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My name is Jester.
I am the best Evelynn player you can find on EUW!
She's my favorite champion and I've been playing her for a long time, even pre-rework.
Now that I have perfected the masteries, items and runes I use when I summon Evelynn, I thought "Why not share it with the whole world?"

Well then, I will publish guides on here for various champions!

I used to write (successful) guides for Infinite Crisis, too - until they closed their servers.

If you want to play with me, just message me and I will see if you fit into my timetable!
I'm mostly playing on the weekends.

*** I don't play RANKED anymore, or at least not solo. Eventually, I will start playing RANKED again with my disciple IisaQuinn. When I was in Season 2, I had elo worthy of Diamond Division nowadays, but I decided to stop playing for a while so I could concentrate on more important things in life. While I was gone, I allowed a former friend of mine to play on my account - I didn't know he would play ranked and drop my Elo to Silver. ***