So I decided to write down my accomplishments for this year and elaborate on life events influencing my League-related time management. Don't think most of you will be interested enough to read this through, but I felt like it wouldn't hurt to put it out here.

Table of contents
1. School's out
2. Job
3. Girlfriend
4. LoL and Mobafire
5. TL;DR

School's out

So I graduated in January. Reached a bachelor's degree in "Business Management - Marketing Sales Management". I wasn't the best student in all of my school career, but I finally did it and am quite proud of it. I do still want to study graphic or web design, but would like to have some job stability first. At this age you want to save money to go and startup a life of your own, but the best way to do it is to stick with your parents for a little while longer.


Looking for a job in the marketing management sector wasn't as easy as I imagined. Who wouldn't want a fit, fresh-out-of-school prettyface like me for his company? Nobody apparently. Every single account or sales manager job/marketing job is required at least one to two years of experience. How am I supposed to get that experienced if nobody is willing to give freshly graduated people that chance?

I did get two job offers from the same company, different location, called "Ergo". But they would hire a monkey if they could (their headhunters gain money as soon as they discover someone willing to do their training). Other reasons why I didn't do it: They both lied to me on the phone to lure me into their firm and their business strategy is based on pyramid selling.

Finally, an employment agency called me about a job application. They said I wasn't elligible (again) because I lack experience, but they did have another opportunity in the banking sector.
So I went ahead and did a job interview for a bank close, and got the job!

Mission accomplished. I'm starting the thirteenth of April.


Something I won't talk about too much, but I kinda have to. She's asleep next to me now, pretty cute.
We've been together for over eight months and I couldn't be happier. It does affect my time here and on LoL, but at least I've got my priorities straight.

LoL and Mobafire

So as a few (or none) of you may have noticed, I've been less active on Mobafire. I still write my reviews, but at a rather slow pace. The stuff above just consumes so much of my time, and I can't afford to linger around for too long. Another thing is my terrible internet. As soon as someone's streaming, watching youtube, or downloads anything, my ping spikes to 800-1600. Not the ideal circumstances for ranked or online games in general. As I have a sister addicted to watching series, downloading music and ****ing around on her tablet, I'm pretty screwed. I've been playing less and less LoL but I'm okay with that, my focus is elsewhere now anyway.

I do want to stay active on here and try to complete reviews as soon as possible, because I still love to code stuff and find new creative ways to display things and help people out who struggle with that. But I'm glad to see the overall quality of guides has increased greatly.

One more thing I, and not I alone, want to see again, is the new guides tab. I miss it. Mowen, please. Help. Those are the guides that need our attention, there might be some raw diamonds in there that will never see the light of day.


I've finished college without excessive liver-damage.
I've got a job now, yay.
Girlfriends are time-consuming but worth it.
I have been less active, but I won't disappear.
I'm playing less LoL.
Give back the "New Guides" tab.