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Returning to blogging

So even though I have still been on league at a constant rate I didn't go onto MOBAFire much to look at builds, I tend to look it up on YouTube and other sources which caused me to forget to blog. Within the few months that I took a break I experience a rather odd phenomenon that I don't really consider to be ELO hell but rather and ELO wall to me. I have been going in and out of Bronze 5-4, perhaps about 7-8 different times. I would go from rock bottom to about 60 LP on B4, and then go all the way back down to rock bottom again, only to repeat this cycle.

I looked up on what might be causing it after the 3rd time to find out that I probably raise from skill but fall for a number of different reasons. The first few times I fell from frustration of the previous games, and I would just be on bad streaks because of the attitude carried from game to game. After I calmed a it and started taking breaks between games I noticed I had a more enjoyable experience and did better from game to gam…

Some Good early gank tips

Just a tips that will help u alot for the early game. After u have slain blue and rushed the wolf
You wanna go for a early gank top. You will go through the enemy team jungle and come to the bush close to the turret, that bush is not always ward but even it is u will have the advantage to come
from their back and then u will waste there flash or kill them. Thet will help your top lane very much in the start of the game. remember this only works if the enemy team is on the side with the bush close to the turret!

I saw a league DREAM !!!!

So in my dream I was someone like Lucian and that's strange cause I don't play ADC :D. anyway I knew I missed my pistol and knife in shadow isles :D so I went there and I went down a long way through a hole with a rope to get to some place like a dark vacant subway but on my way down I saw Twitch with his two BuddyGuards ( I know right ? and ADC and 2 sups :D ) so I heard

Diamond Janna Montage

Downloaded LoLreplay a few weeks ago and I was really bored today so I decided to make a Janna montage with the few clips I had with her.

I'm not very skilled with video editing so I kinda just put together a simple video.

Everything is from ranked solo Q and team 5v5.

Can't belive

Sry guys but todays blog will be short because I played LoL for 14 hours and didn't sleep yet.At Sumonners Rift I didn't know to chose Heimerdinger or Teemo but I chose Teemo.It all start good but than one of the players in enemy team chose Heimerdinger.He was mid so I went top to push.I was second best after Heimerdinger.He come to inhibitor at mid and I come to nexus.My teammates were noobs again so i needed to go mid.Heimerdinger was lvl 14 and I was also lvl 14.After 68 minutes of fight we lost but it wasn't easy for them.Heimerdinger send me friend request and than we went play once again but it was Heimer(me) and Lucian(him).We won quickly and he gave me a honor for teamwork.I reported him because he killed me once in first round and I didn't like that.

by: applemaster7

Something about me

Hi everyone I am KingArbor.League of Legends is great game.Team fights and teamwork will bring victory.Once I tried play Garen on health regen.I was bought a warmong's armor,spirit visage and ravenous hydra and i had masteries on health regen and garens passive so that was op.Yeah,when enemy champion atack me, he was not dealing damage ! **** that health regen is so op if you play garen . And if you have 100/4000 hp you will be recovered in few seconds!Holy **** that is best build on garen try it and please vote for me ! Thanks for reading!

Best build!

Nice day

Today i have got lucky.When i went to play ARAM i got Teemo.I used reroll and i got Heimerdinger.
I was happy because i realy like Heimerdinger so I start playing.I have got first blood because of my firts skill and than double kill.I was already better than others.I upgade my first and second skill.
I bought trynity force first than i bought some ability power.At lvl 6 I used ult only for the second skill.After 10 minutes i have 24/1/7 because i played with noobs.We takedown two turrets and inhibitor in 27 minutes.One player left the game so we start losing because it was 4 vs 5 but I save us and make pentakill twice.We won because of a good teamwork and because of me.At the and i have got
honor for teamwork, helpful, 75 IP and 64 XP.Score for me was 32/2/23. That was one hell of a good match.

by: applemaster7

Good Bye Mobafire I will Miss you all

I am leaving MobaFire

I have been a part of Mobafire for almost 3 years now. However the time for me to stop playing video games and grow up is here as well. I am 23 years old still leaving in my parents house we just got it apprised and repainted and I have had a lot of free time to think about the way my life is going. and the last thing I want to do is turn in that comic book guy from the Simpson’s. “Lamest comparison ever”

I have a lot of personal goals going on in my life, writing, personal fitness, animation, martial arts, and League is the biggest distraction. So for now I need to cut it out of my life completely or until I get everything back on track. I may not have thousands of wins but I spend hundreds of hours a month watching streams, following the LCS, reading though guides and forums etc.

Right now I am trying to put the finishing touches on a book about Biblical World Missions and its application to the common Christian. Yes I am a Christian but please know …

My Personal Top 10 Female Champions That I Enjoyed...

Hello and Welcome everyone to one of my top 10 list here on Mobafire :)

Now this is officially my first FULL season of League of Legends and despite all the negativity I actually really enjoyed myself and although I did finish in Bronze I am actually pretty pleased with how I did for someone with very little experience or time to actually practice.

As some of you may know about me I do love the female champions quite a bit...ok quite alot and although yes I do find a majority of them pretty hot (except for Annie I am not THAT perverted) I actually like them because I believe they are the strongest in the game and most importantly the most fun to play in any game mode.

So I thought it would be a good laugh to make a personal top 10 list on the female champions that I really enjoyed playing as during this season in Rift and on ARAM

*Please do note that this list is my own PERSONAL opinion and doesn't reflect the views of any other player or Riot...this is totally my list*

So with th…

How to get to gold as an ADC in solo or duo Q

Hello everyone this is my first blog and definitely not my last time permitting. There are a few tips I want to share with players wanting to get to gold but feel as if they are getting caught in the legendary elo hell.

First thing is first, get comfortable with a champion and focus on getting good with that champion.

If you notice when you watch streamers they hardly deviate from their comfort picks when they are going through their promotional matches. You should get into this habit as well. I suggest playing normal games with your champion of choice so you can identify the poor match-ups, or matches you do poorly in and maybe even document them so you can have a little cheat sheet when you go into ranked lobbies and have the opportunity to counter-pick.


I see this so much in soloq X champion counters Y champion, so you should pick that right?

the answer is NO, only play it if you are comfortable with …