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How to push two waves safely

A tidbit I picked up from one of Wickd's VOD reviews. I'll link the video and mark the time he discusses it when I get an opportunity.

Wickd coaching a Jayce. The point about safely pushing two waves is discussed at 14:27.

It is a somewhat specific scenario, but I hadn't heard it before and I consume a lot of league content so if I haven't heard it, others might not have either.

Say the towers are down in Top lane, but you take the Rift Herald. There is an enemy minion wave slightly past the mid point of the river on your side of the map and so you would like to get your minions pushing to the enemy side of the map AND two waves will give you enough gold to hit an item spike.

So how do you get those two waves without having to push too far into enemy territory?

Key Point

You slow push the first wave and then fast push the second wave.

Slow pushing the first wave will allow for the second wave to reach you without you having to overextend into enemy territory.

If you …

I'm back, back, back again!

He-yo! It's me, TheSilverDust! But you can call me Dust (or Silver, whatever). For those people who remember me, I'm this ****posting animal here in this site years ago. Haha, those were the times.

I have been quite busy IRL for several months. Since November, I started to log-in again here on this site. And it pleases me that this site is thriving! The guides were really good compared from the guides before! Also, what the heck there are so many "Vapora's Guide to (insert champion here)" now. I guess, Vapora Dark was really a renowned member of this community which really helped build this site to what it is in the present. Maybe there are more that I could say about MOBAFire, but I guess this is all for now.

First of all, League updates: I finished Plat IV this season. I may have not accomplished reaching Diamond, but I learned so much about the game. Well, I could've reached Diamond if it were not for the losing streak that I had during March-April where I fell flat into Plat V fr…

Should I push my lane early?

This is a relatively complicated medium to high level topic.

If you've got the time watch this VOD review by Wickd of Jax vs a Yorick as he explains some of the thought process around pushing early.

One way to think about it is if you are Top and your jungler starts Bot side then you don't want to push your lane early because your jungler is going to hit level 3 while they are near to your lane.

By holding back on pushing the wave this gives you another tool for setting the course of your lane because it forces the enemy laner to overextend making them a ripe target for a gank.

However if your jungler starts in the top side of the jungler and moves towards bottom side on their jungle clear you may want to push the wave in so you can get a ward in to spot a potential gank from the enemy jungler. If you crash the wave into their tower then you can just wait for it to push back to you knowing you should be reasonably safe from a gank since you have a ward in place.


Awesome community

I love this community very much. The community is friendly and very helpful. They give out great comments and tips to everyone that asks them a question. I feel very thankful to be in such a wonderful community. Thank you everyone, and the manager, Psiguard for making this site a wonderful place to stay and learn.

Master Yi Builds I have been Trying out / Fizz...

Hi all this is my first post on my league builds and interests:

Just so you know me, I am from CT, USA. I have played the game since season two and honestly wish I was around since the beginning. This game is amazing and definitely my favorite of all time.

To get into all my guides and posts: This is on Master Yi Jungle
I am a jungle main and main Master Yi, Kayn, Jarvan IV and soon Fizz/Eve

Here are my rune trees for Master Yi that I have been using
-Dark Harvest or Electrocute
-Lethal Tempo or Press to Attack

State of the bot lane: 7.24

Bot has not changed much from patch 7.23. This is still volatile meta, where a small lead can easily snowball in the bot lane. The only noticeable change from this patch that involves bot is Sona seemed to dip in pick rate and win rate. Other than that it seems like there is only a few minor changes.

Popular and Strong ADCS

54.1% Winrate
25.2% Ban Rate

In a world where the best poke wins lane, Miss Fortune is the queen of that world.

Welcome to my Journey

Hello everyone,

The name is BaxtyB and I am a new LoL player. The idea of this blog is to help me document my progress with the game and also take some of you on the journey with me.

I have been LoL now for just over a month (I started just after Worlds) and I am loving it so far... hence why I am here.

What role do I play?

I focusing on Top Lane just now. Though I have played Mid and dabbled in the other three roles.

Who are you maining?

I am maining Garen but I also play Mordekaiser, Kayle and Poppy. There are some other characters in the works but for now these are my main 4.

What is the aim?

Well I have a few:

1. To reach Gold Level in ranked. This may not seem like much of an aim but I am new to this and also new to MOBA's in general so slow steps.

2. Reach at least Mastery Level 5 with the 4 characters I mentioned above.

3. To continue my improvement and find some consistency. I normally score anywhere from a C- to a B at the moment in PvP but I want to start pushing f…