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What is this? A new blog?!

Holy ****. I have been checking out the most recent blogs and not a lot of **** is happening atm. Get on the tip of your chair boys and girls, because I am blowing some live into this dustfest.

Table of Contents
1. Meiyjhe, y u so afk
2. Story advertisement, sort of
3. Searching for fun online games!
4. Searching for environmental internship possibilities that ARENT Dutch!

1. Meiyjhe, y u so afk
Meiyjhe, known for spamming the forums and playing League more than is healthy suddenly stopped. Or at least, severely reduced doing both of these activities. So let me explain why.

First of all League of legends. You've seen the speech a gazillion times already: "Woaw I stop with League because it ruined my life QQQQQQQQQQQ" - well, I am going to be a hipster and actually say something completely different! Currently I am in a situation where my ping is so bad that I am disliking the game more than I am enjoying it. The fact that one moment it works perfectly and the next moment is just…

Romance in ''the League''...

There isn't much ''love'' in League of Legends. The only male-female relationships in LoL are rare, evidently because of the low number of actual girls playing the game.

I recently experienced a ''League romance'' personally. Not that I found a gril, but my friend Mysterio did. Her name was Miya, she was sweet girl that wanted to skype with us, and we started playing with her everyday. I knew there was something going on between the two of them when I saw that they were duoing all the time. He then decided to tell me he had feelings for her and he was scared, because he's engaged...

All of this to say, to all of my followers, never stop chasing the girl or boy of your dream :')

Shadow should leave GD???

So Shadow is the top laner #1 of The Goldens Dolphins, he is good but sometimes he dosent listen to the call of the shot caller. GD often loses teamfights because he dosent listen to the tp call or he is always fightin his opponent so he cant tp, etc. So I think Shadow should leave the team to leave the place to someone who will be more motivate or that will be able to listen the shotcaller. If he really want to stay in the team he should really start to listening.

What is the ''meta''

Well, a lot of people requested that i answer this question so let's go.

Meta is a word that refers to the philosophical level above the subject itself. The "metagame" is pretty much "the game of playing the game." It's a collection of strategies that are accepted as strong ways of playing the game.

The game itself is simply "destroy the nexus," and any way you can accomplish that will win you the game. The metagame is "what is the best way to destroy the nexus," and if the answer to that can be found, then theoretically, you can never be beaten by an alternate strategy.

Cesar good support or no ?

Soo to awnser this question I will try to not judge as an ADC but judge as an fan. I think this support is a very good support, he know how to time the flash, he know when to go and not go in and he is a good peeler to. The bad side is that he has a little champion pool but it know how to play it. So I think he should think about challenger series soon because he is climbing very well.

Are ranks important?

It's a very asked question : are player's ranks important in ranked 5v5's ?

The answer is quite simple, no. As a player, it doesn't matter if you're gold 3 or master, you need communication and synergy. It is always better to know your teammates, to know their play styles and to be confident and comfortable with them. So to those who are low in ranks, I tell you no worries, all you need is good teammates :D

How to get better at League of Legends

This is going to be targeted at Bronze - Silver level players because that is the level of gameplay that I know. These tips are some of the things that I know have made me better.

Read These:

Both of these guides are worth reading in full, however I am going to pull out certain segments that are really crucial to getting better at the game.

This little treatise on resource management is worth its weight in gold.

Resouce Management

This. If you ADC. This. This. This.

Team Fighting

Watch These:

On Trading

These are the abbreviated versions. There is a series of longer videos by unswlolsoc that will take quite a bit of time to watch, but are well worth your time.


I don’t know how many guides I have read on warding, but it is a lot. Learn how to ward. Seriously. You will advance at least a tier in your current division if not more if you learn how to ward well.

This is an example that covers a lot of ideas around warding.


I don't like being a conformist. It's not as though I have strong need to be different, but it's just that I feel that things could be a lot better if they were another way. I'm speaking about League, of course, and when I say convention, I'm not talking about some kind of meeting like MineCon or anything. What I'm talking about is something more along the lines of doing something that agrees with the norm. I don't particularly enjoy the idea of being a conformist and just doing what everyone says to do because it doesn't help anyone--if I were to do that I wouldn't be able to explore different options on my own to see what I liked best. There are a lot of people out there who play League; millions of people use the same build for the same champion, but play this champion completely different from one another. The ones who made the game what it is today just by playing and seeing what works and what doesn't are the ones that truly understand what it is that they're building, or why it …

Stop Doubting Yourself

I've been telling myself for the longest time now that I want to become a pro gamer. It's very much within the realm of possibility, but there is something that I was missing until very very recently:

My computer broke and I've had to take a force leave of absence from League--the longest break I've had from any game in fact. And it was quite disappointing when my computer first broke; I was shocked because my screen became very glitchy and the pixels were so mixed up that it didn't appear to be displaying anything. The game that I was in when it happened was quite the promising one as I had just gotten a 2v1 double kill as Jinx, and we all know how hard she snowballs and all. It was perfect. When I tried to restart my computer it just stayed off, and I pretty much had a nervous breakdown. I sat there for the rest of the day just looking out the window feeling nothing but hollow.

A week went by and I was still pretty bummed about the whole situation but like a river, life moves on. I…