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Surprise,I'm back !


I doubt any of you know me(some of the older members may remember me from when I was playing on EUW,I ocasionaly got into some inhouses with the guys).
For those who don't (pretty sure everyone :D ),I'm a random guy,who joined the mobafire forums around 2 years ago,when he was still relatively new to the game,and learned a lot from the awesome guides that were around at that time(grandmastered's xerath is the one that comes to my mind atm).
So the time passed,I took a break from the game,which lasted around 1 and a half year,came back,transfered to EUNE(unfortunately) to play with IRL friends,and to have better ping.
I was silver II last time I wrote a blog,I can say I came a long way,switched my champion pool almost completely(except katarina,i'll never let go of that girl),I think my mechanics improved quite a lot(although I still suck,but now it's a little less) and recently,due to an absolutely huge winning streak,and some awesome duo/practice partners,I managed to clim…

Searching a ranked team for End of season...

Yo waddup

Im a gold player atm and im searching for a ranked team to get the ward skins and end of season rewards for ranked team (gold/plat preferably)

Looking for a serious team that wants to play alot and get better!

I can almost play everything but i prefer jungle or a solo lane

Hope i can get some reply's and i can join a team ^.^

World Champioships Blog!!

I thought I'd make a blog about the championships because......
Long story.
Anyway the only thing I've come up with so far is the League of legends drinking game.
So live with it.
1. Every time TSM make a stupid team comp around Yasuo..take 2 drinks.
2. Every time Nami is picked..have 1 drink.
Actually that explains why this blog exists.

Taiei Assassins vs Star Horn
Star Horn?

Jay on Janna.
Pick her against a team with no dive, whatsoever.
Then lose bot tower in 5 minutes.
I think whatever you picked her for...its not working.

Insec on.....Hey thats funny

23 minutes in and all the teams have done this game is wander around completely lost.
It must be an Asian thing.

TPA: "We need to pick a team comp that does really well for 10 minutes midgame and then falls off!"
Cue running around aimlessly.
And Ryze just sort of sits there and waits


43 minutes; Jana ksed so h…

Azir! Light!

Well there he is, the count of dunes or Imperator of the Sands, and with him this army of sand soldiers appearing out of nowhere.

Seeing him a few times now in some games, I remembered the movie "The 5th Element", where there is this scene in the ancient Eqyptian tomb at the beginning, when the Professor tries to decipher the symbols and constantly calls for more light:

"Aziz!" - "Aziz! Light!"

and the poor young fellow is soo tired of holding the mirror up for his boss...

And then the Mondoshawan appear and finally, there is ENOUGH light :)

So Azir sounds pretty close, I wonder how Riot was inspired about his name. Other than that, he´s not the biggest lightbringer in LoL I assume. Or mabye he is really hard to master. People seem to struggle with his abilities quite much. I need to play him asap when he is free...

Also I think it´s important to place the disc onto the turret base just when you need it and surprisingly as it will not last forever. People place it "just to be s…

The 99LP Trap

Ah again it happened!

Played my last game to come into promo (B5 => B4).. and I get just enough points to NOT enter... now 99LP, thank you LoL :)

Really, is it bad luck or what´s the matter? It happened a few times now. Seems it´s on purpose. I could understand to do this in high ELO regions, but please, B5 should MOTIVATE you to play more and to try to improve...

So what will happen now: My average win rate is for sure not above 51%.. I will win next game, then fail 2 games, then will be back on 75LP or so. Damn!

Back In The Game

Due to computer problems that my laptop started having, I had to take a very long hiatus from League. Recently I have come back in season 4 due to a friend helping me out by letting me use his new laptop to play league when he's on his newly built computer. So whenever he is at work or doesn't plan on going anywhere that involves using it, I'm catching up on my champs that I play.

I had lost touch with a lot of my main champs, I haven't touched Karma, Nami, or

Defeated Ambitions?

So where to start? I told all friends last week, I stop playing solo ranked now, and this time it´s for real. And then again, I started again on the weekend.

Nah! Can´t be! I fell for the constant humiliation by "Easy"-saying opponents, for being trolled 24/7 and for AFK´s, leavers, haters, etc.

And that´s why: I still believe there must be some sense in playing this game, specifically this game mode. There must be an answer somewhere to why this all happens. Why people play 1st time Udyr in ranked games, and fail 0/11... oh my!

Someone said, you cannot get the right answer if you pose the wrong question. Maybe that´s the problem here. I still wait & see...

Untamed cup #1


General tournament information:
Tournament date: 18 October.
Tournament time: 14:00 GMT + 1
Teams: 8.
Sign up: between 10 September 17 October.
Region: EUW.
Mode: Tournament mode 5v5.
Tournament type: Single elimination.
* 1st place: 3200 RP & Triumphant Ryze skin for every player
* 2nd place: 2400 RP per player
* 3rd place: 1600 RP per player
* 4th place: 800 RP per player

Tournament rules:
- Be ready 15 minutes before start.
- The top team in the bracket will create the room.
- Every player may only participate once.
- No more then 10 minutes of pause time.
- No abusing of pause time.
- Verbal abuse in any way is not allowed.
- Don't abuse bugs.
- No rematch, unless both teams agree with it.

If you, or your team break any of these rules, then you and your team will be disqualified.

The tournament has began, what do I do?

- Bracket's top team will create the room.
Room name: Untamed Cup team1 vs team2
Team numbers can be found on the bracket.
Bracket: http:

Protection against Multi-queues: Why toxicity is...

There needs to be some sort of mechanism against multiple teammates queued together and using that to their advantage; especially when it comes to the tribunal and picking. I've played quite a bit of League of Legends in the 4-5 years I've been playing, and literally the worst experience is when you get 3-4 people queued together and they start harassing you. There's absolutely no recourse for their actions, because you're 1 person, reporting against 3 or 4 of them. If you don't do anything they like, boom instantly reported by all 3 or 4 of them and there's really nothing you can do. I just played a game with teammates who were triple queued together and I didn't counter-gank top instantly flamed by 2 of them, with the 3rd eventually jumping in. All throughout the game I got harassed by this trio and really they don't have to worry about flaming, because very likely I'm going to be the only one reporting them; at most they'd have 2 people reporting them, especially if it takes place i…

Looking for a ranked Team

Hi people,

I'm looking for a new ranked team.
My current league is bronze 2 but i'm rising pretty fast.
I'd like to start a ranked team with around 7 to 8 people.
If you want to join my team, please send me a message or add me on LoL.
My username on LoL is sanderhoog.

I'd hope to see you soon at my 5v5 Ranked Team!