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Sorry for being MIA heres a long *** update

(this was originally posted to twitlonger so if some of the phrasing is off that is why). to answer questions, no i'm not bringing the tier list back yet, though I have plans to in the future.

I actually have no idea how many of my followers are even active anymore since it's been so long since I've been super active in the Challenger scene, but for those who do give a **** about me I thought it'd be nice to give an update, since historically I've been pretty terrible about doing them. This is going to be long as ****, so if you aren't interested in hearing all of it, just read the next sentence.

Long story short, I convinced my parents to let me take a year off from college to try to "go pro" in league.

It wasn't easy to convince them to agree at all. When I was gaming in high school and told them I wanted to take it seriously they were anything but receptive to the idea. They would pull the plug on the internet randomly, trash my computer, and lock me out of the computer room when…


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Pictures with santa

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Support Guide

Hello, I'm Tsunami10, and I am a main support with Sona. There are starters that keep asking what a support does, buys, and other stuff. I'm here to show what I know about them, so if I miss something, message me and I'l update this guide :3.

What is the support ? What is his function ?
These are the basics things about a support:
It stays on the bot lane with the ADC, helping him on killing the enemy ADC and protecting him. He don't farm, or get kills: it goes all to the ADC. Why ? Most of the supports don't have the power to kill, so it only protects the ADC. What a support do that is important ? If you didn't took the protect ADC meta seriously, choose other lane: the ADC is essencial on team fights, and he must have the build and good level to cause damage. But, taking the ADC protection off, you get to ward the map: vision of the map is essencial for your team, in order to don't die or let the other team get the dragon/baron, steal blue/red, and others.

What champions are suppor

Example game of Jungler's thought process.

Soup. A blog about jungler's thought process that goes out to laners too as understanding how a jungler thinks helps you out in lane.

I will use this game as a reference.

Going into the game, both junglers are probably thinking the same thing: top lane is a big factor for the game. Top laners should expect first gank or at least the possibility of a gank happening to top lane. Fastest ganks happen around 3:15 and later ones around 3:45 (knowing where the jungler started helps a lot when predicting first gank). So you can expect a gank to happen to top lane so go and ward for the gank.

On a side note here, you can also expect a jungler to gank your lane if your about to lose the first tower of the game because the gold amount is huge.

As a jungler you want to gank for the lane that will snowball the game and carry the game. The lane you want to gank also depends on the game flow and on the champions/comp you have on your team. Initially when the game started, I wanted to gank top …


Hi Guys, This will be my first ever blog in MOBAfire and I want to discuss with you guys the new Patch that is coming which is 6.19. This patch has a lot of nerfs and some buffs so let's have a look at it, shall we?

Frostbite (E):
Damage decreased to 50/75/100/125/150 from 55/85/115/145/175
Chill damage decreased to 100/150/200/250/300 from 110/170/230/290/350

This is a small nerf to her in my opinion. The damage that she does on this move is insane anyways when doing her combo so she will still be a good mid laner because of strong wave clear, burst damage, and scales well late-game.

Center of the Universe (Passive):
Damage increased to 20-130 from 20-97

Celestial Expansion (W):
Passive's star base damage decreased to 5/10/15/20/25 from 10/20/30/40/50
Mana cost per second changed to 22/24/26/28/30 from 16/22/28/34/40

Comet of Legend (E):
Escape Velocity removed. Now able to be cast any time out of combat. Goes on five second cooldown when taking champion/tower…

Sandra Hidden OP?

Today I tried out a champion that is very underrated in my opinion, Syndra. When I played her mid lane in bronze division she has great potential due to many things. One thing she is good at in mid lane is being able to take advantage of melee champions and snowball them until they either recall or die. Syndra is able to get kills very easily if you get level 6 before your enemy later does. Most low elo players won't notice that you got level 6 before them and will most likely not pay to much attention to it. This will give you a chance to poke them off of cs to stop them from getting level 6 then once they are half health you would let them and they almost never expect that much damage so suddenly. Once late game comes around you are already 4/0/2 from just snowballing the enemy later to death. Syndra is also very good with getting away form tough situations. If you have 2 people chasing you you can always poke them with Q until they give up or just Q and W combo to stun them. Overall…


So just wanted to do a quick blog on what I've been up to. Been playing some league. Finally got one account into Platinum. Not sure if I'll be able to get any of my other accounts in Plat but I'll try. I tried really hard to get one of them into Plat to the point where I got tired of tryharding every game even if that's what ranked is about. So now that one account is taken care of, I'll play more relaxed I guess. I'll still try to win every game and play well but I won't lose my sanity over losses or anything like that.

Aside from that, I've just been prepping for Worlds. From writing articles to doing research. I'm really hopeful for NA this year! Well...C9 and TSM lol. Considering the group CLG is in, I don't have much faith in em. But I do believe in TSM and C9 making it out of groups, especially TSM.

I've also been fairly active on twitter recently so if you wanna keep up with me by any chance, please check me out on twitter and say hi there.

So yeah, short post I know. Just w…

Champion Concept: Ganran the Void Zombie

Ganran the Void Zombie

“They turned me into a monster. I’ll make them regret it.”

In the land of Kaladoun lived a small group of people who called themselves the Saimin. Originally dwellers of Ionia, the Saimin were forced to leave their homeland after the Noxian Invasion. Ganran's father, Yudo, who was also considered as the most powerful Saimin at the time, used all of his power to control the minds of the Noxian soldiers who tried to attack his tribe. Through his efforts, the Saimin were able to hijack one of the Noxian ships. However, as they sailed to the land of Kaladoun, the strain of using all of his power in order to repel the invaders caught up with Yudo. He died three days after they arrived in Kaladoun. Stricken by grief, Yudo's wife, Nira, fell sick until she was bedridden. During the Saimin's exodus, Ganran was 9 years old.

Ganran was considered as a failure. Due to the power exhibited by his father, Yudo, the whole tribe had great expectations of him. …