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Odds and End, But Mostly Odds 0.2

Server Move

19ms ping. Down from 63-70ms ping. Lovin' it.

Bad part is I've have some friends whose ping has spiked from a 32ms to 160ms which may drive them away from league.


Still clunky, but the stacking AP ratio on Riftwalk definitely makes him a lot nastier when he goes in on you. Also makes for faster wave clear which is super helpful as an assassin that should be roaming once you hit 6th level. I believe once you have a

Funny jokes part 3

Let's talk about jokes. Actually, let's not talk about jokes. Let's talk about labels.

People get labeled. They get labeled by other people so that those people can prevent their brains from overheating. People get labeled by other people so that those people can classify certain characteristics relevant to certain fields. Medicine, for example, or psychology.

But this post is already getting longer than intended, and sometimes longer posts have a shorter impact. Let me summarize what happened in my head a few minutes ago, maybe it might benefit you in a way.

You know what sucks? Professional people labeling people with terms too vague to ever be accurate.

You know what sucks more? Getting labeled with such terms, for the rest of your life.

You know what absolutely sucks? People labeling people with such labels, without authority or valid reasoning. On top of that, they associate more terms with the label, terms the label was never intended to be associated with.

You know what su…

Map Awareness

Is not just for laning phase.

Let's say both teams are setting up for a fight in mid.

1) Is everyone on your team present?
2) Is everyone on the enemy team present?
3) Do we have wards out so we are less likely to get flanked?
4) What are the minion waves doing?

I had the situation last night where the enemy team had flocked mid to try and take down mid turret. My team responded by showing up in Mid leaving us at something of a stand-off.

Our Yorick moved into position to try and flank their team, however he must have exposed himself or walked into an area that was warded as their team turned on him, so I hit their back line from behind as I had them flanked from the opposite side as Hecarim. I'm not exactly sure what the rest of our team was doing as I was tunneled on killing or keeping their fed

The Basics ~ ADC

ADC- The ADC stands for Attack Damage Carry. This means that they are the characters you want to build Attack Damage as well as Attack Speed with, However depending on the champion it may vary and certain champs synergise better with different items. This is why you should ALWAYSlook up builds to make sure you are building properly. The ADC is a role which is centered around the bot lane(always bot lane) and is played duo with a support champion. The ADC main objective at the bot lane is to try and last hit minions to get the gold off of them as well as trade(do damage to the opponents) so you can win the lane. When playing ADC it is always good to learn how to position well so you are not easily ganked and are able to get kills. The cons to ADC are that it mainly rely's on the support as the support are the ones to make plays with their stuns and CC. Then the ADC finishing the champions off. When in team fights you will always want to stay behind your team as the ADC is one of the squ

Will It Top Lane? - Part 2

Hey guys,

After trying out three unconventional tanks in the top lane in Part 1 of this series, I asked you guys to name some supports that might be able to play in the top lane, and based on your recommendations & the limitations I had to deal with (aka not having all support champions on the account I was playing on) I picked three more to try out. If I didn't pick your suggestion, just assume that I realised it was a genius idea but I simply couldn't execute it :^)

As before, the number of games which my conclusions below are based on is once again pretty low (and by "pretty low" I mean literally one), so if you've experimented with any of these picks and made them work while I couldn't (or failed to make them work while I did) please let me know :)

Round 1: Leona
► Why I thought it might work
Though generally acting as a tank / CC-bot for her team, Leona's kit actually has great potential for a

Cyber's plan for saving sona.

Hello everyone, I'm cyber. This my first blog on mobafire, so don't expect much.

This post is all about brainstorming ways to bring our beloved maven of the strings back in the meta.

1: stat increases
one thing nearly everyone agrees on is returning sona's base health and mvmt to 380 and 330. its only 5 faster and 1 or 2 auto-attacks tougher, but it would still be welcome.

a possible number to raise as well would be her AA range, but only slightly. this goes into the real focus of this blog...

2: powered up power chord
STACCATO- a small area of effect for mid/late game wave clear

DIMINUENDO- a general increase in effective, plus a more easily identifiable vfx when it is in effect

TEMPO- steals mvmt speed rather then just reduce it.

3: insert clever aurora pun
The only one of her abilities I could think of a new mechanic for was her E, which is to A let her ignore collision, and B: replace her initialally higher speed boost (she will still receive the aura's bonus) with a short r…

Supporting? Buy Sightstone

I'm fine with people playing non-meta supports. I'll give anything a whirl. One of the most enjoyable lanes I've had relatively recently was me as Caitlyn and a random chap/chapet that picked Ekko for support. He would chunk them with

Will It Top Lane? - Part 1

Hey guys,

When it comes to champion picks, I'm usually a very "meta-obeying" League of Legends player. My mindset, in short, is this: the meta picks are meta for a reason. If other, unconventional choices would be better, those would be meta instead. Naturally, this means I have the best shot at climbing in ranked (and generally becoming a better player) if I stick to these meta choices.

However, because I thought it might be fun to change that for once and experiment a little bit, I decided to start a little Good Mythical Morning-inspired project and try out a bunch of random top lane picks. In this blog, I will share my findings with you. Keep in mind that most these findings will be based on a low amount of games, so take it with a grain of salt (or, if you disagree with any of the verdicts, let me know!).

Naturally, there's no point in calling it an unconventional top laner if the champion involved is already known for being played in the top lane. This means the champions in th…

Looking for English speaking players in China


I am an expat currently living in China and playing on of the many Chinese servers.

I am looking to put together a ranked team as I would prefer not to solo queue ranked games and hamper the teams communication.

If there are any expats who play on the Chinese servers please pm me.



Bot ai update?(question mark)

So, after unlocking pvp and playing several rounds, I decided to go and play a couple bot rounds, which I do every now and then to test out new strats, builds, etc. I got in game and noticed a couple things happening. First off, I was playing intermediate, and I started playing intermediate from level 1, so I have zero experience with beginner, and have nothing to say in regards to it. The first thing I noticed is after being hit once, or sometimes straight from the get go, they dodged skillshots, specifically Jinx's w and ult. they had never done this before so it really threw me off. Second, the turret range was always a safe zone in bots. As soon as you entered that pretty circle encasing your tower, they stopped chasing you, or would stop attacking the turret if they where. this time when I got in my magical circle, they poked me from the outside with skillshots and ranged attacks; which if I had been playing pvp, I totally would've expected, but when it came to bots, I was used to…