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100% Guaranteed Way to Win More Games!

Title is tongue in cheek. Sort of.

I'm currently stuck in the depths of Silver 3ish. Players rank somewhere from Bronze 2 to Silver 1.

And neither I nor they play the game right. But when you do have an idea of how the game should be played - OMG! My eyes! Do these people really have no idea what they are doing. Yes. The answer is yes. They don't know what they should be doing and they can barely pilot their characters half the time.

There are some exceptions, but the individual knowledge level is so diverse that actually coming to the same conclusions about what should be happening is rare. You know it when it happens. Maybe the game is a little struggly in the early game, but everyone is farming well and your scaling is good. Then it clicks. Gank Bot. Get a double. Your Mid laner doesn't get a kill but does send their lane opponent back to base so you have a clear shot at the Infernal Drake. Top sees the gank Bot and plays it safe thus avoiding their jungler who was trying to …

guess who's back?

yeah. i gave in.

a bit of context - my name is rivers. i'm a ssb/fgc player from portugal. i've played league from season 3 to season 5, roughly, but i had to stop because my friends did. i never did particularly well (or had any fun) playing this game alone. it was, to me, a very social game, and i was only playing it for the social aspect of it.

i would mainly play marksman roles, with Caitlyn being my main. i also loved to play Diana, mostly jungle, & i had tons of fun while doing it. but my passion has always been fighting games, so i never really focused on learning a moba game, despite loving the competitive scene. i never really cared for ranked games, despite having gotten as far as silver v, which isn't all that good.

so i came back for season 9. i don't have a reason why. honestly, my two roomates play the game, & i asked them if i could play with them. and they agreed. it's been fun so far. i decided to get a new account because i felt like i needed it. i did not spend a…

Insecurities about PvP

So anyone that is reading this, i can assume you may be able to help me..
since i started playing league, I've been speeding ahead of all my other friends in terms of experience and skill at playing my favorite champions to the point where it takes me 5 minutes to win a 1v1 against any of them without dying once.
the problem is, i'm fearful of being flamed and/or entering ranked. i'm an akali main, and I know she used to be permabanned, which isn't so peachy, as well as my tendency to steer clear of PvP because I know I will be defeated by those much better than me.
is there any way to help this? or will I be stuck in unranked for all of eternity??

What are my thoughts about League at the moment?

League of Legends is an incredible game, and if it wasn't I wouldn't be here. But I haven't been playing it much at all recently. I just wanted to express my thoughts about why I haven't played a lot recently.

My first reason for not playing league recently is the appeal of many other games such as Rainbow Six Siege which recently entered it's new season. League has taken a back seat in the games I want to be playing at the moment. I would rather play Hearts Of Iron 4, Rainbow Six Siege and War Thunder than League right now. This is just my current preference yet I'm sure league will captivate me again.

My second reason is Esports. Instead of playing league, I have been watching Fnatic's rise in the LEC and the meta shifts in Korea. I also have to put out there that EU>NA, it's fact at this point. In my opinion league in professional play is so captivating, it develops your personal play and also is so exciting to see both teams play at such a high level. For some reason I find the N…

My introduction

I useally play yi the most and my mains are Zed Yi Nasus Garen witch are pretty ez champs because you can climb fast with them exept Zed because you gotta know the strats and here are my suggestions for people who play these easy champs for Yi this is for the poeple who are brand new with these champs Yi's strong things are that he becomes a ****ing monster in late game and he can deal alottt of dmg and he can get ez farm with attack speed build and get s ranks easily and here are the weaknesses for Yi he is pretty weak in early game and its pretty hard to fight in level 2 if the enemy jg is a counter to Yi like jax rammuss and alot of others can deal alot of dmg to him and has no duelist potential until mid to late game and has got low survival skill early game this is about all i can tell i will be updating it next day

On League and Ranked

Don't attach your personal worth to how good you are at League. You'll get to the rank you should be at in around 100 games if you are new. Probably somewhat less than that if you are very good and haven't let your skills lapse during pre-season by taking a break.

Once you've settled where you as to your rank you have to decide how much work you want to do to improve.

There is quite a bit of advice out there on improving.

I for one want to get things done in the early game so I have a bit of a bad habit of overextending to try and kill the enemy jungler or steal as many of their camps as I can. Which is actually a little funny because when I first started jungling anything past the river was "That Scary Dark Place Over There".

So how could I improve on this and also use the information I have to make the right choice to get the most for my time and my team?

From a game I played this AM. This was a bit after I woke up so I might not have been firing on all cylinders.


How to build the new Kaisa

After the recent crit changes there are many different ways to build Kai'sa. I am currently confused as to which build is best and I will try and show everyone what the options are to building Kaisa.

Option1: Essence Reaver-Rageblade-Runaan's
This build was used by Rekkles earlier into the patch yet hasnt been seen much since. I tried this build out yet it has some fundamental flaws. Firstly, you severely lack attack speed until three items and you get your E evolution very slowly. Secondly, you dont get your Q evolution till late either and the same with your W. The mana regen is very useful on Kai'sa yet I dont think you should build Essence Reaver first item. I think it should be a key items in a Kai'sa build however.

Option 2: Blade of the Ruined King-Rapid Firecannon-Infinity Edge
This build is one i've seen on a couple of Kai'sa's yet I dont like this build anyway. The life steal and attack speed is useful, yet your early powerspike is delayed and your evolutions are again dela…

Rek'sai is Stronk Patch 9.4

Don't have a lot of time for ranked at the moment since I'm spending some extra time prepping for an upcoming Aikido test. Should get a few games in come the weekend.

I'm wavering a bit on the ADC role. With Lucian dropping down it feels a little harder to take control of the lane with a crit based ADC. Or in other words the lanes feel more support dependent. (and the quality of supports is a complete **** shoot in soloqueue).

Not ranked, but I've had some good games on

Taking uneven fights

The #1 problem with my teams in Bronze/Silver is handshaking on uneven fights.

You can take uneven fights if you can instantly delete someone or they are tanking an objective such as Dragon or Baron.

Otherwise winning an uneven fights requires that you and/or your teammates manage to outplay the enemy team.

But to outplay you generally have to have some sort of advantage.

-You have Flash and they do not
-One or more of your teammates has a level or item advantage

And you have to execute properly on that advantage. If you don't Flash the thing that will kill or CC you, then you auto lose.

Which is why trying to rely on outplays is a low % tactic.

A numbers advantage, all other things being equal, is the most reliable play in league.

You need to look at the mini-map and count heads. If you are at a numbers disadvantage or could be at a numbers disadvantage then the correct play is to usually chill and continue with the plan that works for your lane.

Are we a poke lane? Then w…