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Welllll first off the names blake or fang006 i really dont care which, Ive been a gamer as long as i can remember and recently started to play LoL. I first started playing LoL around a year and a half ago during beta and i must say it is a great *** game!!! I just love everything about it from the developers to the community its all amazing!!!

Now a little about myself personly.....I'm a simple down to earth guy, and pretty easy to please. You show me respect I'll give it in return. Most of my life consists of friends they are my life my second family i wouldn't ask for anyone better then them, they have helped me throu the best of times and the worst of times.You'll never really know me from words on a computer screen, So get to know me! I LOVE to meet new people! sooo dont be shy! ^.^