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New Site - InfiniteFire!

October 31, 2014
By Mowen

We've just launched a new site, InfiniteFire! InfiniteFire is for the game Infinite Crisis - a MOBA based on the DC Comics universe.

To celebrate the launch of InfiniteFire we're giving away Arkham Joker skins courtesy of Turbine! All you have to do to get your guaranteed, FREE, Arkham Joker skin code is go to the key claim page.

You must be logged in to claim your code. If you have an acco… read more

By Riot Paradox

The 2014 World Championship sale ends on October 31 so snag your favorite skins before they head into the vault!

Championship Thresh - 975 RP

2014 Championship Bundle - 2115 RP (1455 RP if you already own the champ)
  • Championship Shyvana - 975 RP
  • 2014 Championship Ward - 640 RP
  • World Championship 2014 Icon - 1 IP

Fnatic Team Bundle - 25% off at 2812 RP (5688 RP if yo… read more


As everyone enjoys Hexakill: Twisted Treeline, it felt like a good time to give some insight into how we make Featured Game Mode's by analyzing our approach to the previous mode, Ascension. Hopefully I can give you guys some insight into our iterative development process, what we take away and learn from each mode, plus some stories about things that didn't make it.

Rapid Pr read more

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