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What I do

Growing up, music has been the biggest part of my life. I feel like it touches everyone on a personal level. You can never tell for certain if someone is lying to you, or if they are who they say they are, but in the end, you can tell through music. Music is the single thing that binds the entire world. Everyone listens to music. It surrounds everyday life, whether you notice it or not, it is always there. From the chirping of a bird, to Beethoven's Famous Symphonies, Music is everywhere. Music is like a living organism, It's constantly changing and flowing. Throughout the ages, it adapts, and varies between years. Without music, where would we all be? No more dancing, singing. No more lullabies to babies, and no more ceremonies. Without music, we would be lost, and separate. Music brings the whole world together. In the end, It won't be aliens, nor war that bring the countries together. It will be music, because Music Is Life.

Daily Ranked #009

"I am the owner of the jungle."
"Bot lane is YOUR mess!"
"I do YOUR job in top"

etc. etc.

Can we please think about what teamwork means? Those are, if ever, OUR lanes, OUR game, and OUR win or loss.

When the game changes from early to mid game it would be wise to allow people roaming, jungling and taking objectives as necessary to build a momentum together. Stop telling me that you have to do my job in bot lane, if outer turrets are gone and it´s not safe to do it alone. Instead let´s go there pushing as a team.

League of Legends has a strong aspect of teamwork & communication, and especially following people instead of leaving them alone means a good teamwork. That´s IMHO a key factor to success.

BR Flohack

Daily Ranked #008

Hello All,

quite some time has passed since the last blog entries here. Well - no details, but it involved getting peaceful about the situation in the lower ELO: Trolls, haters, etc...

Now I´m ready to again play ranked games and find myself in a lot of modifications. And the first essence of this season:

"you loose your matches by weak top or mid players."

Sadly enough I now try to main ADC :) - so most of the time my lane is fine, farming and trying to rack up damage, but top or mid comes into issues and they can´t control their lane. That´s when the other top or mid gets fed, and then you can´t repair this anymore as ADC. You will get focused and taken out of the game.

At least that´s what I see during my last games. Let me know what you think.


Climbing tips of an EloHell Veteran

Hello everyone!

In this blog I wanna give you some tips I have noticed that really help in Low Elo, and can really improve your performance.

I will give some general tips and if you want, and like the blog, will do one for every Role.

Most of these tips are based on mindgames and outplaying the typical bronze-mentality.


The tip that most likely every high elo player will give you: Ward your lane! It is really important to know when and where a gank is coming, so you dont engage in a bad moment and get killed. Always ward when your trinket is up. Try to switch the position of your ward every 3 wards, as most junglers will change their gank path when they notice that you keep warding in the same place and often wont see it coming when you sudden put your ward in another place.


Dont force fights. I've seen so many people dying because they just want to rush first blood to get ahead in early game, but achieved exactly the opposite. Just try to p…

Teemo Rework?


So I just went to que with my friend, and hes Teemo main. but he couldn't select the champion and neither did me? it had a text when you placed you're mouse over it and it said "Temporarily disabled" (heres a picture:
So is it getting reworked? oooooorrrrr.......?

My friend said that there were a glitch that you can have crazy attack speed with Teemo's passive (heres a video: )
So are they fixing that or is there a rework coming?

Jungle 2017 Quick Thoughts

There are several ways through the jungle this season. So far on any mana based junglers I've tried the smoothest place to start for a full clear is Blue Buff. If you go Blue - Gromp - Wolves, this usually lets you put two points in a damage ability which increases the efficiency of taking Raptors especially if you have any AoE to your clear.

So the entire clear looks like Blue Smite > Gromp > Wolves > Raptors > Red Smite > Krugs. Look to gank. If I break the route anywhere it is usually to skip Krugs, which can take quite a while for many junglers to finish. If my gank is successful I can just head back to Krugs for some additional gold an XP before backing for my first item purchase.

I haven't figured out a smooth route in reverse 1) because going to Krugs really isn't an efficient option and generally speaking if you go Red > Wolves > Blue your

KaeldorAmmon's Journal, Entry 3: Level 8 At Last!

Well, I finally hit level 8. This is an exciting time in my development as a Garen player; being level 8 means that I finally have access to Flash (I have one more spell to unlock, Ignite, but I don't see myself using it terribly often, so I am not nearly as concerned about that). I am still playing in bot matches only for the most part, but I did dip into my first Coop match last week. It was highly instructional, and both players who I ran it with have added me as a friend. In addition, I just found out that one of my closest RL friends plays (I did not know this before), so we may be running games together soon.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time poring over the Items page on the wiki, designing item builds to suit me in different situations. I have found that, when playing against bots alone, my fastest path to victory lies in taking the mid-path (despite Garen's traditional placement, in the Battle Training line-up, it's just too slow trying to slough through

Hi guys!

Hi guys!Welcome to my blog!
Today we are talking about elo climbing and another stuff like that,
If your bronze ,like me :{,anyway, if your bronze it's so f*cking hard to go in another divisions
like silver or gold,because in your team there are full of bronze,really,I WAS bronze and i was yasuo 14\4\14 and i f*cking lost it REALLY RITO! WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS TO ME,MY TEAM WAS FULL OF BRONZE,except one ,it was unranked,BUT REALLY!
Now,let's talk about my friend,the noobest player in the world: hi im megafast,every match with him it was lost,REPORT HIM YOU ******* *** ****!!

Looking for a good supp EU Nordic

Any good supports out there for ranked matches? I`m unranked, so, haha, laugh at me.
I myself will play either Jinx or Vayne as ADC, so looking for a support that actually knows what he`s doing... Because most of the time , supports are like anal polyps... They don`t know what they do, ruin my laning, and then cry because we lose...