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League of Legends Community Tier List (9.1)

What is a Community Tier List?

Below you will find a community tier list that you can help curate. Votes on the community tier list should be based on their ease of winning matches.

How does voting work?

Your vote on a champion represents your opinion of what tier (1-5) that champion belongs in. The champions are sorted based on an average of everyone's votes.

How to vote: Hover over a champion. Select the desired tier. Your vote is shown.
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LOL Community Tier List Discussion This is a crowd sourced tier list meant for discussion and fun. Everyone's opinion is different and not everyone will agree with the results. Use your own discretion.


Best Picks

These champions are the best of the best, and are almost always strong picks.

  • Sylas in Tier 1
  • Kai'Sa in Tier 1
  • Thresh in Tier 1
  • Lulu in Tier 1
  • Draven in Tier 1
  • Twitch in Tier 1
  • Tristana in Tier 1

Strong Picks

Very strong champions that are good in most situations, but may have a counter pick.

  • Janna in Tier 2
  • Neeko in Tier 2
  • Xayah in Tier 2
  • Fiora in Tier 2
  • Darius in Tier 2
  • Orianna in Tier 2
  • Rakan in Tier 2
  • Pyke in Tier 2
  • Zoe in Tier 2
  • Jax in Tier 2
  • Ahri in Tier 2
  • Zed in Tier 2
  • Fizz in Tier 2
  • Jhin in Tier 2
  • Miss Fortune in Tier 2
  • Morgana in Tier 2
  • Kha'Zix in Tier 2
  • Leona in Tier 2
  • Nami in Tier 2
  • Syndra in Tier 2
  • Lucian in Tier 2
  • Camille in Tier 2
  • Vayne in Tier 2
  • Caitlyn in Tier 2
  • Kayn in Tier 2
  • Renekton in Tier 2
  • Braum in Tier 2
  • Warwick in Tier 2
  • Irelia in Tier 2
  • Malzahar in Tier 2
  • Talon in Tier 2
  • LeBlanc in Tier 2
  • Brand in Tier 2
  • Blitzcrank in Tier 2
  • Soraka in Tier 2
  • Vladimir in Tier 2
  • Jinx in Tier 2
  • Lee Sin in Tier 2
  • Cho'Gath in Tier 2
  • Ezreal in Tier 2
  • Lux in Tier 2
  • Ekko in Tier 2
  • Jarvan IV in Tier 2
  • Zyra in Tier 2
  • Yasuo in Tier 2
  • Katarina in Tier 2
  • Zac in Tier 2
  • Kassadin in Tier 2
  • Cassiopeia in Tier 2
  • Alistar in Tier 2
  • Xin Zhao in Tier 2
  • Riven in Tier 2
  • Sejuani in Tier 2
  • Varus in Tier 2
  • Galio in Tier 2
  • Illaoi in Tier 2
  • Sona in Tier 2
  • Veigar in Tier 2
  • Akali in Tier 2
  • Kled in Tier 2
  • Graves in Tier 2
  • Shen in Tier 2
  • Jayce in Tier 2
  • Maokai in Tier 2
  • Pantheon in Tier 2
  • Master Yi in Tier 2
  • Gangplank in Tier 2
  • Tahm Kench in Tier 2
  • Kog'Maw in Tier 2
  • Taliyah in Tier 2
  • Gnar in Tier 2
  • Vel'Koz in Tier 2
  • Anivia in Tier 2
  • Taric in Tier 2
  • Karma in Tier 2
  • Nasus in Tier 2
  • Ziggs in Tier 2
  • Annie in Tier 2
  • Kennen in Tier 2
  • Swain in Tier 2
  • Sion in Tier 2
  • Rengar in Tier 2
  • Evelynn in Tier 2
  • Gragas in Tier 2
  • Vi in Tier 2
  • Ornn in Tier 2
  • Bard in Tier 2
  • Poppy in Tier 2
  • Twisted Fate in Tier 2
  • Tryndamere in Tier 2
  • Olaf in Tier 2
  • Ashe in Tier 2
  • Elise in Tier 2
  • Viktor in Tier 2
  • Xerath in Tier 2
  • Rumble in Tier 2
  • Rammus in Tier 2
  • Diana in Tier 2
  • Garen in Tier 2
  • Shyvana in Tier 2

Average Picks

These champions are of average strength, or can be strong but only in some situations.

  • Kalista in Tier 3
  • Sivir in Tier 3
  • Nocturne in Tier 3
  • Shaco in Tier 3
  • Malphite in Tier 3
  • Wukong in Tier 3
  • Heimerdinger in Tier 3
  • Yorick in Tier 3
  • Kayle in Tier 3
  • Trundle in Tier 3
  • Urgot in Tier 3
  • Hecarim in Tier 3
  • Teemo in Tier 3
  • Quinn in Tier 3
  • Azir in Tier 3
  • Nidalee in Tier 3
  • Zilean in Tier 3
  • Aurelion Sol in Tier 3
  • Nautilus in Tier 3
  • Singed in Tier 3
  • Lissandra in Tier 3
  • Rek'Sai in Tier 3
  • Corki in Tier 3
  • Dr. Mundo in Tier 3
  • Karthus in Tier 3
  • Ivern in Tier 3
  • Kindred in Tier 3
  • Amumu in Tier 3
  • Nunu & Willump in Tier 3
  • Ryze in Tier 3
  • Udyr in Tier 3
  • Aatrox in Tier 3
  • Volibear in Tier 3
  • Fiddlesticks in Tier 3
  • Skarner in Tier 3

Weak Picks

Champions in this category are on the weak side, but can be picked in niche situations.

  • Mordekaiser in Tier 4

Worst Picks

These are champions that do not fit in the current meta, and should rarely if ever be picked.

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Corvux (7) | January 16, 2019 2:24pm
Hi I'm Corvux!
It's just my imagination or this "Tier Community List" always stay the same?
Does this list not supposed to be updated at least one time per month?
I'm just curious, I don't know very well how does this works, but if someone can explain that to me it is going to be very kind...
Thanks xD!
Suunshine | January 17, 2019 10:19am
I think it is supposed to change every month, but i'm not sure. League of Legends meta is always changing. I don't think we should expect that some champions stay on some tiers, instead, they should change positions in order because of new balancing patches and etc.
Corvux (7) | January 16, 2019 10:57am
Yes Mordekaiser it's a very OP champion and have very good combos with some other champions too.
I think this list should be update soon...
Suunshine | January 16, 2019 10:14am
I feel like Sona could be in tier 1 if people know how to properly play her.
FwuffyMilk | January 17, 2019 7:21pm
Shouldn't be to hard to roll your face on the keyboard xD
Suunshine | January 18, 2019 6:20pm
Lmao maybe. I do understand that Sona is not that hard to play, and i still think some people underestimate her because of this. Her difficulty level is 1/3, but learning how to properly use her passive ability (power chord), know which of them use in determined situations and know how to properly build items to her. Anyway, i believe that if you build a lot of CDR you can pretty much roll your face on the keyboard lol.
JohnySalvador16 (2) | January 14, 2019 1:05pm
Corvux (7) | January 16, 2019 10:56am
Except for the "AAAAAAAAAAAAAA...." I do agree with this comment.
theboywhodominatedaplat | January 8, 2019 12:36am
I dislike this tier list since it putted [morderkaiser] morderkaiser in the weakest champion spot since he does unexpected damage and need to be nerfed
C1ber_N8va (1) | January 7, 2019 10:02am
Je ne comprend pas.
Aurelion Sol is very powerful when you play correcctly,he do massive dmg,of course he is very difficult to play,but i think that classing champs in "strenght" is not all depend on the summoner,there's no champion that is more powerful than others.
DutchWolf114 (10) | November 18, 2018 10:31pm
There are too many tier 2 on this list atm, that can't possibly be right.
Kitsunice | November 5, 2018 12:46pm
I've only been playing LoL for about a year and a half, so forgive my ignorance, but I have to ask about something.

I'm curious to find out if ease-of-use would at all be a part of how most users here vote on Tier Lists? When I vote for a Tier, as a newer player who has been coaxing several new friends to play, a big part of what I've been considering is whether or not the champion is extremely useful in any player's control. Champions like Morgana and Sona, for example, are far easier to figure out how to effectively use than champions like Zed and Rammus. I tend to rank them higher because I assume that the easier a champion is to figure out, the more often that champion will be effective (anyone could quickly use them effectively, as opposed to needing an experienced player with a more niche understanding of the abilities). As a result, I find that myself and my friends that are new players stand a much better chance at doing well with a handful of champions than with several others, and I take this into account when deciding which ones are overall better (it isn't my sole decision maker, but I let it weigh in a little bit). Does anyone else consider ease-of-use when voting for tier lists? Or is that just my own weirdness as a newer player?
UnlivedNewt132 (2) | November 10, 2018 3:39pm
I agree that for beginners, playing champions that are easier is a decent trade for being slightly weaker, but if you are ranking them in terms of power like this tier list, I'd say its based on how good the champion is when played at a decent level. Take Aurelion sol for example. A sol is a fairly difficult champion, but you would rank a sol based on how good a sol is when played decently. Of course, not otp level of good, but just when the champion is played at a decent level
Cazziel | October 26, 2018 8:20am
I dont think Lulu is that great anymore, she feels really weak in this meta. I rarely play her anymore, Leona and Braum (tanks in general) does way better - this is coming from a support main.
Wicked Cherry (41) | November 26, 2018 12:58pm
Hey Cazziel,
sorry to disagree with you but I'm also a support main and I have pretty much solely played squishy damage Supports in this passed season. I played mostly Nami with a rather high win rate, Lulu too and towards the end of the season, I played Janna a lot as well. Of course the one patch (sorry can't tell you the exact number) that nerfed almost all shielding supports did hurt, but you'd simply have to adjust to it. Lulu is still pretty valuable in my opinion. Her CCing is still very strong but because of the shorter shield duration you'll have to time it wisely which might be a bit harder at first but you'll get used to it quickly. At least that's what I experienced. :>

Cheers, Wicked Cherry.
KuuHaKu_OtgmZ (21) | October 26, 2018 7:05am
Imo, Jhin should be tier 1, jeez he has so much damage both early and late that it's almost unfair. Towers at ~40 min are squishies, squishies are puddles, only tanks and fed enemies can survive a well positioned Jhin
UnlivedNewt132 (2) | October 29, 2018 8:04pm
They did actually "bugfix" him where hail of blades no longer applies the attack speed for the initial auto that procs it. This means hail of blades is no longer as good on jhin, and maybe will tone him down a bit.
Funny how jhin is always super op because of a "bug" interaction with his passive. *cough cough jhinsoos cough*
KuuHaKu_OtgmZ (21) | October 30, 2018 6:26am
Actually, I've wrote a guide on using Dark Harvest with full lethality build on Jhin, which makes him WAY stronger at the cost of an increased difficulty. Give it a try, I guarantee you'll laugh when people start running from you kkkkkk
Ilift13 (3) | October 25, 2018 2:43pm
Yeah I agree definitely not a great versatile utility player. In the right hands she's awesome but I've met few who play her that well.
BattleDrome (2) | October 19, 2018 12:39am
how is lulu the best of the best? She gets trashed on pretty hard now.
Wicked Cherry (41) | November 27, 2018 11:26am
Hey BattleDrome,
I get that it might feel weird that Lulu's still ranked as one of the best Champions right now - even after the shield nerf! But please don't forget that she has some incredibly strong abilities. She can peel, shield, slow, polymorph the enemies, knock them up and grant vision of them for some small amount of time. Hardly any other Support has as many Crowd Controls as Lulu has. Also, she's able to bully and harass her enemies hard in early. She's still pretty strong even after the nerf and shouldn't be underestimated if you're asking me.
Also, just because you see a lot Luluplayers struggling with her doesn't mean that she's weak. They could be lacking experience of playing her too. =o
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