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Just one of those games... as Garen.

So we all know how glorious Garen is, as well as the extreme amount of "skill" it takes to play him Well i'm here to tell you that there's another factor involved. The factor is, get ready for it, luck.

Here is a list of the things i was told by the enemy team:
- "I wish my team had a lucky Garen"
- "You just got lucky"
- "**** you Garen"
- "I couldn't **** do anything"
- "Garen, you're just lucky"

Here is a list of the things i was told by my team:
- "Garen, you got lucky"
- "Kill steal much?" (FYI: When i do it, it's actually a 'kill secure')
- "OMG Garen, you got so **** lucky"
- "Garen, stay in your lane"
- "Garen, you're 10/2/5 so let me get some kills"

To be honest, i was pretty lucky that game. When i was roaming jungle for gold i often found myself running into the enemy JG'r and ending him with my Q and a few auto attacks i was often greeted with some rather salty remarks.

Also, if i can remember, i built primarily AD with maybe a couple of tank items.

As soon as the time…

Silver's Blog #5: Snap!

So in my fifth blog, this will be about what happened to the guy that I dated and a lesson that I learned about the reality of life. All because of Snapchat.

So remember that I'm currently dating a Norwegian? Guess what? We're not talking to each other as of yesterday What was the reason? I took a screenshot of EVERY snap that he sent to me in Snapchat, and this is the thing that I only learned the moment it hit me: the person who sent the snap can see that you screenshot that snap. And he sends a lot. He told me that he doesn't like that which I only know at that day. And that definitely branded me a creep to him and he became mad at me in our Facebook chat. And the last thing that he told to me is this (verbatim):

go bother someone else, i have other things to deal with..

So I'm just bothering him the whole time? I was like, "OK, if you say so, it's not like I have that much free time because I'm on vacation, you ***." But in reality, I did not respond to him. I took w…

First time playing - Pokemon FireRed

Hey friends.

It's the time of the year when I have too much time on my hands and I got baited into playing Pokemon. I have only watched the season of Pokemon where Ash abandoned butterfly and was being gobbed by bird pokemons until Pikachu saved his *** in first episode. Also had Brock n' stuff as follower and Pikachu felt kinda relevant.

Jumping in the game with very little knowledge, only tried a Pokemon game once before and I quit very soon after I realized I couldn't save my progress. Issue should be fixed now so let's see where I get with this game.

The glorious beginning - Day 1

I decided to call me main character "lil gob"
Spoiler: Click to view

and my rival pewDpie

amumu main

When using amumu either farm or any lane you have to be carefull, because with one wrong Q you could be in a dangerous situation. Amumu scales of ap so it can be tanky and ap at the same time. Amumu's combo would be Q-W-E-(if starting team fights or there are alot of opponents)S. It is not necessary that you need to Q on a champion sometimes using Q on a minion can be very helpfull.

Push the Pace

Got to play an NA Mobafire in-house this past weekend. First one. Yay groups for making that happen.

A bit of trash talking but overall the vibe was a good one. Appreciate the invite. :-)

Observations of the Silver Player amidst a hoard of Plat+ players. Yikes don't hurt me! Was my first thought.

2nd thought. Eh, I'll do my thing and if they want me to be doing something else, someone will probably tell me.

The more experienced players were doing the following....trying to make more plays. Whether that be in lane or roaming around the map. They were just out front of where I would typically put myself. My understanding is that a lot of them were one tricks/on extremely familiar champions so that may partially be due to how well they understand their champions and how confident they are at making plays on those champions.

The players were mechanically adroit. I saw some clutch stuns, double jumps, and zany usage of shadows.

Advantages were pushed hard when they develope…

Getting out of Elo Hell as an AD Carry

As an AD carry main i personally think that this role isn't very easy to climb with until you are near diamond 3 or above diamond 3, because supports below this league don't match that well with your ad carry plays but it really depends.
    You can improve your ADC by Learning how to last hit well.
I will be posting more on how to become a better ADC.

Be Patient with me :D


Hey everyone. The Lonely Stoner here with an awesome discussion.
we gonna be talking about your favourite champs and irregular builds that still work.
i will then take the build and test it out on my youtube channel rating it from 1-10.
this ensures a Good player will test your builds before you have to waste 45min- 7 days on one match.

'League of Legends' music gets an EDM remix in...

Something about electronic dance music makes it the perfect soundtrack to League of Legends. Maybe it's that pounding bass. Maybe it's EDM's steady, rhythmic backbone. Maybe it's the energy inherent in EDM that makes it the soundtrack of choice for many of League's professional players, streamers, YouTubers and even Riot Games itself. Or, maybe it's simpler than all of that.

"League is just cool as **** and so is EDM."

That's Marshmello, one of the contributors on Riot Games' latest project, Warsongs, an album of 11 League of Legends tracks each remixed by high-profile or emerging EDM artists. It's available right now to download or stream in the US for free via Spotify, YouTube, Soundcloud, Google Play, iTunes and the League of Legends website.

"I feel like a majority of gamers already listen to electronic music because it's such a diverse genre," Marshmello says. "Some may want to listen to some heavy dubstep while others might jam out to some tropical house. It gives the players …

Mostly Gone.

Don't really know for sure why it happened, but I stopped playing league from one day to the next. Just lost interest. I even had the elo deccay warnings and gave no *****.

It probably started happening when inhouses became a clique-based version of soloQ where Riot decided to let matchmaking go to ****, where even some of the funniest people started not caring about leaving their mic on since, you know, the focus was on winning and communication gets in the way.

Then I joined a team where everyone was at least one division below me, which was fun at first, but grew old feeling like I was constantly pushing everyone to victory without much respite: I did well, they did well. I did ok, we probably still won, they would do "well". I did bad, game was over. Meh.

The final touch was probably the revamps of champs I like, paired with same boring *** champs nearly every game. You'd think having 110+ champs in a game would stimulate variety but not really. It was a mix of having these cham…

Today, I uninstalled League of Legends

Hey friends,

Many of you have used MOBAFire blogs in the past to share a personal story, talk about goals they wanted to achieve in life and, in some cases, how League (or gaming in general) has stopped them from doing what they really should be doing. Today, it's my turn.

Those of you who know me well probably know that I've studied Game Technology at the Utrecht University for almost four years now, a study which should normally only take three years to complete. One would expect me to be close to being done by now, but I'm afraid the truth is far from it. In fact, the reality of the matter is that after four years I'm only getting close to passing the amount of courses a "normal student" would pass in roughly half the amount of time.

Though there are many reasons I could think of which have led to this happening, ultimately the harsh reality is that I simply haven't done enough for far too long now, I haven't taken my responsibilities and/or shown the level of discipline one woul…