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25 Mar 2017

Today starting out with some draft games. I seem to be on a low elo as I have been placed with teams that keep raging, feeding and quitting. Hoping to get out of this soon.

Here is my first game for the evening.
Champion: Varus

Here is another one. This was a really great team I played with.
Champion: Jinx


Dealing with Invades

This is going to be a somewhat short look at the subject because there are a lot of factors involved and it is going to be from a defensive perceptive as I don't have a lot of experience with offensive invades.

Getting mass invaded by 4 or more of the enemy team is a separate topic. Usually look and see how much CC the enemy team has or if they have a Thresh, Braum, or

The Road to Retaking Silver

The Life of an Unjustly Bronze

Welcome reader to the corner of the Internet where I recount random ramblings of my current climb to get back into Silver (and hopefully grow onwards). For a bit of background I started League mid way through season six and quickly got to level 30 and was placed in Silver 5. After spending the entire season in Silver 5 winning and losing, not really getting anywhere (I realise now how far I had to go and how far I still do now), I went into season 7 with high hopes. However I was unaware on how the ranking of this season would work and after being truly screwed over in my placements I got landed with ELO hell, Bronze 5.

Now after a lot, and I mean A LOT of work I have made my way into Bronze 3, a mighty feat which I am proud of. Now before I would never have even considered this a challenge, and arguably to someone that has been playing for a couple of years it may be considered no big deal. However that was before I realised why it's called ELO Hell. T…


Basic tip for those starting now, you can choose between sup (support) that goes along with the Adc (bot), the adc that usually comes down to a sniper or character that attacks from a distance, the mid Magician, and jungle who has the job of killing monsters and helping the team across the map, and the top that plays with a tank and goes alone usually but help is never too much, this is just a tip for those who are starting Now you can ignore all that and still win the soft game, it depends on your strategy, these are for sumors rifts 5x5, good luck guys.

Lets talk about aatrox

Aatrox is a champ powered by pasive,rito in patch7.5 decided to nurf hes pasive and buff match exactly on top he dominate in all parts because he can use e to poke and when he dicide the battle time jumps with q or in early game when all farm use your powered w to poke your enemy.NOW U NEED TO USE ALL ABILITES TO MAKE YOUR PASIVE FULLY AND WHEN ITS FULL U NEED TO MAKE A FAST BATTLE WHEN YOUR PASIVE DESACTIVES.
Write in coments your opinion about aatrox pls.

Epic LoL speed running

Here's my short blog post about my first two videos, if someone is interested to something new / different content made in the practice tool:

Starting out here so the quality itself isn't special, but you get the idea :]

Thoughts on Climbing

Finally made it out of Silver and into Gold for the first time ever. I started playing late Season 2 - Started playing ranked Season 4. Silver 2 was the highest I've been ranked in any previous season.

Note this is my experience. The formula for you might be different.

Game knowledge (including mechanics)
Playing champions you click with
Short circuiting losing streaks

Every piece of knowledge about the game or game theory adds up to gestalt that lets you develop a formula that increases your odds of winning. The most mechanically sound player is going to struggle when they run into the limits of their knowledge.

It is a layer cake and the reason you experience so much variance in your games even when the participants are of roughly equal skill level is that they all have different and incomplete pieces of the puzzle that is League in their heads.

You've got the kickass laner that rotates to your lane only to dive your lane opponent under their turret while t…

Some Jungle Tips

Watched a couple of Edge's recent videos, specifically the 7.4 Rengar and 7.4 Kindred vids. Jungle focused, which is what I want.

Edge - YouTube

This is a bit of an amalgamation of things that he said in the videos and other things that relate or tie together from other sources.

As an assassin sometimes you just have to kill whoever is out of position on the edge of a team fight. You don't always have to dive hip deep into a fight (something I can take away for

Ranked Journey

I was considering starting a thread, but I play so many ranked games at a time (in both solo queue and flex queue), usually, that it would be very hard to properly update such a thread. So I am going to give brief blog updates instead. This one won't be so brief and I'm sorry.

At the moment I am actually ranked the same, approximately, in both queues. It should be noted, however, that I have played more than twice as many games in flex queue (after being placed in Bronze there) because I wanted to give solo queue a chance to even out a bit. It's somewhat hard to really get an idea of what my champion pool has really been this season if you check somewhere like lolskill, as it doesn't differentiate between flex and solo queue picks. My solo queue champions have primarily been Nami,

The og Jungle Dragon

I have been having some good success with Shyvana out of the jungle of late so I wanted to talk about what is working for me.

For starters Shy was my main for the majority of last season though I backed off on her after patch 6.6 when they nerfed Twin Bite which hurt her dueling and slowed her clear speed a bit. They also lowered the amount of stacks you could get from the Rift Herald from 2 to 5 for