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Before I get into league... umm well I'm currently a junior in highschool, living in Hawaii. My aunty was actually Dyrus' English teacher back when he went to Kalani high. I am a huge band geek, and I'm drum major for my band. I know how to play flute, piccolo, trombone, and cello. I'm a tennis player, and have been since I was 8. I speak a bit of Japanese (if that matters at all.) Okay... now into league stuff... My favorite champion of all time is Fiddlesticks (RIP 7 year fear). Erm. I main jungle, but I play mid a lot too. My favorite junglers are Naut, Zac, Sej, Fiddle, Shaco, and Trundle; but i'm comfortable with most junglers. My favorite mid laners are Orianna, Fiddlesticks, Ziggs, Viktor, Veigar, and LeBlanc. I support with Fiddle, Annie, Thresh, Zilean.