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Heavy Movie "Watch The Visit Online Free 2015" Full HD 2015 IMDb. The Visit Movie Download On LivingFilms 720p HD DVD. For a while he was off Hollywood's radar after the cinematic abominations that where The Last Airbender(2010), and After Earth(2013), can't really say much about The Village(2004) and Lady in the Water(2006) cause I did not see those. But I hope The Visit will put him back on Hollywood's A list.

A single mother(Kathryn Hahn) who has not spoken to her parents for years, gets a message from them online saying they want to meet there two grandkids. So she sends her children named Becca(Olivia DeJonge) and Tyler(Ed Oxenbould) on a train to meet them. When Becca and Tyler finally get there to Papa(Peter McRobbie) and Nana(Deanna Dunagan), things seem to going okay for a while, until some weird moments start taking a hold. Are Becca and Tyler just imagining things, or is something not quite right with there grandparents? Have Fun While The Movies Watch "The Visit" Online Full HD 2015 #Putlocker.

Shyamalan proves he can direct, even a low budget film, the found footage really works here, gives you a feel like it's really happening. The scenes in the house are effectively creepy, giving a haunted house like feel to it. Olivia DeJonge really gives an effective performance, so does Ed Oxenbould, who has an acting ability to defines his years. Deanna Dungan is quite watchable in her performance, so was Peter McRobbie. I like the way the film is quite funny in spots, but it never overshadows the creepiness. It's M. Night Shyamaan's best film in a while.

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I am so glad that Night Shyamalan gave us another great movie as we got used to after watching "The Sixth Sense" or "Unbreakable". "The visit" is a very simple story but it really scares you out of your chair, the tension is present the whole movie. When I say simple story I don't mean "stupid", it is very intelligent and also familiar, because it deals with troubles in one particular family. The performances of Olivia DeJonge (Becca) and Ed Oxenbould (Tyler) were outstanding, bright talents that hopefully will offer us many more good performances. This is a very good scary movie and you must watch it if your are fan of genre!

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