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Tranquil as the sea—and furious as the tempest. A fierce defender of Ionia, Irelia trained in the ancient dances of her people and adapted her art for war. Using her graceful movements to levitate an array of deadly blades, the Blade Dancer cuts down any foe foolish enough to play at conqueror.

Passive: Ionian Fervor

Hitting enemies with spells grant Irelia stacks of
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Official Riot NewsParties level up!

March 14, 2018
By PsiGuard
Source by Xaafira

Playing League with your friends is about to get easier. Introducing the new Open Party system and the advent of built-in voice chat for premade groups coming in patch 8.6! More details below.

Open Parties

Game lobbies will now automatically be set to Open, allowing anyone from your friend's list to join the lobby. Anyone in your lobby will also display the lobby to th…
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