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Sowena (Unverified)


Names Samuel Lam or others that know me call me Sam Lam.

The Seed
- I started my gaming venters back in 1990's I can't recall what year it was that I first layed hands for sure on a PC but I think it was grade 1 or 2. Yes... it was a green screen apple computer and I played Organ Trail every time I logged on.

The Drive
- Very first competitive gaming experience was Halo: Combat Evo. We played over at his house just about 5-7 hours everyday. I was the crack pot with a sniper and he's the shot gun/ rocket man.

The Story till now
- Mine you I've played over 100 titles of games and played for a long time. My hunger for games wasn't opened till I gone to Vancouver,B.C in Canada for art studies at the "Art Institute of Vancouver". This is where two of my buddies got me into WoW and I played from patch 2.5(B.C. expansion basically). From there I tryed Dota and from there to HoN and finally LoL.
Fav chars in LoL in order of used most to least: