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Guide Updated (Help)

Swain Guide Thing

So I've been away from ages until I've come back like 1-2 months ago. Basically, had to process my hate for Riot's dunking of my main fun champions consecutively (Swain, Malz, Yorick) and was honestly tired and not having fun.

Now that I'm back, I've realized I like Swain more than I thought I would, aaaand I'm tired of seeing them build the GLP thing into Visage like that's a good thing (ugh.) Basically, I wanted some opinions on the guide and all that, so as to make sure it's good.

Guide is missing two things: a lanephase video (which I have the footage but still need to record my amazeballs accent) and a gif sequence for the teamfight section.

Would really appreciate the patience from some of the cool regulars. Doesn't need to be too in-depth if you don't want to/don't have the time. All help is good help!

Jungle Route Patch 6.23

So in patch 6.23 there was a change to krugs having them give more xp. This is a big change to what the jungle route is. The most popular route is Red-krugs-gank. It is important that you can gank after krugs if they are overextending. You will be lvl 3 and they will either be lvl 1 or 2. This gives a very big advantage to you.The red buff also will help you a lot. After a gank depending on the situation you can do 1 of 2 things. You can do a jungle clear where you just farm in your jungle or you can farm a little more and then gank mid or top/bottom depending on where you started. For a full clear all you have to do is move around the jungle and farm keep in mind that this patch also made raptors worse so consider skipping them for krugs or blue/red. Also for a clear if you have good vision on their jungle or get a kill on the other teams jungler you can invade fairly safely. If you want to gank another lane early it is a bit riskier but if it works could give your team a big advanta…

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Rengar is legitimately the worst designed champion...

Just when you thought CertainlyT's reworks took the cake for bad design on champions that make zero sense, move over Mordekaiser because now Rengar is in town. His entire rework essentially gutted him and he quite literally makes zero sense. His ability to kill anyone has been completely neutered. Without a doubt, his old design was cancer, 1-shotting enemy squishes in 0.5 seconds before they even had time to react was poor design, but at the very least you could say he fit the "assassin" design. The new rengar lacks any real damage; Savagery, while great for clearing the jungle is considerably worse to use against enemy heroes and you don't get the reset quickly enough to get that satisfying doubleburst. Couple that with incredibly low base damage and a subpar ratio Savagery just doesn't really do anything. Just to put it into context how bad it is,

Help me pls :(

Hello my name is PowerStormKiller,my favourite champion is Yasuo.Yasuo is my mine but somehow I can not play never be able to do the right thing at the appropriate time I watch professional players such as ArkaDaTa, whose strategy for Yasuo admire but when I try to somehow similarly play it is not me, even though I can have all the tricks but just I do not see how I am in the right timing Chile.So please help


Hello guys.

As you have observed, this person has been inactive for months, only to appear once in a while just to see what is happening in this site. As I observed, nothing has changed much except that GIF Guy has a very vibrant attitude and there is a guide contest again! I want to join, but I do not know where to start. Or what champion should I begin with.

Well, as usual, let's talk about League stuff. I finished in Platinum V just as the season ends. I struggled to climb from Gold II to Gold I for months until I got promos and have a winning streak. Well, I tend not to play AD Carry now and play mid more often. I learned how to play Lux again, and begin to pick up Xerath and

It's been a while

When your responsibilities catch up with you and you have less time for some stuff - that's how I gradually stopped visiting this site. I'm quite bored these days now as my exams ended a while ago and so, why not? I'm back, if anyone even remembers me. But it's good to see this site basically as it was a while before.

Good Unusual Builds

• I decided to start that blog here to provide some weird / cool builds I found out actually works, like who thought that Fizz would once work well with Nashor's Tooth, isn't it?

• Starting today, first post, with my brand new Mordekaiser build , I've been using this build for the last months, not only on the jungle but on Top Lane as well, as far as I can tell, it works pretty good!

Mordekaiser Jungle Guide (by Youree)

• All the builds will be posted here, and soon, when I'm done reforming All builds, I will try posting there too as well.

If you also want to make part of if, IM me anywhere! @YoureeGhostly on Twitter.


LoL Control

Hey guys, I just started a new yt channel named LoL Control.
I already uploaded 3 videos and it would be a pleasure if you guys wanted to make some time to look at them. Feel free to put some feedback in the comments!



Thank you guys!

My Season 6 Ranked Results + Update

So first of all I'd like to say that I've updated the Katarina guide for the changes made to her.

Long time no see btw! Sorry about not posting much. I've been busy writing articles and doing website work. Anyways, how did you guys finish your ranked season? Here's my results per account:

Main Account EUW (I played the least on this one due to ****py MMR, I usually play ADC on it) - Gold IV

Second Account EUW (Tryharded the most on this one. Played Support/ADC) - Platinum V

Third Account EUW (My AP Support Ashe account, I also play stuff like Support Warwick, Support Xin, Support TF, I finished 8-0 with Support TF!) - Silver III

Fourth Account NA - (I played with one hand only on this one. Yes you heard that right. I wanted to test how far I can go in 10 games by playing with one hand only) - Silver II

So yeah, got one account into Plat, one into Gold and two into Silver. Pretty decent I guess. It's hard to maintain 4 of them aha xD

Anyways, share your ranked experience in 2016 …