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scidels (Unverified)
Darius, Udyr, Gangplank
Melee DPS, Jungler, Ranged DPS


I’m a gamer ho loves to play video games I got told about league of legends by a kid at school and I decided to and well I loved it it was I nice change from the game I would normally play like black ops and dead space but ya any way back to league I start playing and I was **** but it was a new challenge so I worked hard and got better and so I now level 30 and working to get better. I always welcome advice on my builds and tips on how to play better if you would like to play with me gist add scidels and if you have Skype even better. Also I mostly play top and adc and I can jungle if I have to. So ya I hope you like my guides and if you do tell me y thx.