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03 Jul
So, does anyone spoof on the champions like me?
For example when I kill someone with Swain I call out:"An enemy has been Swain'd"

-Urgot:"Ur got Pwned"
-Nocturne:"That's noc good."
-Soraka:"Dat banana"

Tell me yours.
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03 Jul
Now, I was kinda leaving toplane for a while but now I want to play it again so I need a new champ for it.

These are the ones I played already:
-Darius 6/10 :I like him(and he is pretty strong), but not my type of champ.
-Dr. Mundo 5/10:I like him too, but I always lose at early with him.
-Jarvan IV 3/10:I only play him in the jungle.
-Jax 4/10: Not my kind of top champ.
-Kennen 6/10:Had some success with AD Kennen, but rather not playing him.
-Lee Sin:...
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27 Jun

Views: 663 LoL and Rage

There are many people raging in LoL.
Once I hit the 350 wins cap and started playing Ranked games, I felt like starting to rage too.
I knew I had to stop this somehow, so I took a break.
It was about like 1 week, and it was totally worth it.
I played
-Magic:The Gathering (2013)
-Spellforce:Faith in Destiny
But most importantly, I started playing SMITE, and it's a lot of fun.
But even there ragers exist, even in the closed Beta.
So I decided to start playing LoL again. And I started seeing things differently.
Also, SivHD(who is awesome btw) thaught me one important lesson....
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22 Jun
I really need to start playing again.
Ever since the new Magic game and SPELLFORCE:FAITH IN DESTINY(waited 2 years for it) came out, I havn't been playing lol.
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17 Jun
I just played my first 5 ranked games.(went 3/2)
And i gotta say, ranked sucks, it's full of trolls and kids, I hate it.
It's just like falling back to lvl 10 where no jungling/supporting exsists.(even though i supported 2 times)

Am in 1242 elo now and i can say if you want to play something competitive, play draft or Team ranked.
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