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We are a new eSports organization in the AM/Semi-Pro scene looking for a team roster. We have the funding and correct management skills needed to get us into tournaments and events, but we just need some bright players to show their worth and contribute to becoming true champions. This is the perfect opportunity if you're looking to advance in your skills into the eSports world of League, to prove to others your motivation and skills on the rift with a team winning championships, getting coached and learning more than you have before to help develop your skills as a player, and for the team itself. We are looking for all roles currently, but once we have those filled we will have tournament entries waiting for our arrival, meaning that once we show up we might not have the practice, but with analysts and coaches we will start getting a schedule together for practice, and help provide ease of mind knowing we will support you and help you advance with your skills. So if interested, ple

Who is H4xDefender Really? (Part three)

(This blog post is dedicated to the original members of GNAB).

The start of my League career was...interesting, to say the least.

When I started playing League, the competitive side of me immediately knew that I wanted to go pro one day, but due to the fact that I started a bit late comparatively to the pro players of the time, as well as the fact that I was a complete newbie when it came to MOBAs, I knew that it was going to be a long while before I could seriously attempt to go pro. (lol bbg)

In Season 2 I peaked around 1850 ELO, in Season 3 I peaked at Diamond 1 100 LP, peaked at 500 LP Challenger in Season 4, and peaked at 450 LP Challenger in Season 5. I also hit Challenger in Ranked 5s many times across multiple teams throughout S4-S5 (We love shakira, Generic names are best, FFG practice, Ashes cant find scrims, ashes still can't find scrims, MXLIX, and Team Smokes. I might even be forgetting a few).

While I got pretty high up on the ladder in Season 3, I didn't really have …

Cyber's NEW plan for saving Sona (WIP)


As with my first (and deleted due to obsolescence) blog, this is about a possible rework for Sona, focused more on mechanics then stats. Also of note is that this is being written by an a casual player who has no Idea how to write a blog.

for the passive itself I propose it has a flat cool down sped up by spells, much like with Ziggs.

Activation: now launches an expanding sound wave across a cone shaped area that damages champions it hits, said damage lowered by # of tages hit. This sacrifices being undodgeable in exchange for more targets and (most crucially) the ability to check brushes.

CHORD: very small AOE intended to grant something that at least resembles wave clear.

Aura: the shields are stronger and last as long as the aura does, but dissipate the instant you leave that lil' green circle.

Heal: No ideas as of now

CHORD: provides zero bonus damage, but travels faster and has a SLIGHTLY longer reach. Also,…

Who is H4xDefender Really? (Part two)

For those who weren't already aware, I play a LOT of league. I've recorded over 1k ranked games in Seasons 3-5, (I'm sitting around 750 for this season atm) and I have about 1500 normal games on my main alone as well. If you include Dominion/3v3/Smurfs/Rotating/Scrims, that is easily an extra 1k hours at least that I've spent playing, and that doesn't include VOD review/watching pro games and content creation. League has taken up a disproportionate amount of time out of my life, for better or for worse.

But why do I keep playing?

It's a mixture of a lot of things actually. (long tangents incoming)

For one, I'm way too ****ing competitive for my own good, but my desire to be a top player and go pro isn't the only reason I play as much as I do.

I started gaming at a really young age, but I was never SUPER into it until I started highschool, because believe it or not, I actually used to be relatively in shape and played traditional sports. (Mainly basketball). Until highschool began, …

Who is H4xDefender Really? (Part one)

Been a long time since I've used this feature, so I guess it's only fitting that this post will be extremely long to compensate. I should be studying, but I've never been a person who does everything they "should" do, unfortunately.

I'm not really sure how to start this. I've been on this site for many many years, but I'm not really close to many people on the site, due to a mixture of the fact that I'm not a very open person socially, and that many that I did talk to have left the site, or league in general. I also don't think I make myself very easy to approach with the way I carry myself on the site, so there's that as well.

So I guess I should just start from the top!

Hi, I'm Albert "H4xDefender" Ong, and I spend way too much time on my computer. I'm an 18 year old Asian male attending California State Polytechnical University in the United States, and I'm majoring in History, although I am thinking of branching into English as well. I've played League of Legends since mid-S2, I…

Megadrox Reviews-- Is it a Rip-off or Legit?

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Top Lane Tier list 6.9/Best 5 Top laners

5.Sion-Great laning you are tanky and u scale great for the mid game and late game u should go with the grasp of the undying and core is sunfire spirit vissage and iceborn.
4.Malphite-Not the best in lane/early but when u stack armor u become a moster and u have one of the best teamfights in the game u should use the grasp of the undying again with the same core items as sion.
3.Trundle-Trundle is one of the best picks now becouse of his laning,he is prob. the best 1 v 1 top laner now becouse of his ult and he is great in teamfights core items are sunfire iceborn spirit vissage titanic hydra/ravenous hydra.
2.Maokai-Maokai is prob. my favourite top laner right now.He provides amazing CC in teamfights and he is great laner with his passive giving him great sustain. I highly recommend u picking him and abusing the meta items.
1.Ekko-And the N1 is Ekko he is prob the best laner and he has the strongest early and mid game he is realy strong pick now and u should allways pick him when u can…



I was platinum one in November last year, but unfortunately dropped to platinum five a month after, and never managed to reach my diamond promotion games. Thankfully, half a year later I managed to crawl back into platinum one and luckily get to my promos, finally getting into diamond after the third promo to diamond in the span of two days.

Gaming PC Build

Case - Corsair 780T Graphite Series Black
Mobo - AsRock X99 Extreme4
Processor - Intel I7-5820K 3.3 GHz LGA2011V3
Memory - 4x8Gb Crucial Ballistix DDR4 2666 1.2V CL16
CPU Cooler - Corsair H115i Liquid CPU Cooler
Videocard - Gigabyte G1 Gaming Geforce GTX 980Ti
Hard Drive - Intel SSD 750 Series NVMe* RCIe* 3.0 x 4 Add-In Card
Power Supply - EVGA Supernova 850P2
OS - Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit USB
Keyboard - Corsair K95 RGB
Monitor - Asus VG248 LCD
DVD Burner - Generic

Went with the I7-5820K because I couldn't justify the cost of two 980Ti's in the build. Though you can actually run an SLI setup with two cards with that processor though one would only operate at 8X.

I was planning on getting another M.2 drive to use as my main boot device, but after conferring with the tech a the store I was told there was some dodginess around the X99 chipset and M.2 NVMe support. Basically the chipset came out before M.2 NVMe support was a thing and while you can often get them to be recognized it requir…