I like Ashe. I really do.

But whenever I lock her in people tend to be mean and harsh, saying things to me you really don't need to hear over and over again.

Every time I play Ashe I win by carrying the game, or lose trying.

So the other day I was playing on my smurf who's at about 1750 elo (not far from my main account). I lock in Ashe and, surprise surpirse, the flaming had begun.

"Omg are u real, that champ so trash"
"Wtf why do you troll you ******"

I went 20/3, (no need for me to tell me what they said when I died those three times)& scored a penta 1v5, (Janna came to help me when I was in the middle of killing my third victim).
My very first penta. I always get as close to quadras. But not today, a penta!
Jax's reaction: "You're still trash"

I really hoped to get some felicitations. But no, they kept flaming, even though I ensured them that win.

So it doesn't matter how hard you try or how good you are. When people have their prejudices, it seems they can't be changed.

Sometimes this game just isn't fun I guess :)

Please spread some love for Ashe. Stop the hate. And we'll all be happy.