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How I tried to be the very best.

I used to be made fun of in game. "You're so toxic," "Go KYS," "GG U Flamer," and several other insulting and derogotory remarks. I talked to my League consultant at school, and he told me I needed to first end my sacred virginity. That very day, I tried building up enough confidence to ask the girl I had really liked since 8th grade to homecoming. She had rejected me once already, who knows maybe second time would be the charm. For the next few weeks, I kept *****ing out. Finally I grew some balls and went over to her. I didn't even look at her. "Hey ___, I was wondering if you wanted to go to Homecoming with me." I had probably studdered a solid 3 times. Her response was very ammusing to her. "Sorry, I'm already going with someone." It sucked. I mean it REALLY sucked. How else would I get better at League if I can't get a girl nor talk to one that I had found really attractive. So the next day, I asked my friend Cam if he wanted to go to homecoming with me, but he sai…

Fighting in the EloHell - #13

Status: Bronze V - Position 9 / 58

This seemed already not a good start. I had slot 2 and announced my preferred role as jungle tank.
There was no struggle about it I and chose Nunu. When it came to the picks, we had some unusual selections.
Tryndamere on top (ok that's normal),

Big G in the Jungle

If you watched any of the NA LCS weekend you saw a lot of Gragas in the jungle. I heard someone describe Gragas as the Lee Sin of the Cinderhulk Meta and that is a fairly apt description.


Happy Hour provides him with a high amount of sustain.

Barrel Roll does good damage and applies a significant slow especially if you have time to let it ferment, which allows for some interesting play opportunities.

Azir And The Shifting Lanes

Welcome everybody!

Today I am going to talk a bit about a game that I had a few days ago. I also got some questions at the end about mid lane, so let's get started right away.

Match History
TL;DR : Questions

So, I was playing Azir for the first time. (I only play Team Builder nowadays, it's so much more efficient when you are trying to learn certain positions in my opinion)
My opponent, unfortunately, was also playing Azir. We had a little talk here and there about what to do with him and what to max first and he seemed to be pretty good. He has probably played the champion for a way longer time than me. He was very nice and helped me out a lot though. Shoutouts to Zwagrid, wherever he might be :)
Anyways, so I went into lane, started with Doran's Ring and was trying to get some last hits so I could reach level 2 before he would. Azirs autohit animation is really good in my opinion, I had a decently easy time farming minions the first 2 minutes of the game. Then the enemy Azir rea…

Pave the Way (OTG Update 2)

Hello again MOBAFire.

I'm dying.

No, I'm not, I just think I am with the job I've been covering for all week. (If you ever get the chance to be a DSD Grocery receiver, say no.)

Anyway, I wanna get more serious in League again, as I've been neglecting it hard. Sheer laziness after work is a large majority of why I am still in Silver after placement hell.

So yeah, I'm going to write a new guide, but keep it in the style of my previous guide (theme wise, not gonna use GMD's format this time, gonna wing it with my own vices) in that I will be writing it more to learn about the champion in question myself, rather than to teach. Once I have chosen the champion, I will be maining it as much as I can from now on.

So I'm going to ask you, MOBAfire, Which champion should I work on from this list (Some of these I've already written guides for, and this new guide would be written entirely from scratch)?;

So many people are encouraged to either just gather

I do believe they need to maintain limits in Runescape. I do believe choices should matter. Sometimes, after we CAN do something, we're feeling instructed to implement it much like discover bargain runescape accounts. Often it is self-imposed but there can be subtle pressure by others to get a profession in order to provide more things.

Also, I do believe there's a reason that certain crafting require items crafted by other professions - to help keep the interdependence of players as well as to raise the economy.There ought to be an important overhaul of profession leveling though, i can write a novel into it. I believe really obsessed with this because I do think professions can be a great way to buy runescape gold to further improve gameplay while leveling. I believe it's one thing that got me more interested to help keep playing.

It wasn't just questquestquest (when I was leveling,. I just about refused to go into dungeons for a long time). It adds another dimension on the g…

Minion Wave Control

I am but an egg when it comes to minion wave control. These are some my observations thus far.

Under normal circumstances when your minion wave collides with the enemy minion wave this is the formation that results.





There will be a gap between where the melee minions line up to fight each other and the ranged minions line up, unless the minions are reacting to your presence as they will preferentially target champions if they are in range.

So, one sure fire method to get your lane to push toward enemy territory is to kill the enemy ranged creeps in the next two minions waves. Doing this will cause your minion waves to stack (puts more than one minion wave together) because your waves will stop moving when they encounter the line of enemy melee minions that you left behind, which allows time for oncoming waves to catch up.*, **, ***, ****

So, if you have the time and want to make life easy on yourself, fol…