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KillTheInnocent (Unverified)
Amumu, Ashe, Skarner
Tank, Ranged DPS, Melee DPS


Blood fantasy viooollence
fade from the blackness
comes a FIST
HOLY **** YOU BROKE my screen!
Riot Games

there's a caveman painting
now it's real
white wing...
black wing...
that's kind of racist
boob transition
there's a midget
how big are his wings
how is he flying
okay their pretty big
block, dodge, fail
thats a pretty big one
take it like a man
slo-motion helmet adds suspense to the scene
land like a kitten how the HELL-MET!
Wait thats a women!
don't look now, Nassus is behind you with BIG stick!
spinning like a cork screw,
hes got a stomache ache
its Map awareness
zoom close up!

crazy sideburns
spell flux!
running tooooooo
on my way
push that lane
Nom nom nom
nom nom nom nom nom nom!
There's lazer balls flying out of towers at you
you better hurry up
before they come and get to you!
take it out fast, their coming for you!
you better run away, their coming for you!
VICTORY! Allistar's MIA!

crazy purple guy is probably runnningg from a rapistt!
battle zoom
into man with big sword and lots of eyes
is probably looking at her brea-
thless scenery.

Dodge, dodge, dodge
low gravity
let's try this again
mystical fluute
overcompensating, dodge, dodge, woahh that's a big puppy!
who cannn't
hit him!
fall, freeeezzer burnn
crazy purple guy incoming
fire frozen arrow, grab, what the hell
right shoulder, ouch that's gotta hurt,
noooooooooo that does!

crazy purple guy is running from a rapist
smash into ground you see the cross dresser
big puppy holding a stick who
looks very angry and upset
she stole morganas lunchbox

He's about to strike you, stop
morgana headshot!
You better not turn around a look at the bright light!
Too late!

Falcon puunnchhhh
he growls!!
hand me my helmet
would you please!
Ragggee quitt!!!
A team fight is going to commence
Feeder comes backkk
show your gamefaces

after this lets baron
ouch that's kinda hot
my sword is on fire
i can do it too
i have big boobs!
but let's go through the others really quickly
cuz they aren't as importaanntt
Epic battle starts to begin
but it's just too intense
so they stopped it
look at katarina's big ol' BOOBS!

hasn't anybody ever told you
never to drop a book?

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