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League of Legends Community Tier List (13.1)

What is a Community Tier List?

Below you will find a community tier list that you can help curate. Votes on the community tier list should be based on their ease of winning matches.

How does voting work?

Your vote on a champion represents your opinion of what tier (1-5) that champion belongs in. The champions are sorted based on an average of everyone's votes.

How to vote: Hover over a champion. Select the desired tier. Your vote is shown.
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LOL Community Tier List Discussion This is a crowd sourced tier list meant for discussion and fun. Everyone's opinion is different and not everyone will agree with the results. Use your own discretion.


Best Picks

These champions are the best of the best, and are almost always strong picks.

  • Thresh in Tier 1
  • Samira in Tier 1
  • Viego in Tier 1
  • Sett in Tier 1
  • Kai'Sa in Tier 1
  • K'Sante in Tier 1
  • Yone in Tier 1
  • Akshan in Tier 1
  • Renata Glasc in Tier 1
  • Draven in Tier 1
  • Pyke in Tier 1

Strong Picks

Very strong champions that are good in most situations, but may have a counter pick.

  • Senna in Tier 2
  • Lulu in Tier 2
  • Darius in Tier 2
  • Tristana in Tier 2
  • Fiora in Tier 2
  • Bel'Veth in Tier 2
  • Morgana in Tier 2
  • Leona in Tier 2
  • Jhin in Tier 2
  • Fizz in Tier 2
  • Zed in Tier 2
  • Caitlyn in Tier 2
  • Jax in Tier 2
  • Vayne in Tier 2
  • Twitch in Tier 2
  • Ahri in Tier 2
  • Xayah in Tier 2
  • Janna in Tier 2
  • Orianna in Tier 2
  • Kha'Zix in Tier 2
  • Miss Fortune in Tier 2
  • Vex in Tier 2
  • Zoe in Tier 2
  • Kayn in Tier 2
  • Rakan in Tier 2
  • Irelia in Tier 2
  • Aphelios in Tier 2
  • Ekko in Tier 2
  • Nami in Tier 2
  • Lucian in Tier 2
  • Vladimir in Tier 2
  • Blitzcrank in Tier 2
  • Seraphine in Tier 2
  • Jinx in Tier 2
  • Camille in Tier 2
  • Ezreal in Tier 2
  • Talon in Tier 2
  • Sylas in Tier 2
  • Renekton in Tier 2
  • Lee Sin in Tier 2
  • Katarina in Tier 2
  • Lux in Tier 2
  • Lillia in Tier 2
  • Syndra in Tier 2
  • Brand in Tier 2
  • LeBlanc in Tier 2
  • Gwen in Tier 2
  • Yasuo in Tier 2
  • Warwick in Tier 2
  • Soraka in Tier 2
  • Shen in Tier 2
  • Neeko in Tier 2
  • Riven in Tier 2
  • Malzahar in Tier 2
  • Jarvan IV in Tier 2
  • Master Yi in Tier 2
  • Cassiopeia in Tier 2
  • Pantheon in Tier 2
  • Graves in Tier 2
  • Zyra in Tier 2
  • Akali in Tier 2
  • Nilah in Tier 2
  • Veigar in Tier 2
  • Kassadin in Tier 2
  • Yuumi in Tier 2
  • Braum in Tier 2
  • Cho'Gath in Tier 2
  • Zac in Tier 2
  • Sona in Tier 2
  • Kled in Tier 2
  • Illaoi in Tier 2
  • Evelynn in Tier 2
  • Sejuani in Tier 2
  • Zeri in Tier 2
  • Galio in Tier 2
  • Vel'Koz in Tier 2
  • Xin Zhao in Tier 2
  • Alistar in Tier 2
  • Rell in Tier 2
  • Nasus in Tier 2
  • Maokai in Tier 2
  • Varus in Tier 2
  • Qiyana in Tier 2
  • Karma in Tier 2
  • Diana in Tier 2
  • Ashe in Tier 2
  • Jayce in Tier 2
  • Vi in Tier 2
  • Gnar in Tier 2
  • Rengar in Tier 2
  • Swain in Tier 2
  • Ornn in Tier 2
  • Gangplank in Tier 2
  • Garen in Tier 2
  • Olaf in Tier 2
  • Anivia in Tier 2
  • Tahm Kench in Tier 2
  • Tryndamere in Tier 2
  • Annie in Tier 2
  • Bard in Tier 2
  • Nautilus in Tier 2
  • Hecarim in Tier 2
  • Kennen in Tier 2
  • Taric in Tier 2
  • Elise in Tier 2
  • Xerath in Tier 2
  • Rammus in Tier 2
  • Sion in Tier 2
  • Ziggs in Tier 2
  • Poppy in Tier 2
  • Gragas in Tier 2
  • Viktor in Tier 2
  • Twisted Fate in Tier 2
  • Taliyah in Tier 2
  • Kog'Maw in Tier 2
  • Rumble in Tier 2
  • Sivir in Tier 2
  • Malphite in Tier 2
  • Nocturne in Tier 2
  • Shyvana in Tier 2
  • Shaco in Tier 2
  • Kayle in Tier 2
  • Urgot in Tier 2

Average Picks

These champions are of average strength, or can be strong but only in some situations.

  • Wukong in Tier 3
  • Yorick in Tier 3
  • Heimerdinger in Tier 3
  • Nunu & Willump in Tier 3
  • Teemo in Tier 3
  • Rek'Sai in Tier 3
  • Karthus in Tier 3
  • Zilean in Tier 3
  • Trundle in Tier 3
  • Quinn in Tier 3
  • Amumu in Tier 3
  • Dr. Mundo in Tier 3
  • Kindred in Tier 3
  • Nidalee in Tier 3
  • Kalista in Tier 3
  • Lissandra in Tier 3
  • Azir in Tier 3
  • Aatrox in Tier 3
  • Volibear in Tier 3
  • Singed in Tier 3
  • Corki in Tier 3
  • Aurelion Sol in Tier 3
  • Ryze in Tier 3
  • Udyr in Tier 3
  • Fiddlesticks in Tier 3
  • Ivern in Tier 3
  • Mordekaiser in Tier 3
  • Skarner in Tier 3

Weak Picks

Champions in this category are on the weak side, but can be picked in niche situations.


Worst Picks

These are champions that do not fit in the current meta, and should rarely if ever be picked.

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Lavi Sorrow (1) | September 8, 2022 3:47am
Does community tier list reset after each patch? If not, I think it should because some champions are drastically changed.
Well if it would change anything... because currently this list is total nonsense. I wish players cared more about it.
Maybe a possibility to vote should be limited to users who have provided themselves at Mobafire or something. Like level requirement, idk...
Hades4u (507) | September 8, 2022 5:44am
Hey @ Lavi Sorrow!

To be completely honest... it's a feature we haven't touched in a looong time. I know a while ago we looked into ways to improve it but we dropped it for other projects, but hopefully at some point we'll come back to it and update it properly.

Thank you for the suggestions, I'll make some notes for when we get started on updating this tool!
minervatheory (1) | May 23, 2022 1:48pm
So how does the tier list work? Do you rate everyone or just those that you think are good? It seems like most people just get their 50 votes in every month so I guess it's skewed anyway. I'd like to see Taric higher, for example, but I'm definitely biased.
SELORONIOS (117) | June 1, 2022 2:17am
I suppose you're meant to vote for everyone but the tier list is surely not accurate at all. Many people vote randomly and never update them after the changes so it's pretty much unreliable. And even if they did so, the general voting would still be inaccurate considering that people would vote based on their ranked lost matchups.
SELORONIOS (117) | March 25, 2022 8:40am
Community tier list is weird as usual :D
Luxgana | March 11, 2022 8:31am
Skarner should be in worst,and tier list isn't good at all
it should be updated.
Karinutsa (14) | December 9, 2021 1:52am
Why there are no champs in the last 2 cat.l (weak and worst picks)? Do really all people upvote every single champ out there? :(
Silverman43 (72) | December 9, 2021 3:05am
The community tier list is just a bit of a mess right now because of how it works. People don't keep their ratings updated, so the tier list ends up being far from reality. (And there used to be champions in the last 2 categories before.)
The community tier list's functionality will most likely get changed in the future to improve its quality.
KafueLechwe (1) | November 19, 2021 7:58am
For a community tier list this isn't that bad. There are a decent amount of champions that definitely aren't the best picks (like Pyke or Kai'sa) and some that are definitely not average (like Amummu or Teemo). But I fall in the category that most champions are Tier 2 and a solid number of Tier 3s. Will definitely change my votes every time the meta shifts or I'm procrastinating more than usual :)
woolly26 (2) | September 20, 2021 12:08pm
this tier list is meh
Metallichydra (19) | September 16, 2021 12:06am
This tierlist honestly does not seem very good.
Hades4u (507) | September 16, 2021 12:27am
Hey @ Metallichydra! This tier list is based on the community votes. Right now there aren't too many votes, but you can click on any champion to cast your own vote. :)

We will be changing this tier list in the future to hopefully gain more attention from members, making it more reliable since more votes means more reliability.
msvgn | June 1, 2021 9:43am
Aatrox, Mordekaiser and Volibear seemed pretty underrated to me. They are like, at least Tier-2 champions imo.
Tolis slayer (15) | February 15, 2021 3:08am
Isnt udyr really good this season.Shouldnt he be higher thatln what he currently is ?
Tauricus2017 (102) | March 5, 2021 2:54pm
Sadly enough this tier list is pretty... questionable, so to say.

A lot of people vote for something and then never change it again, resulting in a generally outdated and quite less potent results. This gets even worse when you add the ever-changing meta into the math. Certain champion can be broken during the start of season 9 which results in people spamming that champion into S tier but then suck ever after. That champion will still be very high on the tierlist because of hundreds of players already gave them an S mark and never changed that opinion, even though that doesn't indicate that champions power level at all.

Similar case with Udyr here. That champion pretty much sucked for many years and collected uncountable amount of negative votes. Now he is meta for no longer then a month and so it makes sense that he will remain very down in a tier list.

On top of that, since this tierlist is ruled by ordinary people, completely subjectively. It is hard to expect objective and 100% approved opinion like you would from some high level challenger analysts. Many of us, insolent peasants, would perhaps just dump Yuumi into the S tier because...

"cat goes brrr, heals everything and is just broken pls nerf, untargettable cat sitting on a ***** Aphelios bonk, jg diff ez game report team"

...A high tier pro analysts would carefully compare her winrates and evaluate that this kitty is pretty much C tier at best.

So TL;DR: Sadly even though Udyr might be stronk and might deserve an S tier, it probably won't happen on this tierlist due to the way things work around here.

Have a nice day, I hope I answered your question <3
Tolis slayer (15) | February 12, 2021 2:35pm
You should probably move up a bit aatrox because goredrinker is such a stupid item
Tolis slayer (15) | February 10, 2021 10:21am
Pesonally i think that this tier list is pretty good the only one im not sure in top tier is sett just cause pesonally i dunno how good sett is this season but everything else is really good also in my opinion pantheon can be moved up a bit cause he can be really broken
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