I useally play yi the most and my mains are Zed Yi Nasus Garen witch are pretty ez champs because you can climb fast with them exept Zed because you gotta know the strats and here are my suggestions for people who play these easy champs for Yi this is for the poeple who are brand new with these champs Yi's strong things are that he becomes a ****ing monster in late game and he can deal alottt of dmg and he can get ez farm with attack speed build and get s ranks easily and here are the weaknesses for Yi he is pretty weak in early game and its pretty hard to fight in level 2 if the enemy jg is a counter to Yi like jax rammuss and alot of others can deal alot of dmg to him and has no duelist potential until mid to late game and has got low survival skill early game this is about all i can tell i will be updating it next day