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NA Server issues

I don't know if there are issues in other places in the world but I know the NA servers are always crashing and lagging out (especially since the new patch and log in). I believe this may be due to new bugs, possible hackers (I heard about a group called lizard squad). Or there is also that possibility that riot is focusing on the upcoming world series and is busy dealing with that at the moment. If you guys are having the same issues don't worry, I think they will fix them by the next patch.

a Discussion of Elo Hell

So I've always been of the opinion that being in Elo hell is a mindset rather than an actual thing. Regardless of rating, when you are stuck and choose to blame allies instead of owning up to mistakes yourself, you are in Elo hell. I don't really consider myself to be in Elo hell, by that definition, as I definitely admit when I make mistakes (and, often, blame myself for things that aren't my fault) and attempt to remedy them rather than just pointing fingers.

Today (in a very long discussion on twitter), I was told I am an idiot for believing this. I was also informed that, instead, "Elo hell" is something I'm "stuck in" due to my dependency on others. Meaning if I was good enough to carry my team, I wouldn't be "there".

So I have a question for everyone. What do you think? Is being in Elo hell caused by a mindset that carries over into any rating/role/ect? Or is it actually caused by a dependency on others and can, therefore, be entirely prevented just by carrying?

Coolest emoticons ever

Party - <:D
Train - {}{}{}{}{}{
Caitlyn - Best ADC IN GAME
Draven - 3: why wont you notice me
Tip of the hat - <\.:D
This is stupid you must be bored.
Yes i am now shut up and talk about politics.
Ok, so one day in the unicorn court of the land of thisisfakedonttakeitseriouslyland the thisisfakedonttakeitseriouslylandians were attacked by a mega robot destroyer and in the distance caitlyn was camping like a noob on top of the moon and 360 no scope cross worlds wallbang headshoted the enemies and saved the day!
And thats the story of how caitlyn is the best champion in league of legends.

IPod's PBE Center

Hey guys, recently I was accepted for this pbe cycle, so I thought it would be cool to make a blog which I will update with things that I find to be interesting. If there is anything you want me to check out just comment.

August 26-27

Guardian of the Sands Kha'Zix

RP unknown

Looks like Kha'zix finally got a new skin! It's appears to be buggy (PUNS OF DAMAGE!1!!1) atm. Will update when available.


School has started! (And some news with Eden 7)

So school has finally started and that means playing LoL in the afternoons after I do my homework for High School. I plan to ace all of my 4 years of high school so I will be working a lot! I will try to get LoL more often but also keep up with school. Eden 7 is slowly getting more people. I usually get my friends to join like Shonney93. He is a fun guy to play with and is willing to teach his friends how to play LoL. He may not be best player in the world but he sure does know a lot! I will post more things later on!

Reached Platinum in "Solo" Queue


It's been a long time and a ton of *****ing and negativity but it finally happened. Almost two months ago I was feeling very confident initially going through Gold I and into my first promos only to go from 2-1 to 2-3 and then back down to 20 LP on an 8 game loss streak. Considering that I felt I did all I could in most of those games I'd been left feeling pretty upset and demoralized all the way up until yesterday, where we destroyed lane and won 3 games in a row to get back to 100 LP. Today I played almost perfectly and went 3-0 in promos, with the last game being the only one that was even close.

I know it's not all that big of a deal anymore but I've been obsessing over getting Platinum for years now, so I feel really happy and relieved that I actually did it. Shout out to Wayne for duoing with me in almost every game and being an awesome friend. Also thanks to everyone who's ever had to put up with me during one of my "I'll …

Anit Ice Bucket Challenge

The Ice Bucket Challenge, often referred to as ALS Ice Bucket Challenge started as a campaign to collect money for the the cure of ALS(a disease). At first it was, indeed, a very kind move on the celebrities' side BUT right now it has just gone out of control.

Common people are doing the Ice Bucket Challenge, only for their own joy, wihout donating a single Euro/ Dollar. Thus the action has become pointless. Seriously if you're not to donate just don't do it. I don't really see why you would throw liters of ice cold water on your head. Be honest with yourself: "Would you do it if it hadn't been for celebrities doing it first?"

On another note, just think of how much water is wasted. You could argue that we spend far more water for other things as well but they are mostly essential.

Still if have not convinced you, then I'd beg you to at least learn about ALS before you take part in the challenge. It's actually really sad that even some of the pioneers of the Ice Bucket Challenge pr…

Vacations suck. Also Zed!

Oh hi.

I've been away from mobafire for too long, doing to my exam for university. Now that I'm on holidays, I've been working and have almost no time to check the blogs here. But for now on I will try to be more active as possible.

Holidays here suck. I'm stuck with too much work and I don't even have a chance of getting somewhere else to enjoy some peace at the beach, since I live in the middle of nowhere. Class starts in less than a month and I never though I could possibly hope for any class to start, so that can set up the situation I'm in.

League has chenged a lot since last time I blogued about ir. ADC's items have been changed, the meta took a spin (especially in the top and bot lane) and some champions are now hard to include in the meta. Zed is one good example. The Blade of the Ruined King change ruined a little bit of the power of

A child hood dilema

So I usually don't post a ton of stuff but I can't find jack sh** on the internet to help me with this problem. So I have a childhood friend whom I've known since I was 8 years old. We have hungout every summer doing stuff rather it be going to the pool, working out, or watching tv. I started to develop feelings for her but I also don't want to risk the rejection and post awkwardness. I can't tell if I was hit by a Blinding Dart and she is sending me signals. She invited me to the pool where we hungout and then she invited me to go out line dancing with her and her friends we stayed till around 12 ish and then we went to my place for an hour to chat and watch tv. She literally left my house 10 minutes ago it's now 2:04 AM. So to get to the point; Do I go for the all in trade and let Destiny decide or, do I admit I like her but want to keep the friendship as is because I value her friendship? And with myself going to school in a few weeks I feel like should just hold off. Anyone have …