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Yearly dosage of personal stuff (Meiyjhe update...

Wow wat is dis? Mejiji has a new update? Blogs exist? Waaaaaaahhhh

I felt like sharing stuff and then I realized I had a bunch of stuff I could share so I was like lets totes make a blog xd

Table of Contents
1. Work work zug zug dabo
2. What is the meaning of live? I mean where do you live?
3. Yeah yeah romance still happening, dw about it
4. IRL meetups with more mobaferians waaaaa
5. I liked Bill Wurtz before he was cool

1. Work work zug zug dabo
Some of you might know I graduated from my environmental studies which was really cool and stuff, but I graduated in November, which is a REALLY awkward time to end a studies. Especially since I want to continue studying towards a masters degree which usually start in September. So what I did was ask someone in the field that I wish to do my masters into about some tips and there was this convention happening on GIS, the field I am interested in. At first I always thought that GIS was limited to the creation of maps like we learned on e…

Bronze 1 Soon

As you read i am telling you this person called 80Aninhilator08 will be soon in the bronze 1 but i feel and what i heard from people is that he is a smurf from Master/Challenger.
I have saw his playing everyday and analised that he is a main support and wins games in advanced player style
I will inform you people if he will be in silver (His elo is from silver from last season)

Your sincirly (Anonymous)

Jungling is Decision Intensive

One of the more informative high ELO junglers I've run across, Edge, is back with another video on decision making around jungling. He hits a number of topics in a game where he had a non-optimal start with a Top laner that was behind from the get go. He plays the game well for the most part but illustrates a key decision point that likely cost them the game.

3 Camp Clear Same Side of Jungle + Back:

Can be useful if you are a jungler that commonly gets invaded or if for some reason you don't get a leash so you will be so low when you go to the opposite side of your jungle that if they do invade you there you are practically guaranteed to have to use a summoner to get away and/or die.

Uses Rengar as an example. Rengars will commonly clear their Red side jungle starting with Raptors > Red > Krugs > Back. This lets them come back to their Blue side jungle with a Long Sword and full health, which vastly increases their dualing potential.

Efficient clear or Buff then gank?

My Attempt to get out of B4

I would appreciate support/suggestions and strategy tips on how to get out of B4.

I'm getting S's in games and don't think I personally do that badly, however, every game no matter how good or badly I do, we never seem to win, a good few games go by when I receive an S but am still on 0LP, these s's mean nothing when my rank shows as B4.

I win a few games and gain like 19 :P then I'll lose one game and lose 20, it seems stupid IMO, it doesn't reflect how good or bad you are, simply reflects that you had bad games and lost points even if you personally receive an S your rank and as a personal player is damaged and I don't think its right, spesh-ly when you get trolls nd feeders on your team, you lose when you play well.

Day to day life as a support.

: lol i carried and was the only one to focus their adc
: ^ thats bs and you know it
MrCarrot6611: yet it didnt matter
: i focused adc every time so dont tell me that ****
: it doest matter anyway guys, that was then
: this is now
: so move on
: lol and u stole my kills against him sona
: bs
: like good supp
: guuuuuys enough
: watch my stream you will look like a dumbass
: just let it be and move on

I wanna be the very best

Like no one ever was...

I started playing league of legends in August 2016. I immediately hated the game. However i started playing it under the advice of a good friend who offered then to help me learn. Also i tricked my roommates and a friend to join...ah the memories of rage and tilt that we have accumulated since...

I'm not a gamer, or at least i don't think myself to be one, so League of Legends is the first game i've put this much effort into (call of duty doesn't count). So as a nostalgic kinda guy i'm making this blog. That and I need a place to say i hate RIOT.



Hi people it's whybother34 aka that guy who mains leona but his braum guide has more view even when he has 2/5 of the points on braum he has on leona. Thank you guys for getting both of my guides to 500 views! It's a little insane. However since i'm studying for AP's now I'm not going to be able to update for the next week or so. This mid season has made sejuani a popular character again (much to the hatred of my friend who mains her) and with some new items braum and leona benefited a bunch so yay thanks riot. I'm thinking of making a sion support guide next what do you guys think?

Aatrox Jungle on Patch 7.8

Time for my yearly Aatrox trials. Quick impressions.

Accessing Hellbent is super important. Starting out that is accessed through the third proc of Blood Price.


9 Attack Speed Marks
9 Armor Seals
5 sMR or MR + 4 Attack Speed Glyphs
3 Attack Speed Quints


I've been running 18-0-12 with Fervor of Battle the keystone of choice. You could alternatively run 18-12-0. And some people seem to like Grasp of the Undying so 12-0-18 is another possibility though the later seems to be more lanecentric.

Skill Order

They fixed the healing on his W Blood Thirst at a value that scales with the amount of points you put into it + 6.5% of your missing health, so there is less reason to max this first.

For ganking that means that you should probably level E,