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Its just a flesh wound

During last nights practice we starting talking about champions we hate to lane against. We talked about how to deal with them and how to handle times when we get behind. Here is what came out of our discussions, again this is the theory, we still need to test this out more:
1) Unless you are the carry, your build is based on how the game is going for you.
2) If you are ahead then buy some damage items, if you are behind then get some defense based on the kind of damage you are dying to (Magic/Physical)
3) Once you have 200 points in whatever defense you are building, don't get anymore, buy health instead. Each point in health will be worth more than a defense point. Also if you are getting mixed damage health will benefit both.

We had a game where enemy top lane got fed early. It was Wukong and he was three levels above everyone on our team. We did not respect the level difference and hey pretty much one-two shot everyone that went against him. We did not go in as a team and we conti…


Here is the build that may change the lack of success my "Twitch: the Domination Rat" build has post-mid game. I'll try it out this weekend. I plan to accomplish this by changing a single item. I'm switching out PD for *drum roll* BLACK CLEAVER!

I know, this sounds like a strange move, but I think it will work well. The passive allows my high attack speed to fend off champions like Rammus. I have an alternative if that doesn't work as planned, but it's a little risky. Sword of the Occult. It sees an immense success on Vayne, but maybe not as much on Twitch.

game home nice

Постельное белье для девочки
Выбирая постельное белье для девочки, обратите внимание на несколько моментов: это его качество, функциональность (удобство в эксплуатации) и, конечно, внешний вид. Рассмотрим для начала последний из пунктов (расцветка постели), хотя по важности, разумеется, приоритетными идут два первых момента. К ним вернемся чуть позже. Итак, как подобрать расцветку для постельного белья девочки на кровать?

Посмотрите на общий интерьер в помещении. Детская комната оформлена в стиле «прованс»? – Тогда у вас огромный выбор цв…

The Deep Dive

We had a good practice session tonight. The randoms were very understanding and let us practice our lanes, thank you whomever you are! After each game we did a little critique over what went well and what needed some work. One of the things we talked about was protecting towers. It came about because I got caught and died. My tower was about 30% health, the top laner was pushing the mid tower with a wave, and the jungler was clearing the wraiths (or whatever they heck they are now!) The jungler and the top laner were a little over half health. The question is, should the jungler do something to protect the tower, or should they keep clearing the wraiths.

Here is what we got from the discussion, its not a rule, just a theory that needs some testing:
1) If the jungler shows himself at the tower and the top-laner is alone, they may back off.
2) Clearing out the minions could also back the top-laner off the tower.
3) If the "Damage Potential" is high, best to stay hidden and continue clea…

Első Blog :D

Sziasztok! Szeretnék nektek magyar játékosoknak itt a LOL világában segíteni.
Silver 4 divisoban vagyok de én ennél jobbra tartom magam és szeretném ha valaki legalább egy embernek tudok olyat mutatni amit eddig nem látott.
a kérdéseitekre szívesen vlaszolok bármi legyen az (Főleg LOL :D) ha valamit nem tudok megválaszolni akkor utánna nézek .
Remélem nem jelent senkinek gondot egy 17 Éves ˇ"gyerek"től tanácsot kérni és ha ez beindulna akkr szívesen akár még youtube-ra is átvinném ezt az egészet köszönöm a figyelmet!

The impulsive spender

(Copypasta from the smotefore masterrace)

'Tis the season to be jolly. Fa la la la laaa la la laa laaaa.

With the rustle of Christmas trees on display in every home hardware store, and the tingle of change inside everyone's wallets. Oh yes, the joyful sounds of Christmas have graced us. Christmas is a time of joy and celebration for the birth of Jesus Christ! Ah yes, his holiness has made his presence upon this earth, and what better way to commemorate this than an annual celebration!

All the things in Christams are a direct tribute to this very moment. I mean, we have presents to directly reference the gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh to the baby Jesus. We have a Christmas tree because... I'm sure there were trees outside the stable. And of course, roast ham and chicken as a direct representation of the baby Jesus himself.


Yes, this topic has been talked to about death.

You see, it's sad that the true essence of Christmas seems to be lost. No longer is it a time for…

You are always on my mind

So trying out some mid lane champions while compiling that list on my last post. One champ I forgot to mention was an old favorite of mine, Morgana. She was one of the first champions I picked up and played over and over. She is a very good farmer and that shield is amazing. I picked up right were I left off and it felt good to play her again. It's like her kit is burned into my head.

There is something about playing a champion like that, one you practiced so much that you don't have to "Think" about to play, its all muscle memory. You just know what to do. That is a comfortable champion, when you get to that point.

On a larger scale, there should be less thought about what to do during a game. Many times I have been on a team that has a won a team fight and then wandered around or split up trying to decide what objective to take. By the time we all agree and re-gather to take something down the opportunity is passed and we are back on the defense. We need Meta Muscle Memory. When w…

Noah The Gnarly Narwal

I think I'm getting fat... I looked down this morning while licking the chocolate milk I spilled on my shirt after eating my choco frosted sugar puffs and noticed I couldn't see my feet anymore... Maybe that's why I have no friends except for my best girl Jill. Or maybe its because it takes me 30 minutes to eat a bagel.. Well food for thought at least. I wish I could hang out with Jill this weekend but my mom has grounded me for 2 weeks because last Tuesday I was playing in a park when on my way home some men in a dark van pulled over next to me and told me they'd drive me home. Even though I told them my house was just across the street they still wanted to drive me! they were silly... anyway's my mom ran out of the house and the men drove off in a hurry! I guess they didn't wanna be friends anymore... seems to be the story of my life.... :/ why does my mom always ruin my chances of making friends! I hate my life... Why is kindergarten so hard???

Anyway if I haven't killed myself ye…

Why I'm Letting You Lose

So in my recent travels through solo queue I've encountered a number of those who, I've felt, need an explanation of why the jungler isn't helping them. I know you see this kind of thing all the time, but please humor me on my little rant here.
So why am I letting you lose?
Well to be honest typically if I'm not helping you win lane by holding your hand like the child you probably are it means that I have other things to worry about. First and foremost is: I have myself to worry about. I've found out pretty quickly that it's extremely easy to get behind in the new jungle, a few poorly timed ganks that do nothing but waste my time, and a few trips back to the shop after nearly dying to the damned birds for the 50th time in a row and I'm 4 levels behind their jungler. Why? Because I forgot I had to be selfish here. Now I literally can't gank your lane because I'll probably get one shot if I try, and I'm just about to flip out because of the constant barrage of pings I'm getting while tak…

Mid Lane Options

Trying some mid lane champions to see what feels like a good mix. Here are some of my thoughts
  • Azir - Good range champion. He has some good mobility and utility. I can farm safely, use the soldiers to check bushes. I must remember that ranking up the soldiers does not improve the damage so do it last. The 'E' has a pretty good, but short shield. Cooldown adds to attack speed so Morellonomicon is a good item. If Im up against something burst or AD like I should go for an hourglass early.
  • Gragas - I played this champ alot and feel comfortable with him. The sustain he has is handy and he can do some serious damage. His ultimate can sometimes make team fights worse. A bit risky.
  • Karma - Another good range champ. I love the area effect farming. Speed boost and slows make escapes a bit easier. She does good damage and is helpful in team fights. I need to not spam my spells though and run out of mana. Also not get caught out alone.
  • Malzahar - Seems like a good champ, need to build him tanky