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Zz'Rot Portal

Hi everyone,

I've been doing some preliminary looking at the newer item Zz'Rot Portal and I must say it looks exceedingly good on Nasus as a split pushing strategy. The damage gain on Voidspawn will reach upwards of 400-500 and when combined with Nasus high tower damage becomes ridiculous. Also, the speed increases help his map positioning and chasing. I'll be doing some testing on this soon but I did want to see what others experience with this item has been.

Do you like it? Why or why not?

In what situations has it worked or won the game for you?

Here is a map someone made of good locations to place the portal: Portal Locations

My road on ranked!1

Hey All!

That's right, I'm back! (alas no, not with a brand new track) And I'm hitting the ranked ladder to get myself back to challenger! You may better know me as ViRusx or SKT1 Winnie the Pooh, but I'm here today on my freshly leveled smurf to kick some serious butt! xD

Equip with my new main vladimir, elo hell will be more like elo smell ya later! (get it guys, that's a blue reference!?) Which is funny, because vladimir is actually a RED champion! (Another character from pokemon). However, this game does not contain any pokemon (except for maybe the yordles, NO PUNS INTENDED GUYS!) I should probably put a funny warning in the title of this blog update xD xD

Anyway friends, remember to check back for future updates, I start my ranked journey in approximately t-minus 60 minutes! I'll see you all on the rift summoners!

xoxo gossip girl

Possibly the worst Warwick the world has ever seen.

So, today I was playing with this Warwick (I have Noodle 9 MMR) on my team, and I swear to god he was the worst player I've ever seen. I've played Intro bots on a second account and seen people feed Intro bots (Not on purpose), and he was about down to their level stupidity, but I would say it's worse in his case because he ISN'T new to the game. He had a Bronze icon from S3, and claimed to be have been playing since S1. I don't know about that, but I know he's been playing Ranked since S3 at least, and was at least Bronze 5 in S3. He was Bronze 5 this season so far, too.

Now, let's just go in chronological order of his idiotic statements, ideas, and actions. Anything he says is in red, anything I say is in light blue, anything a random teammates says is in green, and anything an enemy says is in orange.

Pre-Game Chat "i main juingle ww." "Cool...?" "ill carry u" "If I don't carry you first :P" "noob" "What?" "u cant carry ur in low elo" "You're hostile." "wow aatr? ur a scrub. troll

Words (Meiyjhe update 17)

Hello boys n girls,
Have you ever wondered why it is "boys and girls", but "ladies and gentlemen"? It is always like: Female first because that is a social standard, keep the door open for a woman, take off the jacket of a lady before you take off your own and whatever. Yet when we look at youth it seems like we don't care.
idk what I am even talking about anymore, so here are the topics I will be talking about today:

Table of Contents
1. Romance questionmark exclamationmark (big one, be warned)
2. Prooooooooooooooooojects
3. Forum Awards 2014 delay
1. Romance questionmark exclamationmark (big one, be warned)

I am SUCH a noob at these things oh my god. So I guess most of you don't know the weird things that happened to me recently (at least I find them weird but w/e) so I shall start from the start:

The beginning
I am…

Thoughts on Patch 5.5

Greetings and salutations! With the new patch being announced sometime yesterday, and the rundown having aired today, I'd figure I'd get into the habit of posting my thoughts and opinions on the new patch when the rundown rears its face. So let's jump right into it. With Bard coming around the corner, a new AP item and a change to the juggernaut enchant to something else, this will be an interesting patch to say the least.

First off, let's hit on the items!

Bami's Cinder
  • Made into the game - I gotta admit, this is kind of a cool item. It manipulates Sunfire Cape and is basically the minor variant of it. I think it's neat, now you don't need to save gold to go straight into Sunfire Cape, and instead have SFC minor. Let the time come when we find out whether or not this is a good change.


as shyv vs liss there are basically 3 options you can take lvl1. you should take a camp and start dorans then back after a camp and tp to lane and then bully. You will outscal so just build to do that. Ideally you end up with the enemy junglers red/blue buff depending on what side you are on.

The other option is that you start boots and just go right to lane. you do such stupid damage and move so fast to ranged champs. every time they use a kite ability not on you, then you go on them. and if u manage to take the enemy red, which one gold i feel like should happen 90% of the time your on blue side then you'll dunk them so hard its ridiculous.

When they get items and start to scale this is when u start buying wards and proxy. With proper vision you can pull a lot of pressure and survive or trade kills or if your a beast kill and live. Remember here if you can chunk the enemy jungler and then ulti away you've won. You made the enemy jungler back and let yours keep farming or pressuring…

Introductory Blog and Thoughts on Patch 5.4

Greetings and salutations MOBAFire, the name's Firbane, bane of fir trees...that's actually a typo. Refer to me as Firebane or my summoner Michael Firebane if you've read this whenever I'm on the forums. Or don't, it'll be funny to be refered to as Firbane. At any rate, I made an Ahri Beginner's Guide not too long ago that you people may want to check out and give me some feedback. I'll get working on another guide here soon, I just want to decide which champion first, so I'll be brainstorming for a bit, but I have a basic idea of who to do. No spoilers until I start working on it though!

At any rate, when I blog here I'll try my best to throw my hat into the ring and step up onto the soapbox about the patch notes myself, though being inexperience in League, I can only give insight on what it might possibly do the the champion's kit as a whole based on what I know about them. Otherwise, don't expect me to be too insightful about the ranked gameplay regarding champions. Anyway, …

My View on Why Korean (and Asian) Players are...

Greetings and Salutations to everyone who is about to read my blog, I would like to point out that this is indeed a personal view and although it may not be right to some of you and I am expecting the usual comments from Mobafire telling me why certain views I had were wrong (and that is cool) please bare in mind that just because my view is different does not make me an "Idiot" for believing this.

Since I started playing League I have heard about the incredible skills of the Korean players, How they are so good that their Bronze players could outplay a NA Challenger player but it wasn't until last years Worlds that I finally got to see for myself what the hype was all about and to give them credit the hype was pretty much well deserved for the majority of the tournament.

You could not watch a team like Samsung Galaxy White (the 2015 world champions) and not be in awe of their skills not just individually but more so as a unit - Their team work was, without doubt, the best I had seen…

5 Off-the-beaten things to do in New Orleans

New Orleans is all about "laissez-faire" attitude, thus, making it a distinctly different destination among tourists from all across the world. There are plenty of things to do and see in the city to let your vacation time roll in the “Big Easy.” From Mardi Gras party to Jazz Fest, you can enjoy the real scene and feel the non-stop excitement here at New Orleans.

New Orleans is a city abundant in history, culture and so much things to do that will make you think: Where should I start from? Whether you want to taste-test every classic cocktail or see the live street performance, this place will suit your style. Here’s a list of five off-the-beaten things to do and see in New Orleans.

Urban Kayaking
Capture New Orleans from a different perspective. Feel and experience the city’s wildlife, pleasant weather and southern scenery through urban kayaking at the historic Bayou St. John. Paddle through the ideal trail for seeing sights such as the Spanish Custom House, the historic Pit…