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Kelborn Ordo (Unverified)
Cassiopeia, Shen, Caitlyn
Caster DPS, Tank, Ranged DPS


Been playing since the release of Xin (July '10) so don't let my win record fool you... I've been around and may be a bit rusty from the breaks I take, but am far from a noob.

Most of the time I'm forced into the role of a tank; either by choice of playing off the strengths of my teammates, noobs insta-lock 3 carries so someone has to tank, or I lag into champ select (there's a burning mutual hatred between me and my laptop) and it's the only role left. Sometimes I'm a bit too aggressive as a tank, but hey.. at least I'm not off in la-la land being useless.

Casters just come naturally to me, I like just poking and being on the edge instead of being in the fight getting my face smashed in as a melee dps. My favorite role however is Offtank, namely a "Tri-Atmogs" champion (Jarvan being my fav here - ranged harass in lane, great ganks, innate tankiness, drop flag for team buff, and ult has many many uses).

Recently joined DirtNap Gaming at the urging of a friend who's a staff member. Great community across multiple games if anyone wants to join just head over to their website and submit an app.