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Patch 5.2 Summary

January 27, 2015
By Wayne3100

Horrified, little Teemo ran, trying to get away
But even the Scout, swift as he is, could not outrun death on its way

Struck by a ball full of power, a mixture of anger and doom,
The yordle struggled to stand, and he regret ever placing that shroom

With his body trembling, and cold rushing through every vein,
He felt the powerful force taking over, and slo
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By Riot Paradox

The 2015 season is underway as NA and EU LCS teams begin their journey towards the next World Championship. And to kick things off, we're releasing the 2015 LCS team icons for 250 RP each. Support your favorite squad all season long!

If you love all teams equally, or just can't pick a favorite, we've got you covered. Grab all ten EU LCS team icons in bundled form for 2000 read more

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