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Rank: Veteran
Rep: Memorable (90)
Status: Offline

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Smoking Bone
Ahri, Xayah, Vi
Mage, Marksman, Fighter


(EUW): Smoking Bone
(EUW): Private Hero (EUW): Bappo no rappo
Hello, I'm Fruxo, a member here on MOBAFire, and i've been playing LoL since the start of Season 3, but started playing seriously in Season 4. I'm currently playing on the EUW server, and peaked at Gold 3 during Season 7, and at the minute i'm sitting in Gold, having loads of fun. I'm a really big Ahri & Riven enthusiast and the vast majority of my games is pretty much always with those 2 + Vi as they are all one of the most enjoyable champions i've ever played.

You can check out my guides if you want and maybe leave me a comment if you have any questions or suggestions. I try to read all comments on all of my guides whenever I get the time and usually respond to anything unless it's rude or anything related to that.

Outside of LoL, I mainly play other sorts of games that interest me such as Final Fantasy or Pubg, or i'm just on here. I love to watch animes (Shokugeki No Souma, The Kings Avatar, Naruto, Black Clover and One Punch Man being my favorites). I also watch youtubers and twitch streamers that I like in my free time and occasionally I tend to read read both manga and light novels as well, with the exception of having to go to school, the gym, eat and sleep.

I joined MOBAFire in 2018 and on here I both write and code guides for the champions that I love to play, but I also try to help other people by reviewing their guides and maybe giving some feedback and/or criticism. You can also check out my Review Service to get your own guide reviewed! If you have any questions about something specific, then don't hesitate to give me a PM. I'll always try to reply back. Proud Veteran since 14/08 - 2019. Massive special thanks to Janitsu for the beautiful Elderwood Ahri profile banner! <3

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Thanks to Chromuro for this banner!

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