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ok so Pyke the new champion that's coming out soon, i'm not 100% certain if i'm excited or terrified that he is going to exist soon, i don't want a Blitzcrank hook to then get an Irelia stun to then get a

Communicate Don't Berate

This and this are why I don't main jungle any longer.

I helped my team earn kills in all three lanes and it didn't amount to ****. And in this game my team rotated rather nicely on a couple of invades by the enemy team allowing us to pick up some kills, so it wasn't like we didn't have at least some synergy with respect to what needed to be done.

I was of the opinion that Phase Rush was simply better in pretty much all cases on

A Few Personal Thoughts about the Climb

A quick thought about climbing in League, and its not just about not tilting and not quitting:

Last night, I hit Silver 1 and am a tier away from my top rank to finish 2017. Now, yes I want to hit that Gold tier again, but to be open about it, I am not really focusing on that, or any particular rank, as a goal. It's great if and when it happens, but the season is the entire year. So how DO I approach the game when I have that long of a runway to consider?

Every time I start a game of League, I begin with the exact same setup as everyone else, give or take a small percentage, and it is my job to make the most of whatever that amount is by playing the best game I can. It means that in the early game, I need to prudently manage the bottom lane and control my excitement at points, respecting threats and seeking opportunities to gain advantages while avoiding opening myself up for the opposition to do the same. As the game progresses, I think about what is happening, what goals the oppone…

i need help

Ok so I've been playing ranked lately because i feel like it's finally time i tried for it but i have the problem of being provisional right now and when i play ranked my playing style is simply to much for it to be effective i have gotten better with vision control and trying to play safer but i get the feeling that even things i do right is just not improving my ranked plays so i just want help to figure out how to do things correctly where to do them, like lane pressure which i can do when i play support because two people bot but other lanes like jg, top and mid i have a struggle to put lane pressure on the opposing team and i struggle against champions like Riven or Zed because i unfortunately get all the smurfs or people who are just good enough to at least best me so all i ask for is some help with ranked so i can finally climb the ladder and hopefully at least get to silver instead of being stuck on bronze II

if anyone helps me i appreciate any help and thank you for taking …

Experience after 6 months of not playing

First thing my acc got stolen, so i had to create new one. I created new acc, played 6 games, and didn't meet any salty player. Then it hitted hard, 2 players from my team, spamming chat with abusive language, and saying that our family should die. After that one of them left the game, and other one wanted to surrender. But we didn't accepted that, and told him that if he wants to end it, he have to leave game like the other one. Didn't left and was complaining about us not accepting surr. When game ended all what he wrote was "report ash for not FF". I wrote "well if you didn't wanted to play you should leave game like the other one". And what can you expect from some small kiddo "Your family should die and you too".
Sorry for my bad english, didn't wrote or spoke in english quite long, so I need to get to it.

Enemy Junglers Spontaneously Combust Between Ganks

Actually they don't.

And if they are healthy after a gank they may be coming for you next.

Pan to the gank and watch. See if anyone uses a summoner spell or ultimate.

Check how healthy the enemy junger is and which direction their character model is facing as it goes into the fog of war.

They may stop to do scuttle crab, but if they were facing down river to your lane they may be coming for your next.

Graves, Lee Sin,

Chogath op?

Have you ever noticed that a really good cho'gath player can just mess up everything? As a Cho player myself I've survived 4v1s and once even had a Quadra without having my ult up. People always complain that he isn't versatile and a good champ because he has a nuke that has a 45 second timer but no one ever looks at what those feast stacks do. Your e does 0.5% of enemy health with each feast which can go up to 130%. Isn't that insane?

Learning to Play Midlane

Yesterday, I played my second ever game on Ryze, as you can see here my score was 9-2-6:
I am a midlaner who is learning how to properly play meta midlaners. Currently I am working on Zoe and Ryze and sometimes Veigar and I will start Casseiopia soon. My average CS by 10 minutes is about 80-90 depending on my game. I am looking for advice on my play, so ai can become a better midlaner and push out of Silver. Now into my Ryze match: many of you know, Ryze has perhaps the games worst early game, so i died to a well done early gank by Jarvan. I was playing against Azir, who was an interesting opponent, who was poking me down very well. However I knew that I could win extended fights once I had my Rod of Ages. I got an easy 1v1 kill as soon as I got my Rod of Ages, yet I knew that this game (unlike last) I wanted to try the damage version of him, instead of the Abyssal Mass semi-tank. I joined my team to fight a lot, because Ryze has an in…