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Hey this is Antonis Evangelou, nickname and Summoner Name: Kidonama .I been playing MMO games like Wow,dota,lol and more for 10years experience. I had been one active player in wow with over 2.3k exp and Live Streaming 5-7 hrs a day with around 200-300 views back in 2010 and 2011.Atm i'm playing LoL and trying to gain elo to get some srs games.At this time i have up to 50 champions and i have master 25 of em.I am looking for a series team to join.Line pref mid,top,jungle. Mainly mid.Even tho i can play supp and adc to i could like not to since i can't pull out the same skills that i have on my main line.I'm a passive player and since i used to be a leader in alot of games like Wow and making premades like and leading with ts3 up to 40 players i have good leading mind and i can communicate and bring up new Strategies with high succesful rate.
Skype name: Kido nama
Country: Cyprus
languages: Greek and English
Stream: (currecly offline)