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MOBAFire Points Leaderboard

Hello and welcome to our MOBAFire Monthly Giveaway Raffle! Earning points is simple, just go about your normal MOBAFire activity! Write and update your guides, reply to your readers, or comment on other member's guides to accrue points and be entered in this month's raffle.

Rank Mobafire Member Monthly Points
2 Doody_tco 879
3 BaLoRi 807
4 KingStix 776
5 paokgr 666
6 FrostbiteMW 626
7 Vapora Dark 613
8 Tauricus2017 505
9 DutchWolf114 502
11 DoublefeedOP 456
12 Hanjaro 432
13 Raen 418
14 Pixel Pocket 406
15 Phrxshn 397
16 iZianni 394
18 Shrewdo 376
19 Doubtfull 370

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