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Amazing Monkey's Mobafire Blog

29 Aug
Well, it was kind of cool so far. Controls take a little getting used to but the concept is so similar to LoL. I played as Sun Wukong of course =3

Look for me, if you also have a key. My name is AmazingMonkey69 on there!
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25 Aug

Views: 492 Wukong Epiphany!

Ok, so it's not really an epiphany...But after playing League of Legends for a while, I've taken quite the break from Wukong. In fact, I almost played an entire month without using him!

So then, about a week ago, I started playing him again. And every single game was positive! At least by 3-4 kills. I used a bruiser build that I found worked pretty well (it used to be the primary build in my guide). But now, as I have played more games and become more wise. I decided to create a new bruiser build for Wukong. Of course there is no such thing as a perfect build for any champ. But...
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21 Aug

Views: 616 New EUW Account

Ello mates! I will now be joining you on the European servers thanks to this new free Rammus skin that I received. Feel free to add me and we can have a jolly good time!

My user name is AmazingMonkey69. So send me a friendy and we shall embark to Summoner's Rift together! Tally ho! ;3
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11 Aug

Views: 426 Song of the Day

Not every day will have a song. But I've had this cover stuck in my head for a while. So it deserves a post =3
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09 Aug

Views: 571 Mega Writer's Block

I've been writing different script ideas for my potential career. But lately, the Summer has been getting to me and throwing me off my game. I just feel so.....out of it these days.

I've been off of LoL a lot too lately and when I get on, I do HORRIBLE! I haven't even been brushing up my guides with all of the work I planned to do!

Ugh...could it be that I am in a funk?? Well that's a pain...I need school or something to start up. Then I'll be too busy to post on this blog XD
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