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mishii_pearl (Unverified)
Ashe, Darius, Vi
Ranged DPS, Melee DPS, Tank


♥♥♥Positive about me ♥♥♥


~easy to be with

♥♥♥ Negative about me ♥♥♥


~impatient (i don't like waiting for a long time. 5mins is enuf XD)

♥♥♥ I'am ♥♥♥

" i dont worry to much about the people who hate me. . . cause eventually they're gonna die. . and im patiently waiting" *evil laugh*
~im a GAMER
(online and offline games )

♥♥♥ funny about me ♥♥♥

~i'm matakaw :3
~always doing jokes even it's corny
~i laugh really loud with matching stomping XD

♥♥♥ interest ♥♥♥

~i love singing (frustrated singer)
~i love cooking, and experimenting new things.
~i love playing dota/League of Legends
~surfing the internet
~movie marathon

♥♥♥ Likes ♥♥♥
-funny people
-nature tripping
-online/offline games

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GARENA: sG_mishii

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS: mishii_pearl
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