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Welcome my profile

Welcome to my profile! Im season 3 player and my main is Ezreal/ShenAnother things you need to know me im like to play team fortess 2 and I do some gmod stuff :P Thanks to look my profile! <3

Un-ranked To Ranked (Life struggles and more)

So, this is the start of the week were i start doing Ranked queue..
man i really don't want to do it but i have to anyways. So to start it off from here on end, I will be using my main Nidalee, She has always been my favorite champion since the start of me playing this game. The objective of me reaching this year is at east Diamond One, The reason for Diamond One is because i wanted to be known as a really good player, Yes i was in bronze once but we all were at some point, I made a jump from Bronze to Silver And also to Gold, But i want to make a bigger jump a jump from Gold to Diamond. hopefully you guys are here to support the cause of me trying to make it to Diamond One this season.

I will also like the insight of opinions and maybe a little help and insight of what to look out for, I love the insight on anything really, The help on champions or runes and Items to have that'll carry out games.
This is Splashy, And i will be signing out.

Journal 5

I feel terrible right now. I'm on an endless losing streak, I have to study for my math exam (screw it) and I'm thinking about suicide.

Still, I'm too coward to suicide. I don't know why, it's just a simple jump; but there's something stopping me from doing it. Even though I can't suicide, I can't take it anymore. League is turning into a waste of time for me. I can never climb up, and I just go up and down everyday. I also hate this ******* tilt thing. I always tried to ignore tilting and keep playing, but that doesn't work.

I really don't know what to do. I just hate this life. I can't take it anymore.

Secondary Account Settings

Just a cautionary note that if you play on a secondary account make sure that all your keybindings are set correctly, especially if the game has been patched since the last time you played on it as sometimes they slip in changes.

Case in point, I dodged a ranked game on my main account because a troll in champion select picked Udyr Mid. It was a touch late in the evening so I didn't want to wait out the queue time penalty, so I decided to switch over to a secondary account and do my ranked placements.

I quickly checked that I had a decent set of rune pages, made a few tweaks, and figured I would just change my masteries on the fly as I've become accustom to doing. E.g., playing against Gnar then you may want

Need help with leavebuster

So I have problem,and its getting on my nerves.Now my laptop over heats and turns off mostly when downloading something or playing games.It's mostly my emulator and Lol.Now of course when you leave a game you can get banned,or riot gives you leavebuster.At first it happened when i started the game which was like maybe last month or three weeks ago idk,but when it happened it was a few times and it was only for 5 mins and 5 games it but now i have 20 mins for 20 games and i dont want to wait 20 mins for a game especially 20 games so can someone help me get past this or something

Vapora Dork's life "update"

Is it even an update if I never informed you of what was going on in the first place? Well I give up trying to find a better name for this so if not, rip.

I don't remember when it was exactly, but a while ago, within the past 6 months maybe, I started to seriously consider the possibility that I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). I first considered it about 2 years ago but I dismissed it when I realized it shares symptoms with Auditory Processing Disorder (APD), which is something I also suffer (not yet diagnosed but fairly obvious), and it seemed to make more sense (how can I have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity disorder when I'm not that hyperactive???).

Recently I looked into it again when I realized something just felt wrong with the way I just couldn't pay attention in class no matter how hard I tried, and how I just couldn't bring myself to do anything like do homework or revise; one of the times I recall I managed to force myself to do my French homework bef…

Toxi's Discussion

Shuru: "I mean, Irelia vs olaf might as well be considered a top laner matchup, neither of them are primarily picked mid lane and are simply off picks. Tier lists aren't about situational picks or meta breaches but about what works simply all the time, pick Olaf into a top tier mage and see how he lasts against a top tier player on that top tier mage.

It's similar to Galio, sure he can wreck I'm certain match ups but that doesn't make him top tier. Low tiers or off meta picks beating low tiers or off meta picks consistently is just that, unreliable data for the construction of the top tiers"

Shuru, I agree that it is situational and your post proves my point. League of Legends can be very situational and sometimes, different champions shine.

You would never pick Olaf into a top tier mage but he was the single best pick in that matchup that Faker picked him in. Except if Olaf isn't on H4X's tier list, you can't pick it. Right?

Daily Journal 4

I finally managed to stop my tilt, thanks to my friend.

The damn guide contest is stuck in my mind, it's still too hard for me to accept the loss. Anyway, I'm just gonna put the guide back and see what will happen.

They said my guide wasn't good enough because of the split between top and jungle. Not sure if I should turn it into a jungle guide or not.

That gif guy around vexes me greatly. I wish I could block his/her (or whatever it is) comments.

I probably should look for the third review. I lost the contest, I'm not gonna lose a scout point.

That's all for now. See ya.

Daily Journal 3

Another ****ty day. Super high-ping, fed Zeds, 50 farm ADCs. There wasn't any fun at all.

I finally deleted the whole guide. Now it's just WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO xD.

I hope I can finish my tilt when the new patch comes out. Oh wait, there's a F***ING RENGAR NERF out there. Bronze ADCs who refuse to build a single tank item, kept complaining about Rengar, and they won. From the bottom of my heart, f*** you riot.

Now, I'm just waiting to read the patch notes and see their context (aka ****ty excuses) on Rengar.

Gotta get a "F*** This Life" tattoo later xD.