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AP Kog'maw: Maximum Damage

Kog'Maw is certainly one of my favorite champions. I 'mained' him back when he was OP (Patch 6.13, I think?) but I still love pulling him out now and then: that delicious machine-gun attack speed, that item synergy with on-hits really not present on many other champions. And, of course, his late-game damage is absolutely insane: Level 18 Kog'maw with 6 items has without a doubt the highest DPS in the game, able to 100-0 3 champions simultaneously in seconds with his Bio-Arcane Barrage and

Generic rune pages [FOR STARTERS][S6]

"First time" rune pages

As soon as you get to level 20, you can aim towards your first two rune pages: One for AP and one for AD. They're both made with discount runes and share the same glyphs/marks/seals. They are decent for normal play but suffer from a couple of problems I listed below them. If you are focused on playing ranked and already know what roles you'll play the most, check the role-specific rune pages.

your first two rune pages

So today I lost a ranked game

And I wasn't even upset about the loss. I was more so annoyed because of how we lost. We were ahead by so much gold. We got mid and bottom inhib and so I just said to my team "Guys, group top as 5 and let's finish".

But Ahri goes mid to farm and my jungler starts farming jungle camps. So I spam ping them and write several times in chat for them to come top. Yet they didn't listen. Our top laner got picked off and we died 1 by 1 because we weren't grouped.

So that left me puzzled and annoyed. I was just thinking to myself "Is it that hard to just come to a lane and group as 5?"

I really don't know if things like that happen because people are impatient and can't stand in one place and wait for the team. Or if they just refuse to listen to someone else's shotcall because they think they don't need to listen to someone "below" them.

But yeah....that loss was pretty annoying. But oh well. If there's one lesson I can give after that game it would be this. GET YOUR TEAM TO GROU…

My Bio

Hello and Welcome to the Page of Sayains or Tanothians as known mostly as,

This box is basically for me to explain to you who i am basically,

I am 20 years old and i am enganged and live with my fiance and Jug (Dog) Bella,

I have been gaming for around 16 years, my favourite game of my childhood has to be Pokemon Snap now DANG that game was DA BOMB!

Now i am mainly known as a huge rager and basically i get annoyed at everything which is entertainment apparantly.

I am a League of Legends streamer and have been for about 2 months, ever since i started playing League of Legends so yeah i am freaking terrible at it,

But my aim is to main Ashe and not get wrecked to bloody much otherwise i will probably brake my keyboard

How To Get an S The Off-Meta Way

The easiest way to get an S, is the hard way. If it's on the recomended build, don't build it, look at a champions abilities and see something else in them! Put Rapid fire cannon on Ekko! Put Iceborn on Sona! Anything your crazy heart desires! I built Caitlyn full AP and only went 3/6 and I got an S+
Happy camping!

I'm sick x__x

As the title says...I'm sick...during summer. Feels bad man....the weather is already hot...with my temperature being as high as it is, I feel like you could cook some eggs on my forehead....

Well...aside from that, I'm enjoying NA LCS this week. TSM vs C9 and Envyus vs IMT were fun series despite both ending in 2-0s. Doublelift and Pobelter really went off in those matches and I'm very happy my TSM boys are still undefeated.

Also, I finally finished my placement matches on my 3rd account playing almost exclusively AP Support Ashe. I went 3-7 and placed in Silver V. And I also played one game after that and won..28 points I think. I'm kinda disappointed I didn't get placed in Bronze because I've never been in Bronze and I've always wondered how bad or fun it is there. In my 11th game, a Wukong even said he respects me for playing only AP Ashe LOL. Was pretty funny.

Sorry for another short post but I feel like I will pass out because of my fever so yeah....

Thanks for reading and se…

My journey towards becoming the Best AP Ashe Support...

My 3rd account is finally level 30. Now I just need 1k IP in order to own 16 champions and I can start playing ranked on it. My third account will be used for my journey of becoming the best AP Ashe Support in the world.

A friend told me something along the lines of:
"I believe that you really are the best AP Ashe Support out there. Because no one is silly enough to play AP Ashe Support in serious ranked games."

So now I'm gonna spam it on my 3rd account and prove to every player I meet that I am in-fact THE best AP Ashe Support out there.

If you're curious about how it works, basically I just max out my CDR as fast as possible and get AP items.

I usually start with Spellthief's Edge and Pots. Then I get Frost Queen's and CDR Boots. And then Morellonomicon or Zhonya's Hourglass (if they have a lot of AD Champs). With my CDR maxed out I transition into pure AP items such as Luden's Echo, Rabadon's Deathcap, Void Staff, etc.

It's legit. Not even joking.

Anyways, thanks for reading!…

What's with Salty Player in Normals?

Hi guys,

to whoever is reading this you're most likely my first viewers so thankyou for taking time to read this and yeah i'll be blogging alot more often. Now to the point, i personally am not an amazing player as I'm currently in Bronze 1 and now and then i enjoy to blow off some steam by playing some normals and mess around playing some stupid builds and champs in weird roles. yet there are mastery 7 players going hardcore in game and they get so salty if you play something hilarious but stupid e.g. i played soraka jungle and tbh i was finding it funny having a fun game and theres a yas you is feeding and getting salty at me for having fun? i wanna hear your guys thoughts on this leave a comment dudes and madmoiselles. :3

NA LCS and TSM's dominance

NA LCS has been fun to watch this season. Not to mention as a TSM fan since season 1, it's so nice to see them dominating everyone. There are occasional games where TSM doesn't play THAT well or someone on the team has an off-game. But overall they've done really well this split. It's even better to see because of the tough time they had last year post-MSI. Go TSM <3

I'm also pleasantly surprised Immortals are still doing really well and have only lost to TSM so far. I'm happy for my boy Turtle. Also another pleasant surprise is C9 FINALLY having a decent team that can win games WITHOUT Hai lol. The whole swapping thing with Bunny/Smoothie is nice to see. Subs are definitely underutilized in LCS and this is a good way to show these LCS teams that subs can be used in a more efficient way.

Biggest disappointments for me would have to be Echo Fox and NRG. I expected more from both teams. Echo Fox was doing well near the end of Spring Split and they had the potential to do really well af…