Upon reminiscing on old times, I realized that I put a ton of work into my guides and they were of decently quality for a good while! But...As Time Goes By (great song by the way), the complete build layout has changed and I haven't really been playing LoL for a good long while.

I would really hate for my guides to just VANISH into the abyss =(

Soooo, would anyone be interesting in taking my guides and updating them? You would be featured in the title as the updater. I think it would be good for the community as well, with guides having multiple perspectives on them and all.

If you are willing to help, I want some sort of evidence that you are reliable: Maybe a string of guides that are decently rated or a promising match history of a certain champ. Here are my current guides that are drifting in the wind:

This guide has probably the most work put into it and has an over necessary amount of detail. The build and masteries are of utmost priority, but there are also a ton of Champion match ups to include as I intend to have EVERY possible champion. I also made it a point to promote other guides within the matchmaking section. Networking is important here.

This one is fairly out of date and if I remember correctly, the strategy portion drastically needs revision! =S The build and masteries also need some work.

This is a hybrid guide for Lulu (part AP Carry, part Support). If you do not agree with this approach to her, don't even mention it. However, if you feel like you're on board to experiment with this concept, let me know! I've done fairly well with her solo-top and occasionally, mid. The entire guide has sections that are awaiting more detail and the build and masteries need revision.

Thanks a TON in advance!