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OTG Update... 4?

Hey Mobafire.

I'm not sure what do say that hasn't already been said. I'm depressed? This game is a crippling addiction? Been through that too many times. This year has been a whirlwind.

I recently moved back to my home town in Ohio from Arizona. Boy was moving a ******** disaster. I thought I could better myself, but instead I ended up worsening my mental state.

It's rough living somewhere when you only know like 3 people, and it's rough having a best friend that is the shining example of excellence; a reminder of everything that is wrong with me. My friend was my manager, and while he did nothing wrong, he's just a friggin god at everything he does. I wanted to be like him, and I wanted to be better.

For some reference; I worked in a grocery store, night crew. I'm not exactly the most physically capable person. I'm very skinny, diabetic, and generally not strong. I tried so hard to keep up. While some nights I had success in terms of speed and strength, it's deteriorated my healt…

Rek'Sai Jungle

I've started a little project for myself, which is to become proficient on all the of champions that Stonewall008 mentions as recommended junglers in his video (insert link).


Game Preparation As Support

Your ADC will suck and your jungler and Mid will think that ganking means showing their face in lane after running through a ward that you told them was there, doing a bit of damage, and then stealing all the lane farm before leaving without a kill or summoner blown.

It is okay though because you are there to keep your non-kiting, poor trading, and unable to position properly ADC in the game and even get them ahead.

You will set up picks for your carry and your jungler. You will make sure trades come out in your favor. You will zone the enemy and make them weep if they deign to touch your booger eating, disconnecting, lagging, farce of a carry.

And when it comes time to teamfight, you will CC lock anyone on the enemy team that sticks a toe out sideways. You will ward to make sure you can't be flanked. You will peel. You will shield. You will get your team focused on the carries. And you will keep track of timers because your jungler's sun dial is broke.

And only another su…

Rework Concepts: Yorick, the Gravedigger

Hey guys. I keep forgetting to do these. Been busy busy busy. But an idea struck me and I had to write it down. I know Yorick is getting a rework (eventually) but I thought I'd give my thoughts on how he could be reworked while keeping nearly all of his theme in tact.

"Death is only the beginning."

So yeah. My idea is to rework him for the support role. Why? He's always *kind of* been a support via his ultimate. He's like Zilean except he doesn't completely suck. Ask GMD. Support Yorick is awesome. His ultimate is theoretically one of the most valuable ults in the game. Yorick's job as a gravedigger kind of works for the support role too; he's guiding people to their graves. (You'll see how that pans out in a second.

There was quite a bit of inspiration for this kit idea, some major ones being; the death system in WoW and

Why League of Legends sucks and the direction its...

I'm kind of tired of making blogs, they seem pointless so thats kind of why I haven't done one in forever. A lot things seem pointless now, trying to play this game seems pointless a lot of the time. I started to playing League back in season 1 right around the time Xin Zhao was released, back in Novemeber 2010. It's almost been 5 years since then and I've played literally thousands of games and spent way more hours than I really want to know, I have to say I wouldn't say it was wasted time at all, I enjoyed a lot of it, and I didn't always agree with Riot's stance on balancing, the direction of the game, but I had faith that they were making moves that would improve the game, but over the past 2 seasons in particular I think it's become abundantly clear that the direction of the game is quite poor for the average player. For the player that plays solo queue and isn't in the professional scene, it's a terrible experience and only getting worse.

There was a lot of commotion made about …

Last Hitting Drill (shoving)

I am happy to announce that I am officially making content again.
I'm sure most of you are new readers and I invite you to read some of my older content. Some things are only relevant to the time and will not be true today, while others deal with bigger issues in gaming. I will be making more Youtube Videos focused on League Analysis. This is all in an effort to fill a niche that I feel is not being met well enough and is important to developing talent further in the scene.

Here is my Last Hitting Drill:

Most Hated Champion of the Moment

Yasuo - fk that guy.

One of those champions that I find frustrating to play against whatever position he happens to be in as he has a high snowball potential because even if you respect his knock up, he is invariably going to hit you with one at some point and then odds are good that you are going to go down and he is going to be ahead no matter how well you've played up until that point.

Also in your Yasuo vs their Yasuo match-up you invariably have the wrong Yasuo. You know, the one that tries to Wind Wall Riven's Q as opposed to her R. On some level it just as frustrating to have a bad Yasuo on your team as opposed to having a good one on the other team.

This is my tongue is check version about the frustrations of playing against Yas and since he can tell it to you better than I can, I'll let him take it away.

Oh you want to trade with me? Sorry while I've been walking and dashing around, my passive (that also doubles my chance to critically strike) gave me a shield. So …

What is this? A new blog?!

Holy ****. I have been checking out the most recent blogs and not a lot of **** is happening atm. Get on the tip of your chair boys and girls, because I am blowing some live into this dustfest.

Table of Contents
1. Meiyjhe, y u so afk
2. Story advertisement, sort of
3. Searching for fun online games!
4. Searching for environmental internship possibilities that ARENT Dutch!

1. Meiyjhe, y u so afk
Meiyjhe, known for spamming the forums and playing League more than is healthy suddenly stopped. Or at least, severely reduced doing both of these activities. So let me explain why.

First of all League of legends. You've seen the speech a gazillion times already: "Woaw I stop with League because it ruined my life QQQQQQQQQQQ" - well, I am going to be a hipster and actually say something completely different! Currently I am in a situation where my ping is so bad that I am disliking the game more than I am enjoying it. The fact that one moment it works perfectly and the next moment is just…

Romance in ''the League''...

There isn't much ''love'' in League of Legends. The only male-female relationships in LoL are rare, evidently because of the low number of actual girls playing the game.

I recently experienced a ''League romance'' personally. Not that I found a gril, but my friend Mysterio did. Her name was Miya, she was sweet girl that wanted to skype with us, and we started playing with her everyday. I knew there was something going on between the two of them when I saw that they were duoing all the time. He then decided to tell me he had feelings for her and he was scared, because he's engaged...

All of this to say, to all of my followers, never stop chasing the girl or boy of your dream :')

Shadow should leave GD???

So Shadow is the top laner #1 of The Goldens Dolphins, he is good but sometimes he dosent listen to the call of the shot caller. GD often loses teamfights because he dosent listen to the tp call or he is always fightin his opponent so he cant tp, etc. So I think Shadow should leave the team to leave the place to someone who will be more motivate or that will be able to listen the shotcaller. If he really want to stay in the team he should really start to listening.