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Howdy Y'all! Nice to see ya creepin on my bio.. o.O

Anyways, I've been playing LoL off and on for about 15 months now. Finally, someone told me about Mobafire, and I'll tell you what, I LOVE IT. A place where I can learn more about runes, masteries, and builds! I'm trying to better myself as a player, it's not easy, but if you have an ounce of care in the world, don't be afraid to message me here or in-game (Hatcher833).

ABout me? Well, I'm deaf, yep. You heard right! :P I love playing games, especially ones that challenge your strategizing ability as well as reaction ability. Its such a rush! LoL is my secondary game, I play it when I'm bored playing WoT(World of Tanks).

As always, have fun, and keep your stick on the ice. See you out there!