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Hi guiseee~~~ !!!

It's Katy t3h R1V3N M41N 0F D00m! !!!! "HOLDS UP RIVEN SWORD" xDDD
IM A 14 year old (MATURE FOR MY AGE THO) and Yes Im a g1rl, yes i play league of legends with my GIRLFRIEND(1m bi if u dont like it DEAL WITH IT) we are both bronze because our teams are SOOO BAD!!!
Shes toxic 2 of course so I register on mobafire to meet other random ppl that play RIVEN TOOO!!!!!!!! hope 2 make alot of freinds here so give me lots of commentses!!!!
KYS NOOB JUNGLER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <--- me bein toxic again _^ hehe…toodles!!!!!

love and waffles,

t3h R1V3N M41N OF d00m!!

Dankkk MeMes

We d bess boyzz

Hy guise, im Eathan Blackberry n dis iz my epick blog Xdd i talk bout errythink hear srsly I like esports my favoride teem is TSM DYRUS NOTICE ME SEMPAI
I like shadowz n dats why my favoride champ is zed Xdd I need be diamond but so hard is carry 4 noobs in my team but ok i got thiz
Anyway im 14 i adore jb <3 my best song of he is mysletoe its soo good <3 <3
Main mid and adc btw cant support its eazy doe

My new little story

Hey guys, what's up so, after I've played League of Legends since Season 1. I've decided I want to make a new account on League and perhaps climb back to level 30 and do some ranked with a new lease of life.

Some reason when I start a game I always tend to want to re-live my moments of glory. When I tend to 'try' to learn the game as a brand new edition. Witch I believe is easier the second time around. I always do this for some reason, even with console games that are similar to MMO's I tend to play them and complete them once or twice and then I'll go ahead and start a brand new account and do it all over again. So I believe that after playing for 5 seasons it's time for me to re-live them moments.

The reason why I believe this may be effective for me is because sometimes when I play ranked I forget certain things about the game when I play in higher elo. And I do believe that if I play again going back to level 30 that I'll be able to shake some of my low habits. Also I realised i…

Re-worked Shen

Spent some time spamming Shen jungle and Top. I haven't really played him since his re-work so I wanted to get a handle on what made him tick and get a feel for how strong he is.


His clear is slow, but healthy if you use your skills properly. Slow means you are vulnerable to bully champions like Graves, Kindred, and

Odds and Ends, but Mostly Odds 0.4

Can't impact lane as support, think about roaming:

Haven't played support in a while. Got to do some a few nights ago and I was noticing that I was watching the flow of the lane more and when we had good ward coverage but there was no kill potential I was looking to make roam plays to try and impact the game in other ways beside dominating the lane.

Use the F keys (mentioned below) to check out Mid lane. Check to see if your laner has mana, what their health is, and the where the minions are positioned in the lane. If you are on voice comm with them ask them if they want a gank.

Clearing tip with Shyvana:

With Shyvana when you are taking the Raptors on your first clear, make sure to walk into them before turning on Burnout. This way Burnout will kill all the small raptors in one cycle. If you start it up before you are in the midst of them, one or two will live requiring you to take time auto attacking them individually to finish them off taking focus off the large raptor.


Can I go into the enemy jungle?

To start this isn't about invading and killing the enemy jungler.

While related that is beyond the scope of what I want to discuss, which is what do I look for to know I have a good chance of getting in and getting out of the enemy jungle?

So first thing, if you don't know where the enemy jungler is the answer is no*. Stay out except for shallow excursions to steal their raptor camp and quickly drop shallow wards. Even when you do this watch the enemy midlaner's position. If they start moving toward you turn around.

The main time I go into the enemy jungle is when they are ganking on the opposite side of the map.


Because they aren't going to surprise me in their jungle.
Because I can't get cross map in time to help my laner.
Because the jungle camps on the opposite side of the map are probably up if they are farming efficiently (e.g. Clear 3 camps on one side of the map and gank).

What do I ask myself?
  • Do I have any wards to drop?
  • Do I have a good escape mechanism if I d


Everyone here, at the boards, is looking for team members purely for ranked play. We are not. Not yet anyways.
If you are a basic everyday player, can speak proper English and would like to be part of a regular crew whom to play with, we are probably looking exactly for you.
We are fed up with the toxic atmosphere of the game (especially when playing with random teammates) and really want to find fun and laid-back teammates to play with. The randoms make playing hard and unbearable - can't try any organized tactics, everyone fights and throws around blame, nobody listens and some even more or less intentionally feed the opposing team when our team start losing. That is not even half of it.
Naturally the most important quality you need is having a sense of the game and about how things work (or at least should work, should everything go perfectly). Our goal is to improve our gameplay not only as a team but also on an individual level. This means a certain level of commitment to the team…

How to Get Off Tilt

Tilt basically amounts to a pattern of making poor or less than optimal decisions.

I see tilt as a matter of degree. Sometimes you go off the rails and sometimes it is subtle.

From a jungle perspective I often feel the pressure to match the enemy jungler in terms of number of ganks especially if they are getting kills.

This can cause me to deprioritize farming to try and gank more. I also tend to take more risks or tunnel on a target when my team is behind.

If my efforts go poorly, then I'll probably end up on tilt. There may be nothing to be done about that game, but on the other hand I am sometimes able to sort myself out by going through my checklists.

That gank didn't work. Why?

I didn't ping before going in so my laner wasn't close enough to add their CC.

I didn't notice that their laner was an item up on my laner meaning I should have let my laner bait, but not expect them to stay in the fight once it was under way. Did I even have enough damage or CC to make a situat…

OTG Update Finale: Goodnight, Sweet Robot

Damaged beyond repair
Sparks flicker, oil leaking
Your robot friend, no longer there
It's human self now finally speaking

...Oh ****, wrong account. ~

Ok, now that's out of the way. Some of you may have guessed it. I know Mowen and Wayne "did" (they cheated with mod powers). But yeah, Roguish Bard is yours truly. "Why?" you may ask. Because I got tired of the moniker, and wanted to make a new one that more closely fits my focus as a person (singing, using my voice).
Also because I wanted to lay low around here for awhile cause honestly, I'm kind of a jerk sometimes.
Also sorry for the light trolling, Jhoi! I hope you enjoyed the banter even if it was a joke. :D

Anywhoozer, one last update under this name so let's get to it.

Bettering Oneself

So main focus at this current moment is beginning of voice and singing classes (finally signed up after a year of not really having time). I love singing. I love talking and I love portraying characters in voice. It'…