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Summoner Info

Yuora (Unverified)
Diana, Shen, Sona
Support, Ranged DPS, Tank


Been playing for a while, and while I can do decent with AD champions like Kha'zix, Ezreal, and Corki, I prefer the champions who operate from a distance like Sona and Kog'maw. Sometimes this is not viable, so I tend to go with Diana or Katarina. If I must, I can use shen pretty damn well, but he's just not as satisfying.
Many don't believe me, but I am, in fact, a girl. If you want we can skype during a game and I can prove it. But only if its for the good of the team :)
While I listed the champions I use most above, I should note I'm adaptable to just about any champion. Of the 17 I own, I have been successful with them all, but I prefer some above others, and really, really would rather not play some again but will if forced.