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Mix-capability: Hydro-builder mixes well. That is from Hydro Muscle Max the protein isolate they use. However, even though it may mix well, I've had occasions the place it did get caught to the bottom of my shaker despite the fact that this isnt THAT big of a deal, for the fee of this you need each last grain for use, believe me!!! And on that word we go to...Price: This goes without announcing, these items is highly-priced, VERY high-priced. However you additionally have got to recollect all the parts it has in it, BCAA's, Creapure, healthful fats, the record goes on. In case your on a budget nevertheless this isnt the protein on your pocket with the aid of a protracted shot. AND ive heard that ON goes to be --raising the costs-- very soon as well so this is going to get even pricier! Fortunately, I bought a 5 lb tub from this situation where I live that sells the whole thing wholesale. Are trying finding a wholesale provider to your field and i am definite you can retailer too. I paid about 45 bucks which was once an first rate deal.