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10 things I hate about the League Community

Greetings Fellow Summoners and Welcome once again to my Blogs.

I have been playing league for over 18 months now and I do love playing it, the thrill of the action, the excitement of doing head first into a battle and the sigh of relief when the final Nexus is destroyed...Ohhh its quite the rush isn't it?

But for all that wonderful enjoyment there is one aspect of the game that could easily ruin it in the long run and that is a section of its community...Now I am not saying everyone is bad (thank god) however there is a large enough batch of them whose attitude and actions have ruined alot of our fun because of it.

So for this special blog I am going to point out 10 things about the League Community that I absolutely hate and despise greatly - Please not that this is in no particular order and some of you may disagree (and you are fully within your rights to do so) but remember these are my own opinions.

1. Those Who deliberately Feed

We have all had to deal with that player who w…

Pantheon popularity

So recently i have been playing a lot of pub games and back to about a month ago Pantheon seemed to be picked a lot because he was free to play, but why isn't he more commonly used in pub games? I play pantheon jungle and top and usually do very well, but i rarely encounter a Pantheon player on the other team let alone a draft pick where the other team even owns him as a champion. So why isn't he a huge choice?

Status update

Yo everyone,

been inactive for a long, long time. Haven't even lurked Mobafire for a long time. Figured I'd do a quick status update (although I dunno if this will get any attention due to the way blogs work atm).

I haven't been playing League as of lately at all. I did not really have any intention to quit to begin with (and I didn't want to say "I quit" preemtively like some of you guys ^^) but I found myself losing motivation to start up a game etc. I've been playing some singleplayer games instead and of course studying and doing some work to get some dolla dolla. I did watch all of worlds and I'm still keeping up with the game in terms of competitive gameplay, just not playing. This obviously also resulted me not being active on mobafire anymore.

I don't know if I'll (ever?) be back to the game or to Mobafire, but so far I can say it doesn't really look like it ;-) However, if you ever have any questions (can be league related as I'm still into competitive) you can ask me on sk…

What's the best way to play lucian ?

Hey there ,

I've been wondering how to Lucian...mostly I play Lucian as a ADC top laner.

In my opinion , Lucian will make a great poker and executioner , mostly because of The CUlling. In other scenarios you would have a hard time using Lucian against enemies with crowd control mostly like Ryze's rune prison and morgana's snare. In my case I would build Lucian attack speed , life steal , critical chance , damage and mostly boots for mobility.
( My personal build : Tri-force , BRK , PD , Blood Thirster , Last whisper , Berserker greaves )

So thats all and thanks for reading
-WAYNE_TORRES_21 PH server

The Hastur Chronicles: Prologue


Hello MOBAfire! I am here to bring you an idea I had for a short story series! To give a short summary on whats going on in this series, it is set 20 years in the future from the point in time Runeterra is in in the current lore, and it is a very different place from what we currently see. The Institute of War has been shut down (sound familiar?), Demacia and Noxus have entered this "Cold War" status, and Shurima is slowly growing in power.

These stories follow Annie Hastur, the cute little pyromaniac 4 year old we all know and love, now fully grown, and having fully realized her potential. Wouldn't it be interesting to find out exactly what she can do, now that she is 24 years old? Well, you'll have to read on to find out.


"Hello Annie. How are you today?"

Another interrogator. This is the fourth one. What do they want from me? I've already told them everything I know, but yet, it's like they're trying to find something, find a weakness. Of course they …

My climb and a helpful stream

Hello guys !

so i kinda wanted to talk about something
Maby if you remember me from my older post who were quite... bad

they were mostly about how i was stuck in silver and couldnt get to gold

I mostly played riven and was stuck most of the time in silver 1-3 (dropped and going up)

I kept playing and watching streams ( riven streams to be specific)

I stumbled on a Riven stream who had quite low views but had good gameplay
so i added him after the game and asked him questions about riven

He helped me ALOT and got me to gold 2 with his tips
Im hovering between gold 4-2 atm looking to hit plat before the end of the season!

I kinda felt like posting it if people were curious about my climb!
Il put his stream link here if anybody wants to get better at riven too!

This is a team game, right?

So I joined LoL in S2 I believe and have been having fun... even though I mostly play bot matches for some reasons. Even though my understanding is that LoL is a team game, a lot of the time I find myself questioning if it really is a "team game". I mean sure we have the pro teams and we have the teams trying to clime up the ladder but besides that... aren't following? Well a lot of the time my unranked games go like this, enter champion select, and right off the bat people start yelling at other for (A) the champion they picked or (B) not letting them be _______ lane. Enter game and people most of the time (A) won't listen to what other people say (B) yell at the team and say they all suck whenever they die, no matter whose fault it is (C) AFK for no reason or because the team is "A bunch of n0obs who can't play the game and should get off lol now" or (D) all of the above and more.

And here I am trying to figure out how to get better but it gets really hard when over half of the team…

Thoughts on how Worlds Quarterfinals went

SSW vs TSM - Chances for TSM were low and even though I believed that maybe somehow they could win, I know they would most likely lose. They did lose in the end but I was impressed by their play in Games 3 and 4. I kept telling everyone that Turtle and Lust wouldn't lose brutally vs Imp/Mata and that's what happened. In-fact, Turtle/Lust actually played quite well vs Imp/Mata. I was pleasantly surprised. I'm quite happy with TSM's performance at worlds this year. They played much better than last year and could have potentially beat White if they won Game 4.

SSB vs C9 - As with the first match, I was pleasantly surprised by how well C9 played. I gave them a bigger chance at winning and with reason. SSB weren't exactly clean in that series and if C9 played a little better, they could have taken the series to Game 5. Overall, I'm proud of the NA teams and I think they played really well.

SHRC vs EDG - I was hoping EDG would step up and play better this time around but that didn't happe…

My LoL Sabbatical

So I made a decision...

It's a really hard one. Playing LoL has given me lots of hours of fun, recreation and opportunities to meet new friends.

But... LoL has also given me lots of hours of frustration, endless negative rants/taunts/humilations in chats, loss streaks beyond normal, and technical issues at evening play primetime.

I really can say that no game in my gaming career since 1984 (!) has made me feel so frustrated. Thats really a sad thing.

People told me so many things to motivate me again. To improve my skills, to ignore bad players, to calm down and not shout back etc.

Still it is impossible for me to digest all this. Everytime I loose a game I cannot resist the feeling that it's a loss that I could not prevent at all. It feels like being a passenger...

I can even play 11/4 and dominate my lane, and still its a big fat loss. What is my contribution worth at all?

Then, I won all solo ranked games I played for one week (1-2 games daily). I came from B5 to B3, I was re…