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Mobafire mola!

Hola amigos!!

He quedado encantado al ver la plataforma de mobafire para el League of Legends, parece un excelente lugar donde reunirnos los aficionados a este juegazo!

Solo quería presentarme un poco ante los demás miembros de la plataforma, en mi caso, juego mucho al GTA V, el LOL, el Zombie Island es uno de los juegos que más me gusta en el género de terror, y bueno, también soy un apasionado de las apuestas deportivas en internet.

Me gustaría conocer amigos de la web para poder jugar al LOL y otros juegos, también me gusto mucho el CS:GO


Valuk coming back to League / Dealing with changes...

Hey Everyone,

This is Valuk, and I've came back to league recently. I had a account that I had made and was making for ranked before I had to stop playing back in season 2, it was level 10 when I left it, and I'm not level 13 trying to get back into my groove, and overcome the learning curve to all the changes. The game has changed in many ways, but I'm still having fun and hope to be able to get back to the level I was at in my gameplay as when I had to leave a few years ago. My first goal will be level 30, I will try to keep a daily update each day I play, giving some data about my day, level ups and stuff like that. All of you have a nice day.


New Champion Planning

So I was been thinking that I want to make an idea of a champion, I do have a name (Sounds stupid and maybe doesn't match for his name), his name is Clyde, The Piltover Gang Leader. AND I'm pretty sure Riot will not accept this is because the lore is horrible and stupid and he's a Piltover Gang Leader. So his gender is a Male, Race Human, Birthplace Piltover, Residence Piltover, Occupation is a Piltover Criminal/Gang Leader, his faction is Unknown. Friends Caitlyn(That sounds so wierd), Rivals Caitlyn, Jinx, Viktor. Oh yeah, his role is a Marksman.
So his story takes place in Piltover, he lived in a royal family with his Mom and his Dad, also at a very young age, Clyde and Caitlyn were best friends but both of their family were enemies. So what Caitlyn Parents did, they told her to stay away from Clyde is because well they hate there family. But every night, Clyde sneaks Caitlyn bedroom and hangout together, also Clyde had on a crush on Caitlyn, They just go to the swings and hangout, …

Hello all

So I thought it was time for me to say hello as I have been visiting MOBAfire more and more over the last few weeks. Originally I come from Smitefire (where I'm one of the only active veterans around :( (we have another that pops in once in a while) but well that's because of the low population). I also have been on Dotafire for a while when I started to play Dota 2 a bit. I don't think I will be super active here as this site is just more active (and my time is less).

first a bit about myself:
I'm Devampi (and no that's not my real name), I'm 17 years old and from the Netherlands. my hobbies are gaming and for sports I do handball. my main style in music is Power Metal (as some have already noticed), however I do like most music styles (or let's say I don't find all songs out of a certain style horrible)

So now a bit about my MOBA and LoL journey (I don't know which years were which seasons but I'm going to list it by champion):

So I started playing LoL first somewhere just before

Rankup: The idea

Rankup is the type of website where people believe their too good for and I can understand that. If you say the words "stats" to players, people start to think graphs and difficult information to understand. I completely understand that but Rankup is a little bit different. It's in my eyes, far more useful than any stats tool out there.

Rankup is a ranked dynamic stats tracking website, which is aimed to help identify weaknesses the player has. We allow the player to put in their summonername and then let them check whatever metric they would like to check to see how well they do within that metric. We added an average which allows a player to make sense and comprehend the information/stats which he has selected. This allows the player to understand how well he is doing versus the average person and therefore allows one to create his own conclusions about his ability to play League of Legends.

What you see is Dyrus's rankup profile which allows you to find out how he's been doing. …

League will be fine but fix match making.


Just to add to another blog because I have lots that I wish to talk about as per always. So essentially people are starting to complain about the snowball changes to League of Legends and every year, you have people scared that League of Legends is going to go to ****. Here's the thing. Many and many of people wanted to change the game so it wasn't so long and it's true. The games were lasting a very long time on an average basis. The games were lasting 34 minute just because wave clearing and pushing towers were that hard. It wasn't a basis of skill at all. It was "I have a champion which can stop you from pushing but we know we aren't good enough to win and you guys are constantly snowballing."

What RIOT has done is "we're going to take of these nuances which slow you down" and that's really it. So straight up the changes to League means if you probably lose lane hard and allow the enemy match up to do what he wishes to your team, yea you are probably going to lose and you k…

Rawr! I'm a jungler

Just some observations about some junglers that I've tried out since the start of preseason.

Tryndamere is still viable in the jungle even after the hot fix to Warlord's Bloodlust . I know because I did the whole thing with AP runes and masteries and still managed to contribute meaningfully to the game once I got some attack speed.

Since you no longer gain health except on crits on champions, you definitely lose more health on your first clear so you have to watch out of invades by junglers with executes like

Status update

League feels like complete **** now.

So I'm just playing Bloodborne, working on an online videogame portuguese store and eating like a pig.

Still not getting fat tho.
Life's pretty sweet. I kinda miss playing with some of the people here but I just can't bother with League right now, **** this game.

That is all.

Pre-Season So Far

To quote Garth "We fear change."

I've been playing since the middle of Season 2 and this Pre-Season has been the most disorienting one that I've experienced.

What do I buy? How to prioritize the new objectives? What Masteries work? Who to play? What happened to some of my standby champions? Which lane am I going to? Why is that "ADC" mid? Is all physical damage that bad if the games are going to end before the opposing team can itemize against you? WTF is up with towers being like tissue paper?

I could go on, but I'm sure a lot of you have had similar feelings and flogging them isn't going to accomplish much.

The changes are here. There will be more to come. And probably more after that.

I am going to stay out of ranked until things are a little less chaotic. That leaves up Normals or Draft Normals.

What I have been doing is trying out several different characters and tweaking masteries and build paths to get an idea of what works.

E.g. Master Yi has pretty good sustain…

Keystone Masteries Part 1/3

Hi everybody!

My name is jokersprank aka nightray00 and I play since the end of season 2 but that's already enough about me. Today I want to discuss as you can already see: Keystone masteries. Why? Well, I had the urge to write about them and as well to have something to keep me sane in my examination period...

In general, I think that masteries have become this year more meaningful and are more than just powerful stats boosts. However, I'm troubled by some keystone masteries because some are being abused by certain champions and some will be abused in the near future.


The Ferocity tree is pretty much the old offensive tree but I think it's much more favoured towards AD champions than in previous seasons.

Warlord's Bloodlust

Critical strikes heal you for 15% of the damage dealt and grant you 20% increased attack speed for 4 seconds (2 second cooldown).

Thanks god, it's getting nerfed. On the PBE it only works on champions. That's a good thing because it's right…