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Guide publishing problems

Hello Mobafire Community,
My name is LeeSanHoon and I've got some problems on publishing my guide!
When I try to add new content on my guide, save and publish it, it only gets updateed on my revision and not on the published version?

It would be nice if someone would help me out! :)

I haven't tried a heal redux yet

We desired to spend some time to discuss a number of the broad accuracy changes we’re making to Pet Battles in patch 5.3. The overarching goal behind these changes is always to provide transparency to relieve the amount of uncontrolled randomness, where one miss often makes or breaks a match. Once patch 5.3 is live, world of warcraft gold , you’ll see “hit chance” listed for those abilities, which value will update in the event the pet is afflicted with abilities that increase or slow up the possible opportunity to hit.

1) the account-wide quests for killing beasts of fable aren't getting credit across different characters. Every character must go and grab the many quests him/herself in order to get credit for the kill, is really a popular quest is incorporated in the log.

2) having some problems with Dos-Ryga. He gets 50% dmg reduction, but they have not gotten 50% healing reduction. so he basically heals himself to full whenever, while I could only get him to maybe halfwa…

FIFA 15 will contain all 20 Premier League stadiums

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In regards to the latest version from the game...

Legendary sentiment about the 3D web games developed by Jagex make Runescape, published in 2001, today the Runescape players abroad and at discover play in the home is still equipped with popularity, and also called web pages amongst people "wow".After over 10 years of development, "Runescape" developer divide chose to farmville for just a game set big changes.Have fun with a greater portion of your game, you can aquire runescape gold For Runescape here.

Official, said the modern images following designer's thoughtful making it massive changes, shouldn't only guarantee the decade the classic bet on self style, and also to have the capacity to blend to the popular game elements. And so the revised image for game designers, is without a doubt a big challenge.Currently, to be a "Runescape" version in the graphics design concept guidance of Pascal has released a number of the games, players can sneak peek!

In regards to the latest version from the game screenshot, the official did not re…

Why does my guide contains a background of karthus...

Hello Mobafire community, my name is LeeSanHoon, I'm new at Mobafire and I recently published a guide about Yasuo.
The first problem came when I checked my guide recently, there were karthus backgrounds nearly everywhere on my guide..
It would be nice if someone would help me out!:)


I am planning to join the Mobafire tournament in June.

Anyone who is interetested in the tournament in June please contact me.

It is fine that I join someone's else team.

Thank you

Advetures in LoL 0.1

It has been a bit since I posted anything and I've a got a few ideas floating around so I'm going to try to write them down.


I've noticed I have a tendency to steer clear of ranked if I care about how many LP I have. If I can get that out of my head I can play and just try to do my best come what may.

I've managed to rack up a 5 game win streak, some of which were hard fought, and I am pleased with those successes. Hoping to make it into the promotional series soon and make a go at Silver 4.


I've been getting some good mileage out of Zac since Sejuani and

Is Solo Queue Impossible to Carry?

The short answer is no. Solo queue is in fact quite easy to "carry." Just remember that you can't win them all, but you can win most of them if you put your heart to it!

*I do not advice duo queue for 2 reasons
1) You're too comfortable and make more mistakes than if you go in a ranked game alone.
2) Your team will be lower ranking in comparison to the other team to compensate the duo queue, which means you'll have even more "scrub teammates."
Just avoid duo queue for ranked if you really want to begin your ELO climb adventures.

Step 1: Champ Select
Be prepared to fill. If you feel you're way better at a role than every other role, than just call that role when you enter champion select. If you don't get that role(s), then just play whatever is left. If other people are arguing over a role, and you're caught with a double jungle or an "afk" or "feed" in champion select, then just dodge. If you're really stingy about that 3 lp, if you already dodged, or if you're in promos, then…

Gold Mid Noah

I am planning on having Noah switch out with Will for the first couple of games I've been checking the mid stats of other players and most of them are GOLD.
So Noah you will be staying back until further notice on the mid laner.