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Made a presentation for my allies in champ select

No more explaining why I play off-meta champs
No more explaining that I am not a troll
Only harmony and peace <3

Though I gotta say the presentation is pretty trash XD
I broke like all the color scheme rules there are.
Luckily for me, normal players ain't no experienced Mobafire scouts :D


Hi, I'm relatively new to trying to create content of any form, but I'm trying to learn more about the game. I've been playing since 2010, and I hope to be able to bring a slightly different way of looking at the champions, their various strengths in the various roles, and provide field-tested builds and strategies that I intend to try and use to climb the solo-que ladder.

Constructive Criticism, and tips on how to better communicate my thoughts, or anything you feel I've left out are welcome. I'll attempt to be as unsensationalist, and straightforward as possible. Hopefully, I can get to the point where people can ask about a champion and I can spend a few weeks testing things out and then post My thoughts.

Why we no Dragons Mx. Jungler?

Been playing a lot of normals of late, so I expect to have some one sided games, but probably the biggest sigh point as jungler is:

As a laner, before you take a fight or chase consider what objectives are up. If you die right before Dragon is spawning you can pretty much count on not getting that objective.

If your jungler is on the ball they should be pinging out the timer hopefully at least 45 seconds before it spawns so you can have time to get in and secure the area (get and deny vision at the entrance points to the river near Dragon).

Why we no Dragons or Rift Heralds jungler? Because you are all always dead.

And this is really a generalization. If you go down getting two chunky shut downs, well okay then might be worth the Dragon loss.

And for the love of Pete, don't ping out the damn objective while you are dead like we forgot it exists. LUL. We know. If it is third or fourth Dragon maybe the jungler suicides for it, but otherwise I am probably going to go hunt up reliable…

Yone can touch you, but you can't touch him

My take after playing a few games on Yone and playing several against him.

Yone has too many ways to interact with his opponent while limiting their ability to interact with himself. This doesn't mean he is unbeatable, but gah, really annoying champion to lane against unless you have the counterpick and his kit naturally makes him a late game menace.

At a minimum they need to make the shield gained from Spirit Cleave only occur on hitting champions as this would allow you to get more chip damage on him.

At maximum they need to remove the cleanse effect he gets by snapping back to his clone after using

Flawless Victory (sort of)

I don't see everyone on a team get S's too often.

My route:

Leash at Red > Raptors > Wolves > Blue > Gromp (the last two camps done together)

Kayn's route:

Blue > Wolves > Raptors > Red > Krugs > Gank and get a kill on Teemo Top

I didn't try to contest Top scuttle since my Top laner was dead so I headed to Bot scuttle and pinged where Kayn was and started to go to Bot scuttle but thought better of it and went back to wait in the Bot side river bush at Mid lane. It was a good thing I did because this setup a sequence of plays that put the game in the bag at the 5:20 mark.

Is your plan working?

As jungler, just mute people as needed. You will get all kinds of aggressive and passive aggressive **** in chat, but if things are going according to plan (AKA) you are getting your farm and being useful where you can be useful DO NOT let the **** get to you.

E.g. (Laner) I've been ganked 5 times now.

And, I have a huge CS lead on the enemy jungler. Thx for absorbing the pressure as I've got all the items I need to carry this game. (note that I didn't type any of that out. It wouldn't help. I just continued with my plan).

What Laner doesn't say is that they died to a gank with no ward out despite me pinging that the gank was potentially coming, then they immediately Teleported back into lane with the lane still in enemy territory and died to a re-gank ( Xin Zhao skipped the

About my break

Hello Mobafire.

So I just wanted to quickly give a little update about why I just suddenly dropped out of the community for several months. Yeah it was quite a while hey? Anyways, I just wanted everybody to know that I'll be continuing to post new stuff and update old things from time to time, and that I'm not dead. Alright, that's all, have a great day.

Soooo I archived 99% of my guides

As some of you might have noticed, I have archived basically all my guides except for Total Eclipse of the Heart. The reason for that is pretty simple. Some of the guides where focused at real meta playstyles which is a field I don't want to participate in anymore. Some guides where "too badly coded" and I just didn't want to see them anymore. And some guides where focused at playstyles that Riot stopped supporting (for example when they removed Karma's interaction with attack speed items). And well, rather then see them rot and wither, I just took em all down in one go. The only survivor of this massive genocide I just commited was my AP MF guide. The only guide that actually doesn't pain me when I open it :D

I Just Found Out

Ah yes, I played a couple rounds of league yesterday and I'll explain how my first one went. I haven't played League in like a month and when I went into my game yesterday with Gwen so in the prelobby, I asked "Did they nerf Gwen yet?" One person said no and I believed him because I didn't think Riot would nerf my favorite champion or at least think of a way to nerf her. I started just laning like normal against the enemy top laner. As soon as I hit level two, I dashed in and started auto attacking. Something was wrong though, my attack speed was way too low. I then died because better auto attacker wins. WHEN I LOOKED AT GWEN's E ( Skip 'n Slash) I REALIZED IT WAS 20% ATTACK SPEED INSTEAD OF 40% ATTACK SPEED. I then proceeded to type to my teammate, "I THOUGHT YOU SAID THEY DIDN'T NERF GWEN." They then explained that she was nerfed a patch ago and not the most recent patch. After the game ended, I looked at the patch where Gwen was nerfed. Her E attack speed is scaling from 20% to 80%…

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