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Jan 24th, 2014


Hey there i am Drake1997 but you can call me Drake. I have played league of legends for around 3 years, Season 1 i did not achive lvl 30 so no ranked stats from there, Season 2 i was around bronze, in season 3 i ended in silver 2 and in the preseason to season 4 i got to gold 1, after my placement for season 4 i got gold 4 I went 5/5, and after a littel break i got into gold 2. In solo que i mainly play Adc and support my main Adc is Varus wich i right now is 8/1 with i do some weird **** sometimes with him :) My main support is probaly either Nami or Leona since i like alot of cc and someone who can divers build. Well i also play for a team that have not been placed yet but on that team i am the top lane because i main top when i team because i do not belive in my skills as an adc and sometimes i cannot handle alot that my team realis on me to carry i would gladly play adc but we have a better one right now and i am happy for that since i do not bleive in myself to play with a support i have know and is a good friend with for a long time and sometimes we argue alot and that is not good for support and adc synergy thats why i stay in my top lane where i rely purly on my skills. In top lane i for the most play heavy tanks or good engager like Malphite, Irellia, Wukong. This is me and i am Drake1997 probaly going to have a name change soon, My lolking: