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Infernal Rangers Patch 9.22

Mowen's Team Comp Mowen's Team Comp
Last updated on November 6, 2019
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Infernal Rangers is a team composition for Teamfight Tactics. Comment on it, rate it, or even create your own team comp with our TFT Team Builder.


This team comp was made for demonstration purposes and should not be taken as a serious attempt! ;)

Early Game

Grab these champs early game, until you can replace them.

  • Maokai in Tier 1
  • Ivern in Tier 2
  • Zyra in Tier 3

Mid Game

Now let's get this party started.

  • Maokai in Tier 1
  • Ivern in Tier 2
  • Zyra in Tier 3
  • Diana in Tier 4
  • Varus in Tier 5
  • Kindred in Tier 6

The Final Frontier

Love long, and prosper.

  • Diana in Tier 1
  • Zyra in Tier 2
  • Varus in Tier 3
  • Kindred in Tier 4
  • Brand in Tier 5
  • Annie in Tier 6
  • Malphite in Tier 7
  • Nautilus in Tier 8