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Losing Streaks

I recently went though around a 15 game losing streak (totaled across 3 accounts!). Turned around and won my next 12 or so before dropping a game and then picked back up and started winning again with a W in the win column for my first ranked provisional for Season 5.

Here are some of my thoughts regarding things that can cause you to lose games and some potential solutions or simply points to consider.


You can't do anything about AFKers. Don't sweat them. If you are still having a decent game play it out. If it is looking grim hit the surrender button. It is rather satisfying to win a 4v5 and your opponents will often reward you with Honorable Opponent points for your trouble.


Ragers you might be able to do something about. Depends on the situation. Try to coax them back into the fold, but don't judge your game performance based on someone else's bad attitude.

Bad champ picks

Le Sigh.

Garen into Teemo.

Gragas Top and Support

Gragas Top

General observation about Gragas Top.

He is a safe pick. You'll likely be able to farm and harass your opponent a bit, and have a good chance of getting out of ganks between Body Slam and Flash, but you probably aren't going to win lane hard enough to make a difference in the match without jungler help or a mistakes on the part of your lane opponent. So, you have to be on the lookout for Teleport ganks to pull ahead of your lane opponent

Katarina Elo Climb

First things first.

How to Elo Climb:

- Play Katarina.
- It doesn't matter where you are going (mid, top, adc, jungler..) GO KATARINA.
- "Dude, their team have a lot of CC" JUST FCK THOSE GUYS! Katarina 'til I die..
- Duos when you can play Katarina are the best duos. You can sync the engages and **** like that..
- This is the real deal.

Greetings, YourMomCallsMeKatarina.

5.1 ADC Tier Lists and Notes

+=  Personal S5 picks
(+)= Potential Mid-S5 picks

Ban- Only noobs should play these.
1. Caitlyn- 
* Highest AA Range in the game
* Highest Damage poke of all ADCs
* Unbelievably difficult to counter
2. Lucian-
* Insane burst for an ADC
* One of the farthest dashes in the game
* Most ultimate potential of all ADCs
3. Tristana-
* Leap has high range, not even ult
* AA range eventually exceeds Caitlyn's
* Insane DPS in the general concept
Great- Ideal champions to be playing.
4. Sivir-
* Good burst with Q
* Good Sustained damage with W and ult
* Absurdly high CSing potential 
5. Jinx+-
* Great at counter-carrying
* Amazing Passive
* Good at CS
6. Vayne+-
* One of the best hypercarries
* High mobility
* Easily countered
Good- Certainly viable, but not the best.
7. Varus(+)-
* Outstanding counter-carry
* Most flexible ADC building
* Somewhat difficult to pull off
8. Draven(+)-
* Premier hypercarry
* Difficult to play
* Not ideal CSing
9. Corki-
* Potential for extremely high bursts
* Ha…

(Semi)retiring from Mobafire

As you can infer from the blog's title I just want to tell you that you probably won't see me around anymore on this website in the near future.

However, I guess sometimes I will consider taking a look at the forum again and may comment here and there but as I won't be available frequently I will archive my current guide and I will close my review shop without any doubt.

You may ask for reasons for me doing this .. it's mostly a personal decison because I want to work on things regarding myself and my everday life. My graduation is nearby and therefore I'm really desperate trying to receive good grades and I mean really good grades as I'm looking forward to study medicine or biology (some universities in Germany just consider taking students with a perfect graduation means having the best grade in every single subject; luckily this doesn't really bother me as there are many alternatives). I need to fix my homework schedule for instance. That doesn't sound like a great but it's more a…

Gragas Top

I dragged the fat man out of the bar last night for a go round in the top lane. Ended up being vs an Elise. Opted to start Crystalline Flask as I didn't know how this match-up goes.

Running 21-9-0 Masteries with Magic Pen Marks, Armor Seals, MR Glyphs, and AP Quints.

I played this late pretty cautiously because I haven't played Gragas in a while and Elise does have hard CC in the form of Cocoon and chase potential in the form of

Warwick Weirdness

So last night I encountered some weirdness with Warwick's ultimate, Infinite Duress.

It seems to be centered around the timing of the ultimate against characters with a blink ability. From what I've observed if they activate their blink ability at the same time that you target them with Infinite Duress they will still shift locations as on a guess the suppression effect of