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Please Respect The Pick Order

I just hate people who play draft pick or ranked and as soon as they connect to chat they announce their role and think they can play it because they said it first. X(

this is so childish and stupid. I think if you're playing draft or ranked you should, MUST be able to play any role. so shout out to all kids : sit tight, shut it, and W8 FOR YOUR TURN.

these people must play team builder. I mean that's why they built that right? so you're sure about your role.

Guide frags, sad life

Seeing my guide consta-fragged is really pretty disheartening. I know people are working on it, and I thank them for their work. I just really hope that it gets fixed soon. It's one of my biggest achievements and took a lot of work getting my Ahri guide to reach #1 on the entire site for a time, and seeing it replaced by the stupid Tristana pic is really nerve-wracking. And although it's very unrealistic, I can't shake the dreaded sensation of my guide perhaps getting wiped completely somehow. I just wanna reach 5M views :\

Enjoy this graph depicting my guide's downtime.
Here's to a more stable future,

The New Login Screen

Good God, that **** is so cheesy. People ACTUALLY thought that song was touching/relevant to League of Lame? Holy balls!

And it's sad because some of my acquaintances teared up from listening to it. I need to find new friends.

Anyways, let's find some music/login screens to replace this really stupid/cheesy one. Fire away MOBAfailians.

Some discussion about Worlds

I'd like to talk a little bit about the Quarter-Final matches.

SSW vs TSM - Even though I've been a TSM fan since Season 1, the reality is that TSM have around a 10% chance of beating White. Sadly, that's just how it is. I still believe they can pull it off but it's gonna be super hard. We'll see what happens. Imagine if TSM win though. It would be insane and amazing.

SSB vs C9 - RIP western teams. As with SSW vs TSM, I'd love to see C9 win but it's probably not gonna happen. I do think C9 have a better shot at beating SSB though. Probably 15%-20%? Imo, SSB are a little bit weaker than SSW and more vulnerable.

EDG vs SHRC - Honestly, SHRC getting 1st in their group should not have happened. Don't get me wrong, they are a solid team. But a few factors played into SHRC getting 1st. TSM playing really dumb and losing in that final match vs SK, as well as teams in Group B not being able to capitalize on SHRC's mistakes. TSM is the only team that managed to do it when they beat SHRC but …

How a single pick impacts the game.


Normally I wouldn't just pick TSM, but IMO I can't find a better example of how a single pick sets the game for a single team. Not meaning that the game is already won in champion select, but that a single pick can get into your mind, making you play poorly.

So let's start with the champion select of SHRC vs TSM on day 1.
Blue Side - SHRC vs Red Size - TSM

Relic Shield

Yes, yes. I completely understand that Relic Shield is used 99% of the time by Melee Support (ex. Leona, Braum, even Thresh). But after that amazing little '.' it applies everything else.

Relic Shield
UNIQUE Passive - Spoils of War
Charge rate increased to 60 seconds from 30 (remains 30 seconds for Targon's Brace and Face of the Mountain)
Execute now only works on melee basic attacks

Since the new 'updated' (Slightly displeased) Soraka being all offensive now after she lost her Passive, Q, W, E, and updated R. Granted R is much better now, I dislike the ability to heal myself without using a Heal. I'm having to try out different builds. Relic shield, is the best one I found, because I have to fight, smack Champs, etc. With Relic Shield, I can now kill minions and not worry about my ADC getting any money.

Since they get it BECAUSE of RS if I accidentally auto a Minion and kill it. My wave clear is now just a bit be…

Le Natsu is back~

Wow I haven't done a blog post in a while xD sorry bout that. I was just really lazy ehe~

I haven't been up to much anyways. School started for me a week ago. It's not going too well's school. School sucks.

As for League stuff, I'm mostly just playing ranked/normals. I've been lurking around Plat V/Plat IV. My hard drive was really fked up recently so that kinda crippled my ability to play. And not to mention my mouse is awful again. My right click doesn't work and I use a side key now for my right click. The cable that connects it to my PC is also really ****py. So..yeah.

And also, I'm watching Worlds (oh what a shocker!) and I'm loving it so far! I made some bets for worlds with people from Leaguepedia (I'm a volunteer there) and so far I've won 1 and lost 1. The biggest 1 that I made is that Korea won't win World. I have faith in the West! :o

Thanks for reading~! I'll try to post more now! xD

A man, his story, and a bike. pt 2

After 2 weeks I have traveled a distance of up to 20 miles in one sitting. I have calculated that I can ride one mile in 3:30 seconds and my goal is to ride 200 miles in one sitting.

So math time:

60 minutes/3.30 minutes = 18.18 miles in a 60 minute time frame.

My goal should be to get 20 miles in 1 hour/60 minutes. The math looks like such.

20MPH X 10Hours~ =200 Miles

So from my data forehand 18.18MPH X 10 Hours~ = 181 miles therefore i can conclude that I probably have to take 11 hours.

by week 10 I should be able to "ride" 200 miles but that's not probable due to the human physique. I assume sometime within 15 weeks I can make this goal a reality.

Surprise,I'm back !


I doubt any of you know me(some of the older members may remember me from when I was playing on EUW,I ocasionaly got into some inhouses with the guys).
For those who don't (pretty sure everyone :D ),I'm a random guy,who joined the mobafire forums around 2 years ago,when he was still relatively new to the game,and learned a lot from the awesome guides that were around at that time(grandmastered's xerath is the one that comes to my mind atm).
So the time passed,I took a break from the game,which lasted around 1 and a half year,came back,transfered to EUNE(unfortunately) to play with IRL friends,and to have better ping.
I was silver II last time I wrote a blog,I can say I came a long way,switched my champion pool almost completely(except katarina,i'll never let go of that girl),I think my mechanics improved quite a lot(although I still suck,but now it's a little less) and recently,due to an absolutely huge winning streak,and some awesome duo/practice partners,I managed to clim…