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Brand Guide Season 6

Team fighting with brand is fairly simple. First, i (and you should to) always build rylais crystal sceptor for the extra health and to keep enemies constantly slowed in team fights. Also, i reccomend taking Zhonyas to keep yourself from dying in team fights, because you will be very important to your team.

Team Fighting:

First, in a team fight, try to land a stun on the enemy team's AP carry or AD carry to burst them down and give your team basically a free kill. If you aren't capable of this, engage in fights with your ultimate (R) when the enemy team is bunched together; this will slow their whole team if you have Rylais and will do loads of damage to a majority of the team. When the enemy team is ulted your passive should be activated on many enemies. If you do not know, Brand's passive is if you land 3 abilities on an enemy within a short period of time an AOE explosion effect will go off on the enemy, similar to Zileans bombs (q ability). When you are attempting to stun an enem…

Thoughts on the upcoming NA, EU and LPL finals

G2 vs Splyce - I think this match-up depends a lot on Wunder vs Expect or G2 screwing something up. Wunder is definitely performing above and beyond expectations. While Expect isn't a bad player by any means, he is still G2's weakest link and an area to target. Not only that, G2 has a tendency to mess things up randomly. PerkZ is especially guilty of that as I often see him make silly mistakes. I expect G2 to win 3-2 but I definitely won't be surprised if Splyce takes it.

TSM vs C9 - TSM is obviously the clear favorites. They have better players and better macro. Not to mention C9 didn't have control in a lot of their games against Immortals. That being said, C9 still won games against Immortals with not a lot of control. So I do expect C9 to take at least 1 game from TSM despite TSM being a totally different beast than Immortals. 3-1 for TSM.

EDG vs RNG - I think both teams have super stacked rosters and both teams have a few weaknesses that can be exploitable. The biggest factors…

Hi Again

So, Hi!

I recently got back to League, After being fed up with Smite (playing a moba for 4 years can get heartbreaking when you see it change drastically).

So i will be hanging around the forums here, trying to learn some stuff. who knows, maybe i will make a guide of my own someday.

currently enjoying most roles and most champions except jungle, Galio and Fizz.

Also, here's a question for you guys:

is there a champion you consider absolutely despisable and tilting as heck but no one else seems to?

Rocking some Normals

Took a couple of days off to do things with friends, so instead of jumping straight back into ranked and just having to ban Kled, I decided to stick with normals and play some picks I don't normally use in ranked.

AD vs. AP Varus, in the canon

(TL;DR at the bottom of the post)

AD and AP play a really interesting role in League of Legends. AD corresponds heavily to physical damage and AP corresponds with magic damage; however, this rule is not hard-and-fast ( Corki deals a lot of magic damage scaling off AD, for example, and Ezreal's

Thoughts on EU/NA/KR/CN playoffs.

So with playoffs coming soon, here are my thoughts on all matches!

Giants vs UoL - I think this match will be decently chaotic. Both teams like fighting so I expect a blood bath. I'd give it 3-2 to Giants but UoL can surprise!
Fnatic vs H2K - No matter which ADC plays for H2K, I think they will win the series. Fnatic is in really bad shape right now and I don't think they will pull through this time. I could be surprised of course but I don't think it'll happen.

C9 vs EnVyUs - 3-0 C9. Yeah. Just a 3-0. I don't think Envy stands any chance of winning a game let alone winning the series. They'd have to have improved MASSIVELY to even take a game. And I don't think it'll happen.
TL vs CLG - This one is REALLY hard to call. I think the teams are about evenly matched but if I had to take Week 9 form, I'd give it 3-2 to CLG. TL can definitely win though. Whoever wins will have to work hard for it.

Samsung vs KT Rolster - I think KT will win this one 3-2 or 3-1. Samsung has bee…

First blog!

Hello everybody ! My name's StarBeast09 and I'm a new user of MOBAfire! I hope I'll appreciate this forum and stay longer! Do not hesitate to ask me questions about my future guides! It will make me happy. Just go see my first guide I posted on Yasuo ! Because it shows you the different builds who use ArKaDaTa one of the best Yasuo world! See you next time ! :)

Player: StarBeast09
Rank: Gold
Favorite position : Top/Jungler
Main: Yasuo
Favorite streamer: NightBlue3/ArKaDaTa


A guide to jungle routes

Hello again. (Skip intro if you're just interested in jungle routes). This blog was originally supposed to be part of the jungle tips and tricks but I would have needed to change the format completly so I decided to create a completly new blog.

Jungle routes are really important to not fall behind in levels or gold, especially early on. The first clear can set you really far behind or really far ahead in some cases. Planning your first clear ahead is a good way to be 1 step ahead of the enemy jungler which will turn into free ganks or jungle camp advantages.

I have talked about jungle efficiency and this is basically what this blog is all about. Knowing what your champion is capable of and what you're supposed to do is a big part of choosing a jungle route. Only after that you should be thinking about more advanced routing like planning which lane or objective you want to pressure. Choosing the right jungle route is all about efficiency. You want to lose as much time as possible betw…

Wanting builds?

Yo I'm Kite first blog on this site also first time using this site. I'm just hear for the fun of it, trying off meta builds are just really fun for me. If you see any of my builds try them out and if there are problems comment and I'll do my best to adjust them. Just comment down a champ and a role and I'll see what I can do if I own the champ. I only do adc and sup builds. So if your looking for something Jus be like CHAMP: ASHE, ROLE: ADC, TYPE: TANK and I'll do my best to experiment for you. In the mean time GLHF!

Mordekaiser Has Risen

Tried out Mordekaiser jungle. He clears suprisingly healthy and brings respectable damage to a gank. Pair him with some laners with some CC (not so much the ones in the game depicted above) and he can probably do pretty well.

I went