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Blame The Jungler :)

Being a jungle main one thing comes to notice that is solo laners including bot lane feeds a lot then just simply blames it on the jungler who works so hard to not only gank but counter gank and get ahead of the en jungler along with prioritizing objectives. All these combined and worked out efficiently is certainly not easy. So please take it as a food for thought and stop blaming your jungler and pay him some respect! Thank you1 :)

10 Guides To Watch Out For In 2021

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Lee Sin Mastery 7

Hi guys!

I've finally done it! After a few days of commitment to my goal, I have reached mastery 7 on my second champion ever, Lee Sin!

Kind of sad to think that it took over a year to get more than one mastery 7 but that is how it is.

Bringing to Light how it feels to play in Bronze.

I played my placements and got bronze 2, then played one more game and reached bronze 1. After that my next games were a mess of toxicity and tilt. I know a lot of people will be like : 'It's so stereotypical of Bronze players to blame it on their team'. Which is true, but going 10/0 and not being able to carry the game because a there is a fed Akali and Darius whereas I have a 0/5 top and mid laner to help me with this. Not to mention I was the ADC. The next few games went well for me but because my laners didn't win the lane or just weren't good team fighters, it cost me lp. So I am now a loyal Draft player because I'm scared of playing ranked. And whenever I try to join a ranked game I'm so cautious that I slip up and end up feeding.

Bronze sucks and I just wanted to share that.


Teemo is one of those champions that take the most skill out of anyone in this game.

Firstly, he's very powerful in the early laning phase due to high damage potential and high tactic. However, he's also very limited in that he'll still have trouble fighting nearly every other opponent in the game, which is why Teemo should be respected, and worshipped for not being a flashy 12-15 year old appeasing champ with True Damage, CC, Dashes & Sustain.

He's not a Darius or a Katarina that will get fed and absolutely stomp with no weaknesses in sight. If Teemo gets fed, he still has to play smart and strategize to win, he'll just have an easier time with his (R) and his (Q), but he can't just press (R) in the middle of the teamfight and 1v5 like half the champs in this game and then get away with his forty dashes, invulnerability, CC and bright flashy lights (Which he doesn't have).

Teemo needs to strategize, no matter how powerful he gets. He needs to place his mushrooms with thought. He ne…

Ezreal guide being delayed

Unfortunately, I won't be working at all on my Ezreal guide that I'm cookin up this weekend, as it is my birthday tomorrow, and I don't really want to be working on the guide during my birthday weekend. Hope you understand. Ezreal guide will still be out by the end of this month. Some other news is that I am also working on greatly boosting up the visual appearance of my Lethality Garen guide, which probably won't be released until around mid April. I am also currently trying to gain more of a recognition in the MOBAFire community, so if you like my guides, and wouldn't mind sharing them with a friend, then it would be appreciated.


Updates for Garen build

New updates for the Garen build will be coming soon, adding some quality changes, a few more chapters and some more advanced techniques to the guide. As for other content, I plan releasing a guide for Aphelios within the next few days. Just wanted to gives out the news that things are coming.


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