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Hey, name is Matt Peltz, people sometimes call me MattJew (sounds like matthew right?). Im 22 years old, live in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I was introduced to this game by my co-workers at Panera Bread told me " You have a computer dont you? Why are you not playing this game!!!" Ever since i played ( first character was Kayle I think? lol ) ive been addicted playing every day, i now play LoL over my Xbox lol! I really enjoy playing as Fizz mostly hes my personal favorite. Im still learning the game but im an ok player, but im always taking advice that will help me in the long run!! Plz help me out with game playing strategies with jungle and when i should gank, and using wards lol idk i just need help in general lol! Anyways im here to have fun and learn more about LoL!