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MOBAFire Points Leaderboard

Hello and welcome to our MOBAFire Monthly Giveaway Raffle! Earning points is simple, just go about your normal MOBAFire activity! Write and update your guides, reply to your readers, or comment on other member's guides to accrue points and be entered in this month's raffle.

Rank Mobafire Member Monthly Points
61 Eoba 66
62 Napixy 66
63 theant01 66
64 Balorer 62
66 DG Kyster 61
68 Nuadha 59
70 Doglightning 57
72 Deadlears 54
74 Maintained 53
75 Ayanleh 51
76 Gageowago 51
77 Aizenvolt 50
80 sh00zyz 50