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Is Solo Queue Impossible to Carry?

The short answer is no. Solo queue is in fact quite easy to "carry." Just remember that you can't win them all, but you can win most of them if you put your heart to it!

*I do not advice duo queue for 2 reasons
1) You're too comfortable and make more mistakes than if you go in a ranked game alone.
2) Your team will be lower ranking in comparison to the other team to compensate the duo queue, which means you'll have even more "scrub teammates."
Just avoid duo queue for ranked if you really want to begin your ELO climb adventures.

Step 1: Champ Select
Be prepared to fill. If you feel you're way better at a role than every other role, than just call that role when you enter champion select. If you don't get that role(s), then just play whatever is left. If other people are arguing over a role, and you're caught with a double jungle or an "afk" or "feed" in champion select, then just dodge. If you're really stingy about that 3 lp, if you already dodged, or if you're in promos, then…

Gold Mid Noah

I am planning on having Noah switch out with Will for the first couple of games I've been checking the mid stats of other players and most of them are GOLD.
So Noah you will be staying back until further notice on the mid laner.

Future Guides + Playing Non-Stop Ranked

REGARDING GUIDES: I want to be able to make guides look presentable whilst containing the neccesary information with in-depth tutorials and video/image examples but looking at my two guides, whilst they are unique and in a few people's opinions seemingly viewed as "helpful" and informative, I feel like I haven't done a good job. I want to write guides on Yasuo, Azir and

Fiora or Vi?

Hello guys! I've reached 6300 and I'm stuck between fiora and Vi. Both seem to be very good champions, but as I read in other forums Vi is good as a jungler. I'm only lvl 16, I've never been a jungler, and I dont feel confident enough to try it yet. is Vi still a good option for me? Or should I just get fiora and stay as a top laner?

Thoughts on Patch 5.9

Hey summoners! I'm back, and having played a few games of League recently, I think I'm a bit more fit to give my thoughts on the latest patch. I haven't gotten to mess around with the big change of them all named Ashe, but I got to play her once, and frankly, she's a lot stronger than I originally thought the changes would be. So without further ado, let's go ahead and sink into patch 5.9.

  • SSW Series - You know, I never really got into LCS and all related League of Legends pro stuff. It's more a dream that can never be attained thing, but I probably should watch some or more of it. Either way, as per my assumptions of these skin series, the champions, namely Singed,

Back from the dead !

Hi there !

Well, at least I can say that I'm regular, because I post like 1 time a year :D

Sorry for the very few news around here, I've got a ton of work and couldn't do much during my personnal time ; I preferred to play few instead of playing really few & posting really few.

Still, I've recently managed to get a blog in place, and a youtube channel support.
I would really appreciate if you guys could give a look on it and tell me how you feel about it.
Here's the link :

For now I'll be mostly talking about Shaco & jungling in general (still haven't changed yet, got several years of jungling now :p)

Mobafire is one of the greatest community I've ever seen, and I'd like to be a part of it and share my knowledge.
I'll try to publish a little in here too, mainly about my current Shaco builds as I still fancy the mobafire look ;).

Cheers guys.

The Current Situation and What I'll Do In Future

Hey summoners. I do believe I don't have much of a following, but for those of you who are curious as to where the past two patch thoughts have been, well here's your answer.

As of lately, I haven't been playing a lot of League of Legends, and would feel giving an opinion on the patch notes would be unfair and unjustified, particularly if I keep claiming that Veigar is overpowered every time he's mentioned. I don't actually know that given the current meta of League. Additionally, at the time of those patches coming out, I had finals to do and very little free time to spend that I used instead to relax and play another free to play game called Path of Exile. So as of right now, no I will not give my thoughts on patch 5.8, having not experienced it and not wanting to give an out of date opinion on it.

What about patch 5.9? Well, the summer has began, and I will dedicate some of my time to be playing League of Legends so I'll feel very confident giving my thoughts when I do, so th…

Predictions for Summer Split of NA LCS, EU LCS and LPL

Just my predictions based off Spring Season, IEM tournaments and MSI. You don't have to agree with them or anything. Oh and these are just for the regular season. Not playoffs.

1. TSM
2. Liquid
3. C9
4. TiP
5. Gravity
6. CLG
7. Enemy E-Sports
8. Dignitas
9. Team 8
10. TDK

1. SK Gaming
2. H2K
3. Origen
3. Unicorns of Love
5. Fnatic
6. Copenhagen Wolves
7. Gambit
8. Elements
9. Roccat
10. Giants

1. EDG
2. OMG
3. LGD
4. Snake
5. IG
6. Vici
7. World Elite
8. Qiao Gu
9. King
10. Master3
11. Vici Potential Gaming/Royal Never Give Up
12. Gamtee