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The Climb of Kontayes

As i am new to blogs i will just be typing what comes to mind about my climb in League of Legends. Right now i am a level 7 summoner who is wanting to main in Top lane and jungling as i find them to be the most amusing areas for my aggressive play style coming in from the side and railroading someone and killing them without a common means to do so other then just to make them suffer is very appealing to me.

So recently i just purchased Shyvana and she is so fun to play the ability to constantly spam abilities farming with minimal issues and being a dragon is a huge plus for me. I am still learning the most parts of the game like jungle paths item builds and the like but also when to gank is something im trying to learn and proper time to ward jungle paths to catch the enemy and to make sure im safe and well warding in general and when to ward dragon or when to try to take dragon and item builds and well im trying to learn everything. Im trying to make a rule that now i have Shyvana i…

I AM BACK! (Meiyjhe Update 15)

Table of Contents
1. China
2. Understanding the Tone
3. Internet problems

1. China
So I just came back from China, if you already heard about it, I will stamp you to death with this one. I will just make a quick summary of all the **** happened over the last couple of weeks so that you know where the F I was and whether you might want to go to China or not :3

The journey itself was between a high variety of cities. From Beijing/Peking to Hongkong to Chinese names you have never heard of before. It included the stuff I expected, the great wall, the forbidden city, panda's, a loooooot of temples, but also stuff I didn't expect; food spicier than in Indonesia, lack of rice, lack of google/facebook/streamability, the high amounts of crowd, the contrast between high development and low development in the same sights, the traffic (oh god the traffic), the television, the rock hard beds, the rain. I thought it was quite enjoyable seeing things I didnt expect. I really hate too much sun, so…

ASTRO Community Cup NA - July

Midnight Marauders has entered ASTRO Community Cup NA - July.

The roster for Midnight Marauders in this tournament: Kid Huston, King Cyborg, Lori94, Darkwolf4747, BBQbeelzy.

Midnight Marauders faced off against In Credere Gaming in the first round and lost. ICG's roster as a whole were ranked several tiers above MM's roster and the difference in skill level was evident from the start.

Score Card
Midnight Marauders K D A CS
J Kid Huston 8 2 61


Gangplank or as i call him Critplank, Gangplank is a very high damage fighter that is very important to any team! I almost always try to max my crit chance as soon as possible, this allows for my parrrley to do alot more damage and my basic attacks. To do this you must really farm using your Parrrley(Q) this will allow you to (plunder) more gold, ultimately helping you just in case you miss CS.By plundering also always you to be one step ahead of you opponent in the race for CS. When you are in lane you always have to harass your opponent with your parrrley. This will often force them out of lane allowing you to safety farm. If your opponent has life steal or heals such as Nasus or Nidalee, you must really concentrate on trying to get them very low or in Nidalee's case to lower her health and mana if possible. Always have teleport on hand in case of a recall.

Thank you for viewing this nad pleas subscribe to my youtube and follow anitnomilkmanhere ryze to the top starting tommarow!(ju…

MOBAFailing in Love: A Shipping Tale

Yes. I'm in need of subjects. Particularly 5 League of Legends champions and 5 MOBAfailians who will offer their names to star in my new adult rated fan fiction "MOBAFailing in Love: A Shipping Tale". It will, like every fan fic out there, be based on high school students who have bodily features of 24 year old models and a sex drive as erratic as a geiger counter being thrown into the heart of Chernobyl. The subject of class? Summoner to Champion relationships. The class, of course, is taught by yours truly in this fan fiction. But what my students don't realize is the champions they choose for their introductory exercise... is who they will fall madly in love with. Will the bonds of spontaneous love envelope the hearts and lives of these students? Or will the jealous eyes of others who didn't choose accordingly cause conflict, betrayal and some form of kinky threesomes? Only YOU (Yes, you MOBAfailians) can help make this come true.

At least I'll draft something based on responses…


Hi guys :)
Ive got a couple of free weeks so Im probably going to do some stuff here on MobaFire ^^
This is a video on how to snowball hard as a jungler, check it out:

DragonSlayer Build - Udyr
(Apparently there is a coding mistake, I cant put the video directly :/)

Its on Spanish, but I just want to show how it works.
Go to 4:34.

He says that, besides Udyr it also works with Warwick,

I just finished a disgusting game

It was a ranked game. I played Nami. It was 68 minutes long. In the end we lost. But that wasn't the problem.

This was..the most disgusting game I have ever played. Both teams. Not just 1 of the teams. Both teams were taking turns throwing the game. I'd be fine if it was just 1 of the teams throwing but it was both teams. For 68 minutes. It was literally:

Red Team has Thrown!
Blue Team has Thrown!
Red Team has Thrown!
Blue Team has Thrown!
Red Team has Thrown!
Blue Team has Thrown!
Red Team has Thrown!
Blue Team has Thrown!

For 68 minutes.

I feel creeped out, disgusted, horrified, appalled and grossed out just by being part of that game. I started making bronze plays I wouldn't normally do just by watching them throw.

It was absolutely disgusting.


Through three years of playing League of Legends I often used Mobafire build guides to improve my gameplay. I am grateful to people with perfect guides, otherwise noowbies like me would never become better players. :D

So, this is my first blog and as a beginner I would like to say few words about my experience on Mobafire. Recently I joined Mobafire and in two days I have published two build guides. Considering I didn't know url coding, those guides were arid and completely opposite of beautiful. Than I got linked "Making a Guide" thanks to Foxy Riven. Now, no matter how good looking they are, I always want to primp them up. I'll leave links of my build guides below this text, I would love if you could check them:

Diana, Chosen of the moon ☽ , ♔ Unstoppable Jungling Ⅵ ♔

New to MobaFire

I'm writing this to myself, I'm rather new to MOBAfire.

I thank mobafire for the help and guides they have written to me. I started way back when they just made Thresh (not too long ago), and my friends told me to search up MOBAfire guides. The guides here have really helped me out and brought me up to Silver 2. Thanks for the guides, community!

Thoughts on Lustboy replacing Gleeb

Before I share my thoughts on this roster change, I would like to say that I have been a TSM fan since season 1. I've watched and followed the team from the old baylife era to the current new TSM era.

Now, this roster change brings a lot of questions. Will TSM have enough time to adapt to this change and create good team synergy with Lustboy? Will the Turtle/Lustboy duo perform better than the Turtle/Gleeb duo? Will TSM have communication problems with the addition of Lustboy? How good will they be as a team if their communication and synergy is good? I will give my personal opinion on all of these questions and some additional questions as well!

Will TSM have enough time to adapt to this change and create good team synergy with Lustboy?

A tricky question. I think it's definitely possible. Remember when Bjergsen first came and Dyrus said that the transition was really easy because he meshed really well with the team? This could happen with Lustboy as well. However, the language bar…