...


I'm not the best player and I've made some pretty stupid plays back in the day. But I feel like I can honestly say that I didn't do bad during these provisional matches.

But what I really can't believe is how horrible some people can be with it. I don't mean player performance. That can be carried to an extent. But I mean actual trolls intentionally feeding and spamming the other team with messages. People not communicating and just wandering wherever they please. An entire team leaving one-by-one because the adc fed, even though the game...
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12 Feb
Any Soul Caliber might enjoy these =3
Oh and I'm on PSN as W***uppii007 (btw I blow at SCV, I just love creating things!)



Garen vs Tryndimere

Katarina vs Garen

Jax vs Akali...
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14 Jan
Upon reminiscing on old times, I realized that I put a ton of work into my guides and they were of decently quality for a good while! But...As Time Goes By (great song by the way), the complete build layout has changed and I haven't really been playing LoL for a good long while.

I would really hate for my guides to just VANISH into the abyss =(

Soooo, would anyone be interesting in taking my guides and updating them? You would be featured in the title as the updater. I think it would be good for the community as well, with guides having multiple perspectives on them and all.

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22 Sep

Views: 1266 Some girl Iknoww

Ran into this girl at the bar....And then I ran into her again after this music feastivalll I wasin (Pearl Jazammm and Foo Fighers! Woo) . idk where I am with her...but I'm really into her. aaah................
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14 Sep

Views: 780 Finally have Photoshop!

I just played around a little with it =3

Wooo! This is going to be exciting! It might take a little time before I become a pro, but I'm going to have to start upping my game for the sig shop now!
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