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League of Legends Strategy Build Guides (LoL)

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Patch 11.9 Summary

May 03, 2021
By Fruxo

Hello and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary - 11.9!

This patch introduces a variety of new changes coming to champions having Diana, Hecarim and Morgana being among the few targets for this patch. This patch will also include more changes to items and the in-game shop. Finally, patch 11.9 also features Shurima & MSI clash as well as new ranked rewards for the start of Split 2.

As …
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Hey everyone! We're excited to announce our latest MOBAFire Weekly Challenge, a community event that will spice up your League matches! We all know that nothing's better than a good match of League, but now it will be even more exciting with our weekly challenges that anyone can take a shot at. Check out this week's challenge and good luck in trying it out! 😊

More information on the weekl…
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Hey everyone, it's a new month which means it's time once again for another monthly giveaway! If you're unfamiliar with the way our reward points and how our giveaways work check out the announcement post.

For this month's giveaway, we'll be handing out Pulsefire skins! Be sure to check out the complete list of Pulsefire skins. Please note that Prestige skins cannot be gifted and that
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