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First Post on Mobafire!

Hi everyone!

I am new to and I look forward to play and discuss with you guys!

My IGN is Alcadeia (You probably have seen this account in Mobafire chat room on League of Legends client - It has probably been my brother. I am now getting more interested about League of Legends myself and I requested him if he could give it back.) and be sure to add me if you want to talk or play! I am currently level 23 only though so do not expect too much from me.

I am a 14 years old person coming from Finland and I have two brothers. I speak Russian, Swedish, English (mediocre - trust me) and Finnish. I play football (soccer) and ice hockey. I watch Game of Thrones, House M.D., True Detective, The Big Bang Theory and other stuff such as them. I am a hardcore comedy movie fan.

Some of you may know my brother (Janitsu) because he has been a member for a long time. I assure you that I speak worse English and I am much worse player (I've played like 40 games myself).


Ranked journal #5

Been a while since i posted... again... Seems like spamming ranked games is not actually a good idea, it's really tiring to carry even one game.

Started to play 2 ranked games at max a day, usually one in the morning and one at night. This way i can focus much more on ranked games like this and play normal games for practice/chill. Yea i know playing a lot increases the odds of climbing, but being focused each game results in better win ratios.

Also read and watched lot of guides and writings, after filtering the bullsh*t i tried to implement everything i found useful into my gameplay. Well i feel a huge difference, i can now win or atleast keep even with Plat V-IV people i played with/against. There's always something new and useful to learn.

Made it to promotion series for Silver IV and won my 1st game there. 6th ranked win in a row!!! YAY!!!

Recently seen animes

Figured I would do a blog post where I talk about any new animes I've seen recently or am watching atm. I'll also post a link in-case anyone wants to any of them.

Fairy Tail 2014 - If you're not familiar with Fairy Tail watch the original anime first. This is basically a continuation of the original Fairy Tail anime but with better animation and overall better quality. I'm loving it so far! And the freaking god it's so good x.x


Date A Live II - As with Fairy Tail 2014, if you're not familiar with Date A Live, watch the first season. This is the second season. There's only 1 episode so far but I totally loved it. My love for Tohka (one of the main girls) has been reignited! Can't wait to watch more of this second season. It's still to early to make predictions for a third season but I definitely want one!


Naruto Shippuuden - Everyone knows about Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden so th…

A Nice Blog to introduce myself properly to the masses

Greetings and Salutations everyone and thank you for taking time out to read this blog :)

Now I have noticed alot of people have a bad impression of me here and I guess I am to blame for that because I can be quite hot headed alot of times but believe me when I do say that even though I am to blame for giving myself a bad reputation, that bad reputation is nowhere near the kind of person I really am in real life and hopefully with this I will be able to at least move that needle away from "Jerk" and close to the "Nice Guy" area that I am.

First of all lets get rid of the basic stuff because we all know thats boring but essential to a blog...Ok My real name is Lee (Yes I have said my real name in a forum - Shock Horror), I am currently 30 years old when I write this blog although if you saw me in real life you would seriously doubt that age I do look a whole lot younger, I am from England in the South East region of the country (Not going to tell you where just yet) and yes, I am in f…

New Computer! Finally!

I finally got around to building my own gaming rig! I've been telling myself I would do it for years but the day has finally arrived! I can't wait to see what League of Legends looks like on high settings!! :D


I'm happy.

Just a simple Thank You

This isn't gonna be a long post. Just wanna say thanks to those who read my blog posts as often as they can. It may not seem like much but I really do appreciate the fact that you guys read the posts of a nobody like me. I usually don't expect many people to read my posts but I always get like 50-100 views at the very least and that's very awesome of you guys! Shout-outs to Meiyjhe, Luther3000, tehAsian, Bioalchemist, GrandmasterD, Janitsu, Vynertje, sirell, MissMaw, SmokedCarpenter and EdisonKhoo. If I forgot someone I apologize. These are the only people I remember atm who view my posts often.

Thanks for reading and thanks for reading my posts in-general! ^^

ADC Tier List + Tem Stuff

Bored again so I made another quick tier list.

Disclaimer: I'm taking into account both solo queue and competitive play as well as how risky/situational a pick is. In other words some of the tier 2 picks are situationally stronger than tier 1s and so on. Most ADC picks are very close in strength right now, there's only a few clear outliers - in general there's very little difference between the lower tier 2 picks and the higher tier 3 picks, so please don't take the exact positioning too seriously. Which makes me wonder why I'm even bothering to make this, but fk it.

Tier 1 (Great): Lucian, Caitlyn
Tier 2 (Good):

New Champion Idea

I thought up a new champion, and wanted to know your guys' thoughts on the champion.

Lore: DGAF. I'm an engineer. ****ting out pretty stories isn't my thing.

Basic information:
Name: Nimsha, the elementalist
Base health: ~425 (Average)
Health Per level: +87 (Above Average)
Base Mana: 250 (About Average)
Mana Per level: +60 (Very Good)
Mana Regen & Health Regen: Nothing Crazy
Attack Range: 250 (Considered melee for item purposes. Long attack range for a melee, but will be justified later)

Passive: Icy Touch - After casting a spell, Nimsha's next basic attack against a champion deals bonus magic damage, and silences the target for 1 second. The target gets a stackable debuff. These stacks decrease the effectiveness of the silence, and increase the bonus damage dealt by 5% of Nimsha's total AD per stack. This debuff stacks up to 1/2/3/4/5 times, and lasts for 6 seconds.

Q: Flames of the forge - Nimsha throws an empowered hammer at target location. If it strikes a target, t…

Patch 4.5 from a Treeliner's Perspective

Hello community and welcome to the first post of my Patch Notes from a Treeliner's Perspective. So, there are a few people on Youtube and other various places that do patch note analyses but there has not yet been one to my knowledge pertaining to the wonder that is the Twisted Treeline. I hope this is informative, helpful, and all that good stuff. Please let me know if this is something you all want to see or if I'm just derping super hard here.

In this series I hope to analyse live patch changes and their affect within the Treeline as opposed to the Rift. So let's get into it!