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Admittedly, we've done some really sneaky teasers before, too. And Lists of Legends wants to do a round-up of those sometime. But that time is not now. And it's not tomorrow, either. But it could be in the next few weeks. Or not. Sometimes teasers are hard.

We've experimented with a number of new styles of teaser lately. Braum's Trial of the Poro, Yasuo's scroll, Vel'koz's pulp sci-fi in… read more

Skin Preview - Dino Gnar

by Mowen on August 01, 2014

The upcoming tiny terror Gnar has his release skin, Dino Gnar , available on the PBE. Here's a preview of the skin look and animations!

As Dino Gnar builds rage his onesie turns from green to red and the teeth close. Finally, his eyes glow and he transforms into Mega Gnar!

Mega Dino Gnar is a mighty beast, that has his own joke, taunt, dance and laugh (like the de… read more

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read more

Patch Rundown – 4.13

by Wayne3100 on July 31, 2014

We're back with the second episode of Patch Rundown!

Patch 4.13's one of the last updates before Worlds, so we have tweaks aplenty for a number of champions! This rundown, MsPudding's joined by Statikk and Fearless alongside Team Dignitas' very own Scarra to discuss Sona's update along with changes to aggro junglers and assassins.

As before, we're looking for feedbackread more

Inhouse Raffle Winners - July

by Khazem on July 30, 2014

The winners for this month's player MOBAFire Inhouse Raffle are: Lynet (lynet1234), Lady Amelyne, and Out of Pancakes!

Congratulations to all our winners! They will each receive a $10 RP card as a prize.

Remember we're always looking for more help with hosting games. If you're interested in becoming a Referee just read here!

<Inhouse Add

read more

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Lucian in the 4.12 and 4.13 patches took a different approach than he use to have. His base damage and health both went up.(health 30+)(Attack Damage 3+)But Lucian attack range for his Q(Piercing... Read more