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A couple of enemies attempting

A couple of enemies attempting to fire on the chopper were gunned down immediately, after which we were able to enter the structure. The rest of the mission played out like most other Rainbow Six games--lots of rooms to clear and many enemies to take out along the way. In one room, we were able to fire on an explosive barrel, which set a few nearby terrorists on fire who then ran around screaming. As an example of the game's tweaked artificial intelligence, the remaining terrorist in the room fled, realizing he was suddenly outnumbered

Aside from our hands-on time with the campaign, we learned that your top scores from single-player missions can be uploaded to the Xbox Live so you can compare with friends. A lone wolf mode has also been added, where you guide a solo counterterrorist operative through a map filled with enemies and hostages as a timer counts down. You're scored based on the amount of time you have left when the map is cleared, although you can gain back time by killing …

League of Legends tournament March 8.

Welcome to my League of Legends site!

March 8. their will be a League of Legends tournament. This tournament belongs to and i would like to join this tournament. Sadly i do not have a team so i would like to join a team or create one by myself.

I posted this message on Mobafire and i also posted the message here:

Hello everyone!
I'm Michael and i'm looking for a team to join the tournament.
Here's some information:
- My level is 25 (just for now (27-02-2015))
- I come from Holland, The Netherlands
- I can speak Dutch, English and a little bit German
- I would like to play a game first so we can clearly decide if it's OK if i join your team, because maybe i am to bad for your team. (Probably not)
Any other questions? PM me!

So if you actually have any questions or you would like to respond on this message, send me an email on Mobafire.
Hopefully i will speak you soon about this tournament!

I think Nintendo and Sony will spend

I think Nintendo and Sony will spend all their time lining up third-party support for their launches, and if they launch a year or two later than Microsoft--with 200 titles each--and Microsoft still only has 30, Microsoft finishes third in a three-horse race

What if [Sony and Nintendo are] backward-compatible? What if Microsoft is not backward-compatible? Then make it 1200 to 30. I think that Nintendo and Sony are going to sit back and wait. And, frankly, let;s say the PS 2 is down to $49 by then. I think Sony would be smart to build a box that has dual drive that plays both games, PS2 and PS3, even if they do a new processor. Microsoft may not figure that out until way too late

Speaking of legends Marvel

Speaking of legends Marvel Comics founder Stan Lee was at E3 to sign autographs at the X-Men: Legends part of the Activision booth. Though his cameos in Hulk, Daredevil, X-Men, and The Simpsons as well as numerous Marvel-movie promotions have made him ubiquitous, Lee was charming in person. Few octogenarians have such a childlike enthusiasm

Looking less enthusiastic and almost as old was master skateboarder Tony Hawk. A virtual institution at E3 ever since Tony Hawk's Pro Skater's release, the king of vert-skating was almost too relaxed with his surroundings, being mellow to the point of bored. Still, he smiled whenever a fan presented him with a Tony Hawk's Underground 2 poster to sign, aware of the hour-long wait to get his autograph

How To Get More Video Game Tester Jobs With One...

If there is one thing that every professional video game tester has in common, it's the need for more testing jobs. Because of all the up and coming video game testers, there seems to be far less video game tester jobs available than there once was. Does this mean you won't be able to get any testing jobs? No, not at all. It simply means that getting high paying jobs will be slightly more difficult. Luckily, though, there is a way for video game testers to level the playing field and funnel more jobs to themselves; and that way is through "experience".

You have heard it before and you will hear it again; experience counts for a lot in this industry. However, you can't expect to get a video game testing job simply because you play video games all the time. Experience is one thing, having lots of free time is something else entirely. With that being said, instead of merely telling video game companies that you "play games a lot", you have to add a bit finesse and even a small amount of …

Guides to Create

Syndra Jungle - Magician Smite tool, laning options, hiding and coming back, holding an afk bot lane

Rengar with 5 AP - baiting towards team, Creating Openings with rengar, using top and bot tribush

Thresh ward 2.0 - runes, 2hp pots, 1ward, trinket, brush control, easy hooks. Get out of bronze with thresh, mid lane roams.

The Best Way to Improve in League of Legends

Trying to find a way to improve as a player in League of Legends is quite controversial; Many people have gone to youtube videos, guides, streams, etc. to find ways to improve their gameplay, but there is one way that can improve gameplay in all spectrums of play that is quite underrated - attitude.

Attitude, generally, is known to be the main reason people go 'on tilt' when playing over long sessions of ranked play, or after a loss. The reason for this is that attitude can create artificial stress for a person, which then can produce hormones like adrenaline and cortisol that can affect mental state by putting a person in a 'fight or flight' mode. The main issue is that, by going in a 'fight or flight' mode, your mind is limited in its thinking pattern, which can cause in-game issues:

1) Being reckless (being aggressive in lane and getting ganked)
2) not warding (denying vision for objectives and ganks)
3) not using intelligent, mechanical play

One of the best ways to counteract st…

Just the beginning

So the hardest part about making a competitive team, so far in my experience, is to get five people who are descent at league, want to get better, and want to compete. So far I've tried for months to start a team that would be determined to play, practice, and win competitions. Unfortunately it is hard to find people with these same goals in mind. I don't know why it's so hard. Seeing as we play no other games but league, and there's nothing more to do that on a Sunday but play games. But this is just the beginning.

Tournament Hype

It is Friday now and only one day left until the tournament, i am nervous but excited at the same
I know that at least half or a few of the registered teams are ranked players but that doesn't matter because even if we lose, we still will have fun and will be playing with our friends.

And who knows? We might get 1st or 4th. :)
Not everything can be determined so easily but what can be determined is that
we shall do our best, and we won't let anything get in our way of doing our best,
and trolling? That's blitzs job xD

In the meantime i think i will continue to practice so i can be a help to my team, and work more on our animated intro. Thanks to our captain Verdeware, we have an awesome logo, it is very beautiful, i hope i can live up to the logo and make an intro that is just as beautiful.

sighing off
-Miss Fortune.

Update: 01

Status for February 17th of the 2015 year of our lord CHessus.

We have been waiting for years for the return of the great bambino. The time otherwise spent waiting are allocated to the theme of life and general for the peoples and ideals of the group Penta*****s. PD, the team, logo, members, company, organization, affiliation, and etc. are in complete ordination and acceptance of the terminal theme of "FBGM" These terminal logistics are as forthwardly stated:
**** *****es, Get Money.

A way of life.

Another way of saying Bros Before Hoes.

The word money is simply a metaphor for wealth