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How good is MOBAFire? Why is it so popular?

A lot of MOBAFire's guides are kinda... iffy in my opinion. The highest classed ones are sometimes written by golds, which I won't say is bad, but they obviously aren't experts.
All across the community I've seen people saying that if you use MOBAFire, you won't be taken seriously. trieu chung roi loan cuong duong
How good is MOBAFire? Also, if it really is this bad, how could it becomes so popular? (Search up guides, and you find MOBAFire)
Also, what are your thoughts on LOLKing guides? Are they just as bad?

It's been a while!

To anybody who is reading, hello! It's been a while and if you know who I am you may have wondered where I've been! Truth is, I haven't been active because I was thinking about quitting League for months at a time since I just wasn't playing every day like I used to. The last 2 months however... let's just say I've played roughly 450 games... I have been playing 10+ games a day, with my record being a whopping 25 games in a single day so far.

I'm still hardstuck Plat though. Holy I'm bad at this game...

(also it's my birthday on the 31st of august : ^)

Seriously though, I'm back and I'm more of an ADC main now, but I might switch roles again soon. I'm currently known as Hextech Rifle on EUW now, so if you want to add me in-game that's my name.

New Main Top: Ornn

I bought Ornn upon his release in PH on Aug 24 (Thursday).

As my friend "Hetsugane" and I were selecting our champs in Normal, I auto-locked Ornn. I just wanted to practice how to use him since he seemed to be interesting to me. Suddenly our Vayne demanded for Top and we had no Support, so I had no choice but to fill in the role. I like Supporting, it's just that people in PH often belittles that IMPORTANT role for multiple reasons both valid or not.

Anyway, as game progressed, I was able to lean towards as a killer rather than a Tank Support, which was still good. Despite my failed timing of combos and lost entirely, I now had a grasp on what Ornn could really do.

Today, I played Ornn again, this time on Top lane. I found him to be a good match up again Riven when trading. Hetsugane and I in that game lost due to the Riven catching up (and being a show-off).

And now, I decided to put him as one of my 3 favorite Top laners, with Camille and Kennen.

New Guide!

Working on a guide! Making one for Heimerdinger, since A. He was my first real main. B. Nobody really has made a decent guide on this website for Heimerdinger Top. Anyways, I'm working on the VS. Champions section, I plan on putting most of the top lane champs in there. If anything, I just hope it does decently.

Annie - Fan-made

**** Disclaimer ****

This is a fan-made story, it's another Annie's backstory created by the mind of a normal guys that finds " writing " fun. Everything that you're going to read is written at the moment without any help or anything to copy.
Have a nice read.

**** ****
Every LoL player knows who is Annie, and how she is " special ", but, has anyone ever asked what is her story? I'm going to tell you.
Annie's full name is Sarah Anna Thornton, then called Annie because her mother loved how that name sound like. She was a normal child like every child she knew.
Then, she reached her 9 years old.
She was in her room, playing with her teddy bear, whose name is Tibbers, when a creepy noise came from her bed's feet. Suddenly, a big puff of smoke came out, and after it was dissolved a big man appeared.
He was tall, he had red skin and black hairs, with big feet and 2 large horns on his head and he wore a vintage black suit,. At the beginning he stared at the child, but after 10 seconds he s…

My laners are Bots; some jungler perspective.

I don't know you. Until proven otherwise, you are all automatons that are programmed just well enough to get to lane and attempt to CS.

How do you prove you are not Bots so I want to help you?

When the game starts run out to the jungle and take up a position to protect OUR jungle. If I lose our Blue buff and then you get cheesed at level 2 by their jungler wearing OUR blue buff, I'm probably going to be tilted and you are probably going to be tilted. Save us the trouble.

You get +1 human point if you run out and protect OUR opposite buff without me asking you to.

When protecting the jungle ward out in front of you and know your escape path! I smack my head every time I watch someone on my team setup in the river bush between the two paths back into the Blue side jungle and they get collapsed on and they die because they have not planned a retreat path.

If you are a lazy sluggard and don't make it out off the fountain at the 14 second mark, treat the damn jungle like it might ha…

League of Legend Community

Seriously there are players that are so much fun.
In some games I find myself in a team, where

.1 or more players don't even chat and feed saying more than anything;

.Player gets killed top, and says that the jungler is bad even though he's bot;

.That guy that has already played 2 or more games, of course lost every one of that, and flames everyone because he is p*ssed off even when it's his fault;

.That guy that in the pick calls a lane after 5 seconds and pretends to have got that lane when you have already called it 10 times, and of course, he feeds because you don't give him the lane;

.And last, but not the least, that one that starts a game when he has to go, and he is like " Oh sorry, I'm going can you handle this? ".

Because overall our beloved " League of Legends" is a stressful game! I find myself in the list I wrote up there, sometimes I punch the computer's keyboard because of getting killed while my support is taking a nap under the turret.
Very often I get that " …

PF's blog update - August 19, 2017

It's time for another random blog post!

I don't like the state of League at the moment that much, because I feel like a lot of champs like Cho and Talon are quite overpowered right now, I hope they will nerf some of them in the next patch. I haven't played ranked in a couple weeks but I have to return to it because soon I will decay. I just hope I am able to keep maining Zyra, because I have to start playing some other champ if she becomes too weak against other champs.

Also, I have been playing some arurf, got Evelynn 2 games in a row :D it's fun but it gets old. I kind of miss the old urf tho, because most of the time my aram luck is not very good.

By the way, anyone else got a bug in the client that you cant switch to 'away' -state at all?

New Vayne 1v9 Build

Now the Vayne R (Final Hour) Rework is coming the next patch. The new Q dont apply bonus crit damage anymore, so crit isnt the greatest now. I am building a new build, with Blade of the ruined king and Guinsoo´s Rageblade as the first 2 items. This new build does so much damage to both tanks and carries. When u stack you Rageblade, u get so much attack speed and your W gets empowered. I´ve been testing this new build with different supports and my conclusion is that Lulu and Janna are the two best with Lulu as the number 1. You can easily play it with other supports that maybe fits your playstyle better than these two. Pls respond to me if y tryid out the build and tell me if you liked it or not. Every constructive critic will be gladly taken to consideration. Good luck in the fields of Justice.



Hello there Summoner!

You can call me Kiki! Or... Wolfie if you prefer because of my Summoner name.


So as you can see I'm new around here! Gonna take some time getting used to typing in this little box... Telling you guys about champs and such... But that's no biggy!

So without further-a-do, let me tell you a little about myself.
I haven't been playing League for very long, a few months or so.
(I'm not a pro, trust me)
But I do know some about builds, champions, and allll the fun stuff!
Or, the main stuff anyway heh… It can be a little overwhelming at first, especially with all the champions, and roles, and items. But once you get used to it, it becomes a little more comfortable.
So let’s talk about my League life shall we?
The champions I play mostly are:
And Lulu!

When I started playing League, I learned Poppy. So she has been my main for quite some time. But recently, I’ve gathered up the courage to actually start playing…