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Hello, I am Bird The Rocket :)
I had played dota for 3 years before I start League of Legends. I am 17 years old and I live in Turkey. I have some friends playing LoL and we've been playing league of legends since season 1 is out and before vladimir comes. (Brotherhood: FishThePirate and Mokoko) In my opinion and Trusthfully I've not seen a player better than me so I am always OK for 1v1 :). I try to teach LoL to my friends. When I leveled up to 30 levels I have played many ranked games so I lost mant times too :). I dont play Ranked recently now because there is always an unskilled player in my team. I dont call them as "noob" because I was noob at first too. I play both League of Legends and DotA and I am waiting for DotA2. I want to share my builds on Mobafire. I have almost all of the champions and my champions getting more and more :). And also I spent a lot of money for League of Legends so I have many skins. I hope u guys will like my builds and strategies... YOU CAN ASK ANYTHING ABOUT LEAGUE OF LEGENDS OR DOTA TO ME ON FACEBOOK =)