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Official Riot NewsClash: August 2018 Update

August 16, 2018
By PsiGuard

Source by Draggles

Clash is heading back to PBE! Riot has implemented a number of fixes to bugs that cropped up in the previous live tests of Clash and these changes will be tested on PBE throughout the month of September. These tests won't represent the full tournament experience and may be a little buggy, but it'll help make the mode ready for a full release on live servers.

How to play
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Official Riot NewsPatch 8.16 Summary

August 14, 2018
By PsiGuard

Hello and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary - 8.16!

This is the patch of nerfs. Riot's goal is to tone down some of the burst damage in the game, largely through targeted nerfs at some prolific damage runes. There are also a ton of champion nerfs that mostly lower their damage numbers and a few buffs for some underused tanks. Surprisingly, there are no item changes this patch!

The Ne…
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