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Game Preparation As Support


Your ADC will suck and your jungler and Mid will think that ganking means showing their face in lane after running through a ward that you told them was there, doing a bit of damage, and then stealing all the lane farm before leaving without a kill or summoner blown.

It is okay though because you are there to keep your non-kiting, poor trading, and unable to position properly ADC in the game and even get them ahead.

You will set up picks for your carry and your jungler. You will make sure trades come out in your favor. You will zone the enemy and make them weep if they deign to touch your booger eating, disconnecting, lagging, farce of a carry.

And when it comes time to teamfight, you will CC lock anyone on the enemy team that sticks a toe out sideways. You will ward to make sure you can't be flanked. You will peel. You will shield. You will get your team focused on the carries. And you will keep track of timers because your jungler's sun dial is broke.

And only another su…

Celebrations (Meiyjhe update 18)

Hello boys and girls,

First I shall boost my E-peen by bragging about having 500 +rep!

Now that is out of the way, put on your party hats and get ready to read some more celebration worthy events!

Table of Contents
1. ****** stuff
2. School stuff
3. Cuba
4. Innovating forum awards

1. ****** stuff
So I explained in the last blog the ****** situation I had. From then on a bunch of **** happened. For starters: I am now completely out!

At first it was hard for me to come out because I was afraid that people might not accept my situation, but surprisingly they do. The reason I find this surprising is because I know many other ******s that were less fortunate and I myself always expected the worst. It feels liberating that I do not have to hide this anymore and can now be an open ******.

Now thats not everything for I have a boyfriend for 3 months now and things are going really well. At first we had a bit of a wonky start, but the more I am with him the more I …

How do i find my saved Guides?

So where the heck do I find my saved guide? I can help you, so first, you click your "summoner name"; on the top right corner. Then, you click your own "Activity Log". After that you should see your guides and blogs there. Then click your wanted guide, if you want to finish the guide, click edit after you clicked your prefered guide.

Big AoE from the Jungle

I've been enjoying jungling with two champions, Amumu and Hecarim, that I used a bit in S3 and S4, but really haven't used much in S5 until recently.

They both share some key characteristics, which are 1) Team fight altering ultimates and 2) They do respectable damage even when they are somewhat behind in items.

I feel like Amumu has slightly better early ganks with

Personal life updates


It has been some time since I did a personal update, so why not take the chance to do so right now?

So last time I posted an update, I was about to start (or had just started) studying Economics & Business Economics, but after a couple of months I kinda lost all motivation to keep going as I just didn't really enjoy what I was doing. I did want to keep studying so I had to find something else to do. After a long time looking I pretty much stumbled across International Studies, which is probably the least descriptive name one could ever imagine. In short, it teaches pretty much everything with regards to international relations, politics, history, economics and even languages and cultures. It's a pretty new course (it doesn't have any graduates lol) but I'm really looking forward to it, it seems to perfectly match my interests. Some more on my interests later.

So after quitting Economics, I haven't really done much spectacular but I have gotten serious about PC building, which is…

Natsu's Power Rankings - Week 3

EU LCS, Week 5:
1. Fnatic (-)
2. Origen (+1)
3. H2K (-1)
4. Giants (+2)
5. Elements (+3)
6. Roccat (+4)
7. SK Gaming (-)
8. Gambit (-3)
9. Unicorns of Love (-4)
10. Copenhagen Wolves (-1)

Things are super confusing in Europe after Week 5 of the EU LCS. I'll say it right now, ranking these teams after such a week was really hard. You may not agree with some of my choices but I'll try to elaborate on them as best as I can. The first thing that is certain is that Unicorns of Love are not looking good at all. They are stagnating. Unlike last split they aren't showing much diversity or improvement.

Gambit also suffered a heavy 0-2 this week but in their defense, they had a really tough schedule facing 2 of the top teams in Europe at the moment. Not to mention they had a really close and solid game vs Fnatic. Still, a loss is a loss and an 0-2 is an 0-2. Roccat and Elements had a big week as they won both of their matches so they rightfully move up the rankings. SK Gaming won only 1 game …

How To Snipe (not the "360 no scope" one)

If sniping using Kog'maw,Nidalee or Xerath don't rush aim carefully if you notice him swaying through minions don't let him pass it make it your advantage observe your target carefully the SNIPE! done your target is assasinated [quick tip: if the target is close to a wall aim your target closer to the wall to apply pressure to your enemy target] -Arc


Kassadin is one of the few champs I feel comfortable taking Mid Lane and having a decent chance of doing well, if not in lane, then at least through roaming to other lanes.

I've been playing him off an on even before his most recent re-work. I've been called on to do mid duties more of late so I've dusted him off to try and terrorize the Rift.

It is hard to described the differences in before an after the most recent rework. His mobility is definitely lower. His ultimate feels clunkier. It is harder to get in position to insta-gib someone and his chase potential while still good, is definitely diminished.

Damage-wise his ultimate feels relatively anemic since it scales off mana and besides Rod of Ages and possibly


I randomly got Gnar in an ARAM and had a load of fun with him so I decided to start running him on the Rift.

I'll likely have more to say about Gnar as time goes on, but this is just my initial impression of the few match-ups that I have faced.

Akali - Not a fan of this match-up. At 21-9-0 with MR glyphs, she chunks you for a one bar of health every time she hits you with a

how dumb are people on league?

Lately on League, I have been playing LOTS and LOTS of games. So far, I've done awesome (DURR!) but others are not so good and really do crazy ****. A couple games ago, an enemy posted this little post:

[All](insert username here)(Vayne): Dude u such ******* n00bs go eat some docks man
[All](insert username here)(Vayne): I'm reporting you for trolling


[All](insert username here)(Vayne): ARE U SERIOUS U GUYS SUCK I'M REPORTING YOU GUYS FOR TROLLINNG!!!11!

(This is about as close as I could get to exact)

And much more people do it too! (Well i don't want to put them or else i'll get tl;dr) So? Are people always ragers? Reporting for no reason whatsoever? Are they always intentionally feeding (XD lol sorry person you were)? Let me know some stupid things summoners say. If you do, put in the title: STUPID THINGS PEOPLE SAY ON LEAGUE. Thanks for reading this!