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Stubborn to a Fault - My Thoughts on the Current Meta

College has been keeping me busy, lately. I haven't been getting a lot of time to work on my guides. On the bright side, I've got plenty of time in between my classes, so I'm happy to spend my free time getting better at the game!

Not too long ago, I played Ranked for the first time. I won the game, getting an S. I've not been playing any more ranked games yet, though I plan to do so in the near future for Twitch livestreams. Until then, you can know me as that girl in Iron elo that compares her guides to the likes of Vapora. :P

My Thoughts on the Meta

My main roles are ADC and Support.

Honestly, seeing many players replace ADCs with heroes like Xerath and Neeko hurts for me to watch. Many ADCs are in a bad spot right now because they're getting nuked to hell by mages and bruisers that decide to play in the bot lane.

On the bright side, that doesn't mean people have stopped playing ADCs altogether. In more games than not, I still find myself going up against th

I think some league creators are christianic

So yeah this title sounds kinda odd but I can explain. Ive been doing a devotional and I found that their new champion sylas is similar to silas. and you know Janna? shes in the new testament. I understnd that there are curse words in league but probably wasnt them that made the words. or im just an idiot and its a coinsidence.

Adulting (Getting Myself Fit for a Future)

I'm currently in college.

I recently got past my first semester, and I've been having a great time as a proud Zip in the University of Akron. I could've done better, though - and I need to do better.

As much as I desire to be a professional gamer, I can't just magically zap myself to the top all because I dream to do so. College is expensive, and I'm not gonna make these four years of my time in college be a complete waste of money.

I start my next semester very soon. Once that happens, I might not be able to update my guides as quickly as I'd want to. I'll need to dedicate more time to studying, doing homework, and making my education worthwhile.

That doesn't mean I'm planning on taking a hiatus, but I WILL notify you if I have to take one. All it means is that I'll have to come up with a proper schedule and to get serious about college.


Riley "MediaMix1"

15 Tips for Junglers

As an occasional jungle player, I see a few junglers either not farming or not being enough of an influence on the game. I love playing AP Sejuani jungle and it normally works because of the either lack of farm on the opponent, or the fact that the opponent has no influence on the game. This may be for a majority of reasons but I am here to give 15 tips to become better as a jungler.

1. Have enough picks - I suggest this for every role because it actually has an effect for draft picking. It is good to one trick a champion sometimes yet that champion can get banned then you are stuck. As a jungler you normally want to be countering what the enemy is playing or just picking a safer pick if you are picking first. Having multiple strong picks is very effective if you are looking to try and influence the game properly.

2. Understand playstyles - If you are playing someone like Xin Zhao in the jungle, you will be looking for early to mid game duels, yet if you are playing Kayn you are tryi…

15 Tips for Supports

As an ADC main and an occasional support player, I see lots of low elo supports being braindead and/or making the same mistakes over and over again. It may be for a majority of reasons but I am here to give 15 tips for improvement as a Support.

1. Have enough picks - Its OK to one trick a champion but in the support role it is less possible to do so as you must be looking to counter pick or synergise with any pick your ADC chooses. Have multiple strong picks which you can pick with and against multiple ADCs and other typical supports.

2. Copy playstyles - Look at what champion your ADC is playing and pick to go along with their playstyle. For example, if they are playing Draven, pick Leona or another snowbally support with engage.

3. Ward correctly - As a support one of your main roles is to do with vision. You need to unlock the warding passive on your support item as soon as possible, this leads to more overall vision for your team. Also in the laning phase ward alternate to your …

15 Tips for ADCs

As an ADC main I see lots of people in lower elo making the same mistakes over and over again. It may be for a majority of reasons but I am here to give 25 tips for improvement as an ADC.

1. Have enough picks - It is OK to one trick a champion for a while, but don't be stuck to only knowing them and being able to only play them well. For example if you are a Lucian main, maybe learn an ADC who counters the champions who counter you, so when you are in a draft pick you can counter pick.

2. Support Synergy - Even if you are not duo-queueing with your support, you need to have synergy with them in terms of their playstyle. If they are looking to pick Leona you should be looking to play an early game ADC who can follow up on her engage like a Draven or Kalista.

3. Ward correctly - This may seem simple but lots of people just blindly place wards in the lane bushes and think nothing of it. These wards are for the most part useless and as an ADC you should be looking to ward the tri bush a…

How to Improve at mage support play

I like to play Morgana a fair amount. I prefer playing her mid as the matchup normally shows my skill of the champion as she is not a conventional mid lane champion. It is a great counter for Zeds and Irelias for the laning phase and mid game. But Morgana support is what I see most people play. And to be fair it is where she should be played in the current meta. Yet i see lots of people playing her in the wrong sort of style. They play her in a more sort of Janna style where they sit back and don't do much other than max E and never land Qs. Some people may say this is bad support play (I say that also), but it is what I see most people doing around silver and gold elo.

So I present to you the Morgana gold grabbing strategy (it can work on other mage supports but I am using Morgana as an example as it is the easiest champion to do it with). The Morgana gold grabbing strategy s where you max W and spam it on the immobile ADCs you will be up against, getting gold from the Remnant of the…


As a squishy champion main I generically and subjectively hate assassins. It is in my nature to do so as i can only kill them late game or if they are tied down in cc. This new dark harvest allows assassins to nullify any squishy champion even more now and it also allows Pykes to use his ultimate on me when i am half health. It allows assassins to one shot you at level 3 also, which is not good for ADCs who typically want to scale. I ask Riot Games to think about us poor ADCs next time they do anything to assassins. Us ADCs have endured item nerfs, stupid mages in the bot lane (go away Karthus and Swain bot lane mains), Brand and Zyra as supports, our postion being useless for half of season 8, and the fact that ADCs are only vaguely useful now till late game with a proper support. In just season 8 alone we have absorbed so much stuff, so just nerf dark harvest and Pyke for this patch as I am sick of being one-shot by assassins. I also call for a new armour item for ADCs which actually…

The return of the funnel strat

Riot removed the funnel nerf recently so the strategy is back and viable again. If you are in a duo queue and tell your teammates it is often successful. I will be telling you the best ADCs for the new version of the funnel strat and the new pathing for it.

Kai'sa, Jinx and Tristana are, in my opinion, the best for the new return of the strategy. The best jungler for the strategy is either Nautilus, Braum or Alistar. The new route is optimized for those champions yet can work for others if necessary. The route is:
Red Buff- leash
Raptors- Jungler smites big one immediately then you smite it after then kill the smaller raptors
2 mid waves- Allow the jungler to get as many relic shield stacks off on minions as possible
Blue buff- Save smite
Rift Scuttler- If it is up then take it with smite.
2 mid waves- Again allow relic shield stacks
Wolves- Let jungler tank
Mid wave
Mid wave
Recall- You should be able to complete your jungle item and maybe be able to grab some oth…

What Should the Pros pocket pick?

From watching lots of EU lcs and lots of international games I have been wondering why people don't play certain things. There are lots of things that are still fairly meta, yet are thrown out the window. Here is who I think should see more play in pro play.

Heimerdinger Mid: Heimerdinger was seen in the bot lane this season in lcs, yet after ADCs came back into relevance he stopped seeing play. Yet he can still be played mid as a counter to someone like Irelia or someone who cant clear waves well early game. Heimerdinger is the best counter for those types of champions with his turrets and he can also delete squishies if the correct combo is made. He is basically Zoe without a lack of waveclear early game and the ability to be super slippery and hard to catch with his turrets. He can also be a flex pick in the draft if needs be.

Nautilus Supp: Nautilus is an incredible engage support. He only really saw play as a counter as Thresh in Worlds yet he is a great replacement for when Ali…