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How to Write a Scholarship Essay

Scholarship essay is among the models of scholastic generating that does not really get recurrent tendency that may be used to enumerate the outstanding package or number of ideas to be located in it. They fluctuate significantly as per the scholarship they talk about and those that apply for these scholarships.

There will be, on the other hand, a lot of fine tips based upon decades of mastering will work about this kind we could speak about:

Before everything else, do not recite all the stuff the scholarship committee will study from your qualifications. Accept us, they are not that contemplating consumers to read in detail this all two times.
    Be sure to take your extracurricular programs under consideration, for they might know the committee an exceptional considerable amount with regards to you. Look for correlations between the two and also your career solution, reveal the direction they brought one to this choice.
    Consider your main accomplishments – not really of education

Should You Hire Unarmed or Armed Security Guards?

You need to hire security guards, but you have little to no experience in that area. You’ve seen security guards in the bank and at your office building. You know that some guards are carrying firearms and others aren’t. You’ve been given the major responsibility of deciding whether armed or unarmed security guards would be the best fit for protecting the people and property in your care. Both types of security guards play a crucial role in protecting people and property, but there are pros and cons to consider when hiring unarmed vs. armed security guards. At National Security Service (NSS), we can help you decide which type of guard you should hire given your individual circumstances.

Not All Security Needs Are Alike

You want the best possible protection that suits your individual security needs. In certain situations, it may be more beneficial to hire well-trained unarmed security officers rather than armed security guards. For example, employees or residents of an apartment…

Can I take just one more jungle camp?

Any time you walk back into your own jungle on low health, after a gank for instance, you need to be cognizant of the fact that you are vulnerable, especially if you blew you mobility spells such as Flash or Ghost.

So the answer to the question of "Can I take just one more camp before backing?"

Needs to include the following survey:

Is their jungler dead?
If their jungler is not dead, where did you last see them?
Were they healthy?

Where are their other laners?

Where are my laners?

So if your answers come up as

Same side of the map as me or I don't know.

I don't know.

Not close enough or in good enough shape or position to help me should I run into trouble.

Then you have the answer to the question of "Can I take just one more camp before backing?"


Brought to you by the experience of dying when failing to walk through that sort of decision tree and killing the enemy jungler when they fail to go through it.

And to be clear it isn't always the enemy jungler tha…


PSA: After the 20 minute mark both teams get the Homeguard bonus when coming off of their fountain.


So, if you think to yourself can we push for just one more turret or the inhibitor after the turret or are we overstaying? You are probably overstaying. Definitely do not chance this if you don't have the minions in the lanes pushing toward the enemy side of the map. Get the easy objective and get out!

I will sometimes call this out in chat and I've noticed when I do that my teams will play a little more carefully around respawn times.

Remember if you screw this up you will have 5 angry, fully healed, and having just purchased champions in your face much quicker than you might anticipate if you don't take the homeguard bonus into account. It is a recipe for getting wiped and losing a whole lot on the map especially if your minions are not pushing toward the enemy's side of the map.

Vladimir's real face

Hello readers and be ready to understand nothing from all this blog, title is not an exception.
So who is really Vladimir? How start Riot to create Vladimir?Well the answer is simple, how i think the riot started, so Vladimir must be.. be ready, a vampire. Hey not get negative vote for it leave me to explain all.
Vladimir is probably inspirated by the legendary Dracula, a.k.a first vampire and the start of vampire existences a.k.a Vlad Tepes, and his name is a big spoiler to it.

For who not know or heard of Vlad Tepes, this is him Vlad Tepes was the leader.. or president of Transylvania, and his torture tehnique is why he was so.. popular knoed and created from him a vampire and asociated to Satan sometimes..but we talk about Vladimir or Vlad Tepes, or they are same person?

Anyway if you don't get it with Dracula or not know Vlad as "Vlad Tepes" and know as "Vlad the Impaler" or others, here is an article about it i not readed it cause i alerdy know a lot about Vlad but maybe is some…

Stream Times!

Hey guys! I will be setting up a regular stream time where I will be playing the styles talked about in my guides and will be demonstrating the strategies and champions that allowed me to climb to diamond fairly easily. Feel free to stop by and ask any questions about game strategy or support play, recommend good music to play on stream, and hangout with a community of support mains!

Monday - 7pm-10pm
Tuesday - 7pm-10pm
Wednesday - 7pm-10pm
Thursday - 7pm-10pm
Friday - OFF
Saturday - 11am-5pm
Sunday - 3pm-10pm

MTF reassignment Thailand

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How too influence the Game from Top

Dear Summoner!

Everyone knows it: You won your Lane and suddenly a fed Jungler showed up and killed you; You look at the Scoreboard why this Lee Sin is soo fed, too only see that your Mid Laner/ADC is in the first 5 min 0/5/0.

What can I do when an or multiple Enemies are fed?
It isn´t that easy too accomplish and i can´t promise it works everytime, but Focus on snowballing as a Team. If 1 or 2 Enemies are fed, then you can Focus on them first (at best kill them before you head for a Teamfight) soo you have a statistical high Chance of winning the Fight (Say that in the Team Chat, because for some Players that isn´t that obvious)

How can Top Influence the Game ?
Most Top Laner think that the Job of the Top Laner is: Be Tanky in Teamfights or push Top Towers like crazy.

But that isn´t all their is. A Top Laner is supposed too help his Team in Team Positioning. If you stay on the Top Lane farming and pushing (No matter what happens), then the enemies Need too send atleast 1 …