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The new rise of my old main

When I first started playing League of Legends I played Ashe because i took a liking to the role of ADC. I still play ADC now because of how much I love the role, but I no longer main Ashe. I now play Kai'sa and Sivir mostly. But I didn't realise how good Ashe actually was until checking her stats on With the Blade of the Ruined King build, Ashe is incredibly powerful and is fairly hard to kill with the lifesteal it provides. Ashe can snowball very effectively now, more than she could before. And Ashe is still a great champion for both new and experienced players alike.
When I first started playing Ashe, in season 8, I would always go Essence Reaver first item, with Runaan's and Phantom Dancer. Now, you swap the Essence Reaver with a Blade of the Ruined King, and you become more powerful. Ashe is a great champion and I think others should play her more.

Thank you for reading!

At this point Top lane is a joke

May talk just the tilt out of me, but I seriously think top lane is no longer what it used to be in any way, and the most unhealthy lane you can play on (add some extra points if your jg never gank or follow a fight on top side and enemy jg is practically camping, but that is not the issue)

So to start it easy, when you say top lane, what is first thing that comes in your mind? May be a melee champion, a bruiser? tank? literally I bet in half of your games on top always was a ranged champion (Jayce, Kayle, Neeko, Urgot, tell me if a miss something) to begin with or Riven, which basically is as balanced as them. That is kinda a issue, especially counting Riot is focusing on nerfing champions like Singed, and increase the power of Urgot and Riven.

Recently they even maked urgot W a toggle ability when maxed, to translate it, He can extremly easy proc conquer and deal a massive damage, and when his W cd was an opening for the enemy laner to trade back on him, now there is no longer, not…

Who is a pretty pony?

I think Hecarim jungle might be a little busted right now and I didn't see anything any the upcoming patch notes that suggest Riot is going to do anything to change that.

Caveat. I've played a decent amount of Hecarim jungle in the past using him to go 9-1 in my placements one season when he was also under the radar busted.

Average game time has been around 28 minutes in Silver 3 and breaking into Silver 2.

I'm going the

Silverman43's Random Gameplay thoughts: Damage and...

Hello, Im Silverman43 and this is my first blog post. Today I want to talk about the different tyes of damage in the game and how to counter them.

First of all, there is the high amount of true damage in the game. True damage basically has no counter, except for building large amounts of health. But by prioritizing HP, you might miss some important resistances against other enemies. It has already improved somewhat, but Riot seems to be a big fond of it. Conqueror, Infinity Edge (both especially before the reworks), execute ultimates like

What I learned from playing jungle in casual

I recently got autofilled into jungle and have decided to play a little bit of the role, just taking a break from playing Ashe, Kai'sa and Sivir. I love playing AP/tank Sejuani and it is most effective in the jungle. My most recent game of this shows how playing around a winning lane can win you the game.

By no means am I a great jungler, i don't play the role that often, i often make mistakes in terms of camp decision, yet you don't need to have that knowledge if you can influence the map. The game was an absolute stomp on our side. I played around the bot lane, which was a Draven and Blitzcrank. It was a high kill ability lane, and it worked out. By the end of the game at 24 minutes the Draven had 14 kills.

If you can recognise where you want to play around as a jungler, you can affect the entire map in a better way. You can vertical jungle on the side of the map you want to play around, force plays opposite to the enemy jungler, or even just farm until you become relevant (if the …

Everyone has a threshold

Was watching the fam play Smash Brothers last night. They got quite a few games in and eventually I noticed some gripes and antagonistic behavior moving from the game to real body reality.

And I had the thought that this reminds me of my league games. People can only take so many punches or failures or letdowns.

It just gets to you after a while.

You expected your ADC to all-in but he got cold feet since he didn't know where the enemy jungler was though you knew the jungler was Top side.

The champion with hard single target CC didn't go first to set up the gank so you missed the kill when you didn't hit your skill shot CC.

Your Top laner has apparently given up on trying to match the Tryndamere so he has taken another tower while your team is trying to get much of nothing done in Mid.

You tell your team that you are going to go back to base to finish your Guardian Angel at which point they see a possible catch in Mid and chase it and get flanked and all die because they have n…

ADCs in this meta, who is in and who is out?

In the current meta, I was scrolling through my available ADCs and wondering who to play and learn next. I ended up picking Varus after a couple of Kai'sa games and realised that Varus is underrated in my opinion. I wanted to try out every ADC and I wanted to know who is actually good with the new crit changes recently and the new 9.6 patch.

Ashe was the first champion I mained in League of Legends and I still play her from time to time. She has never really fallen out of the meta, she has seen a little pro-play, and she has been a stable pick for damage at all stages of the game. I would assume she is still a fairly stable pick, if not better in the current meta.

Caitlyn has had a winrate around 49 percent for a long time now yet has remained fairly popular in higher elo. The crit changes and recent ultimate buff should boost her effectiveness in the mid game whi…

100% Guaranteed Way to Win More Games!

Title is tongue in cheek. Sort of.

I'm currently stuck in the depths of Silver 3ish. Players rank somewhere from Bronze 2 to Silver 1.

And neither I nor they play the game right. But when you do have an idea of how the game should be played - OMG! My eyes! Do these people really have no idea what they are doing. Yes. The answer is yes. They don't know what they should be doing and they can barely pilot their characters half the time.

There are some exceptions, but the individual knowledge level is so diverse that actually coming to the same conclusions about what should be happening is rare. You know it when it happens. Maybe the game is a little struggly in the early game, but everyone is farming well and your scaling is good. Then it clicks. Gank Bot. Get a double. Your Mid laner doesn't get a kill but does send their lane opponent back to base so you have a clear shot at the Infernal Drake. Top sees the gank Bot and plays it safe thus avoiding their jungler who was trying to …

guess who's back?

yeah. i gave in.

a bit of context - my name is rivers. i'm a ssb/fgc player from portugal. i've played league from season 3 to season 5, roughly, but i had to stop because my friends did. i never did particularly well (or had any fun) playing this game alone. it was, to me, a very social game, and i was only playing it for the social aspect of it.

i would mainly play marksman roles, with Caitlyn being my main. i also loved to play Diana, mostly jungle, & i had tons of fun while doing it. but my passion has always been fighting games, so i never really focused on learning a moba game, despite loving the competitive scene. i never really cared for ranked games, despite having gotten as far as silver v, which isn't all that good.

so i came back for season 9. i don't have a reason why. honestly, my two roomates play the game, & i asked them if i could play with them. and they agreed. it's been fun so far. i decided to get a new account because i felt like i needed it. i did not spend a…

Insecurities about PvP

So anyone that is reading this, i can assume you may be able to help me..
since i started playing league, I've been speeding ahead of all my other friends in terms of experience and skill at playing my favorite champions to the point where it takes me 5 minutes to win a 1v1 against any of them without dying once.
the problem is, i'm fearful of being flamed and/or entering ranked. i'm an akali main, and I know she used to be permabanned, which isn't so peachy, as well as my tendency to steer clear of PvP because I know I will be defeated by those much better than me.
is there any way to help this? or will I be stuck in unranked for all of eternity??