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Tips for Securing Your Online Identity

Security of online identity is the biggest concern for internet users, now-a-days. Be it Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or personal email accounts, information thieves are everywhere, trying to hack your information. To keep them away and having a secure online experience, there are some less-known tips, shared in this article. You can enhance your knowledge as well as security following the below given tips:

1. Check firewall settings
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2. Backup the data
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*Champion Quote Absent* (OTG Update 3)

Hola MOBAFail.

So yeah, I haven't been active here lately. My last blog (which I've since deleted) was pretty optimistic. That was when I first moved to Arizona.

Long story short, I'm borderline suicidal and cookoo for cocoa puffs style mad. A combination of being so far from my family and other issues (my previous previous blog detailed my struggles with being not right in my skin as male) and massive stress at work and home have not been kind to old OTG's mind hole.

So yeah. I'm moving back to Ohio. Signing myself up for hardcore therapy and giving up on gaming as main hobby for the forseeable future...

However, I still enjoy having friends here and will continue to periodically chime in.

League is torture. Other games are merely a distraction from my all consuming hatred for myself as a human being.

Who knows, maybe I'll take up cooking. Or something equally mundane. Could help. Who knows. Any suggestions?

I love you guys, and you've always been helpful even when you never ne…

How to not fall behind in levels as a jungler

Hello friends, another strategy blog.

Have you ever wondered how the enemy jungler gets ahead in levels even though you are basically doing the same thing as he is? (Ganking... farming... doing objectives...)

As a jungler it's not too unusual to fall behind the enemy laners in levels during the early game but you should be able to keep up around the same level in mid game and forward. You are doing something wrong if you fall 2-3 levels behind of average levels of mid/top laner or enemy jungler unless they are stomping the game.

The top 3 reasons why you may fall behind are: Bad jungle rotations/efficiency, time wasting and not understandidng your champion and your job with that certain champion. I'll just focus on jungle rotations this blog.

Let's start.

Jungle rotatios are the main reasons how level and exp lead is attained. Basically what this means is finding the most efficient jungling route while minimizing the time loss between camps. Being efficient in jungle rotations wi…

Trying to pick up PsiGuard

I've lately been very attracted to PsiGuard and have finally decided to express my feelings towards him.

Here lies my first attempt at winning him over :

[9:26] : I just saqw the best upsexy ever
now you answer "what's upsexy"
[9:27] PsiGuard: what's updumbass
[9:27] Kefka Palazzo: rip
I tried
[9:29] PsiGuard:
[9:30] Kefka Palazzo: can you fill in a quick survey for me? it's really important to me
[9:33] PsiGuard: is it the phone one
[9:33] Kefka Palazzo: ****
can I follow you home?
[9:35] PsiGuard: no
[9:36] Kefka Palazzo: but my parents told me to follow my dreams
[9:36] PsiGuard: ayy
[9:42] Kefka Palazzo: my name's kefka, just so you know what to scream tonight
[9:43] PsiGuard: no
[9:46] Kefka Palazzo: if I said I worked at fedex, would you let me handle your package?
[9:50] PsiGuard: what is with you guys
[9:50] Kefka Palazzo: I've been waiting for you to be legal since you were little

Oh ***…

It's been a while, hasn't it?

Hey guys. As sort of an update for things that have been happening, GMD and I ended up agreeing to not do this TV stuff, because the 20+ pages of paperwork we had to fill out contained some things neither of us were willing to agree to.

As a result, I'm slightly short on money to fund the trip and it would be awesome if you could check this out and consider helping me out. Asking for help really makes me feel guilty, but I sort of don't have a choice because the longer I wait the more expensive the flight gets as it approaches the dates I set when I asked for time off at work.

...Ugh....I really hate doing this.

Aatrox Jungle

When I first started paying attention to LCS, Aatrox had recently come out and he was doing work in Top lane and the jungle. Apparently too much work, because the post release nerfs Riot inflicted on him basically deleted him from the competitive scene as fast as he arrived.

I've toyed withe everyone's favorite Darkin Blade off and on, most recently at the beginning of Season 5 because of the difficulty of the Jungle at the start of the season for champions that lacked sustain. Aatrox seemed a natural fit, but my affair didn't last long as there were things like Warwick that were just flat out better.

However, four things have came to pass that rekindled my interest in Aatrox:


An Apology To Mobafire

Hello MobaFire. I want to give my apology for using white coloured font. I've been messaged and told by certain individuals that it's unappealing and just downright annoying, and my response to all requests to stop using it was downright immature and unneccesarily defensive. I'm giving an apology because I want to say sorry. I'm aware you all dislike the color font I used and it was difficult to read posts, but I continued doing so because I thought it was such a minor thing, but because so many people have been bothered because of it, I'm going to stop using it unless I'm making a guide or thread's first post (if I made the thread, that is.) I only did it because everyone has a writing style and you can just read the first few words of some someone's post and be like "ooo that's such and such person on this site" so I wanted to do the same.

Anyways fluffmuffins bleurgh have a good day.

The Storm's Fury

Janna - I stayed away from playing Janna for a long time. Probably because it seems like she doesn't do anything (far from the truth) and Howling Gale seemed like an awkward ability to use appropriately.

Tailwind speeds up allies coming toward her. More speed is always a good thing as it lets you get places faster and makes it easier to dodge skillshots.