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MOBAFire Points Leaderboard

Hello and welcome to our MOBAFire Monthly Giveaway Raffle! Earning points is simple, just go about your normal MOBAFire activity! Write and update your guides, reply to your readers, or comment on other member's guides to accrue points and be entered in this month's raffle.

Rank Mobafire Member Monthly Points
21 Dark0asls 283
22 Pyroen 282
23 FalleN3 276
24 Wicked Cherry 261
25 styllEE 253
26 Terroronyou 252
27 Yamikaze 252
28 sanun 250
29 ifound1dollar 242
30 SkellyBirb 234
31 Sq_09 232
32 Panuelos 224
33 LuxVikAsol 220
36 OverjarlZane 214
37 SnakeTastic 208
38 t3rminated 203
40 MetaSolaray 191