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Jungle Pathing: Where should I be?

-I did decently at thinking about what I wanted to do at least as far as the early game went.
-I had a couple of flubs on this in the Mid game that cost us two Drakes, one of which was an Infernal.
-I need to direct my team if I see them in the wrong place or using too many resources in the wrong place.
-I need to move to the edge of the fountain when buying.
-The gamble I took to secure the first infernal drake was too big of a gamble with the information I had and the resources I had available.
-Did remember to drink my potions a couple of times when it was imporant
-Did fail to use my Stopwatch when it was important (use your actives!)
-Try to communicate with your laners what you need in the early game.
--Ask them to cover your jungle
--Ask them to ward the opposite side scuttle crab
--Tell them to collapse on them if they see them
--It makes the enemy jungler feel like they can't count on their team (the enemy Kindred pinged the heck out her Zed)

Above all decide which lanes …

Odyssey: Onslaught

I don't think Riot really thought about the impact of missions in Onslaught.

The other modes are fine.

But having the missions be asynchronous with respect with the community was a horrible design choice.

To explain. You work your way up to earning five augments, each of which modifies a basic ability in some way. For instance Ziggs can get an augment called Hex Healing that makes his Hexplosive Minefield heal his allies.

Honestly pretty neat. You get the augments through playing (actually I think there is a pack in the store that allows you to buy them all without playing, but don't do that unless you've got the spare cash and don't have the time to play the game that much).

There are several different difficulty levels:

Intro, Cadet, Crewmember, Captain, Onslaught.

And you have to earn your way into the next level up.

And it was fine. Then today I got into Onslaught for the first time.

Oh, boy! So all I want to do is win a game with all my shiny unlocked augments.

And …

Protect your lead

I want to talk about one of the most tilt inducing thing in the game for your jungler.

Say you jungler hands you first blood on a platter and then returns for a gank and hands you another kill.

And wards up the enemy jungle so you can an incoming gank early.

Do not do something stupid to throw you lead. Protect your lead.

This includes things like not taking a bad trade just before their jungler will show up to gank you.

They will try to gank you if you are trading with them enemy laner because you will have lost some health and some of your abilities will be on cool down.


I gave our Yasuo first blood and a 2nd kill on

Use your resources

When you are stuck in a rut as jungler there are some actions you can take to help get yourself squared away again.

Champion Guides

-Go find a guide on your favorite champion, read it, and if you have any questions ask the guide author.

I obviously prefer Mobafire and you may too since you are here. :-)

-Make sure your itemization, runes, and ability/lvl choices are up to date.

-If the guide doesn't have it or you just want to make sure you have the most current info possible, go update your knowledge of jungle pathing by finding a high level player clearing on youtube or by checking out their stream.

Youtubers and Twitch Steamers

-I Will Dominate has some good guides and he seems to have calmed down at least in the videos that he has been posting.

-Virkayu has some good information on various aspects of jungling.

-Tarzaned's coaching sessions are usually more useful to me than his youtube highlights (though I have occasionally picked up a thing or two from the later).

Go fin…

Hi & First Thoughts From A SMITE Player

Hi everyone,

Mostly wanted to say hi, and to share some thoughts. Just a warning, this will be TL;DR unless you're bored.

Quick intro, I'm from the bastard MOBA stepchild, SMITE, and am the moderator at SMITEFire. And no, I'm not a great player, I just love the game and have written a lot, e.g. my Conquest guide (same mode type as Summoner's Rift).

At work, 3 coworkers and I have "Switch club," and on lunch breaks we often play Mario Kart (and have Mario Party / Smash Bros on preorder). One of them just built a PC and wanted to start playing something on that platform as well. For some reason (masochist?) they chose LoL. It's not going to ever get hardcore, just something fun to play, but in that, I still want to be able to know WTF I'm doing, at least to some degree.

I've been using Wayne as a resource (also Devampi, but I'm not sure what name he uses here) just to help familiarize myself with LoL. Obviously due to SMITE, I know all the general MOBA concepts...roles, farming, free…

Things to Work on Going Forward

A Challenger Coach on League of Legends Ranked Tiers

From the Bronze list i need to work:

3. How much damage can be given and taken by your champ and those you commonly face

From the Silver list i still need work on it all:

1. How to apply their champion knowledge in all situations (for example, a better knowledge of enemy match ups)

2. More advanced aspects of minion wave control (we linked some videos on this at the end of last week’s article)

3. How to make correct macro strategy decisions

And at the more micro level

1. Laning
2. Trading effectively
3. Avoiding early minion aggro
4. Positioning in team fights
5. Keeping up CS throughout the game and maintaining a lead (which we’ll get to an example for soon)

From Gold

Making the correct macro decision consistently

Back to GOLD Baby, Let's GO!

Just finished my promo series, and despite an AFK top lane AND a Yasuo ADC that neither knew how to ADC or how to play Yasuo for that matter, we got there! What is most satisfying about returning to Gold on both Flex and Solo Queue isn't just clearing the bar again - I can tell that my game is vastly improved from last season. The champion pool is seeing some diversity (Sona has not been my main pick this season, despite her being a fav of mine) and my Brand and Morgana play have vastly improved.

So, it is the end of August, what's next? The climb continues, and hey, who knows. Maybe there is Plat in my future with a strong run the last couple of months. I just bought a new notebook to take day by day accounts of "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" which should help me focus on key areas I know I need to develop and just keep refining and improving my game. My play is far from perfect, and that's probably something I love the most about League - the curve doesn't seem to end for me, and…

AP Tryndamere

Tryndamere's always been somewhat of a niche pick for split-pushers, but always quite good for solo queue if you choose to play him. His ability to turn around 1v1s is notoriously annoying, and his sustain in lane can be obnoxious.

This build has caught on quite a bit lately, and gives Tryndamere plenty of tower crushing power even without AD. Check out how to play it below!

How to Play:
Abilities: E, Q, Q, W then prioritize R > E > Q > W
Summoner Spells: Flash + Ignite
Starting Items: Doran Blade + Health Potion
Core Items: Nashor's Tooth, Ionian Boots, Lichbane, Guinsoo's Rageblade, Rabadon's Deathcap, Hextech Gunblade.


How It Works
Stronger Mid-Game Powerspike
While AP and AD both have strong cheese power early game, AP's mid-game burst potential is much higher. Back in Patch 8.13 they also greatly reduced his E - Spinning Slash cooldown at rank 4 and 5…

Loses are on you to figure out

If you lose a game it means that you did not find a way to carry hard enough.

Figure out how to carry harder.

Some games that is going to mean stomping your lane opponent and drawing pressure to you.

Some games that is going to mean stomping your lane opponent and then transferring you lead to the rest of the map.

Some games that is going to mean neutralizing at least one player on the enemy team even if you don't make splashy plays.

Some games that is going to mean playing in a way that allows you to absorb jungle pressure without dying.

Some games that is going to mean transitioning from a diver to a peeler.

Some games that is going to mean cheer leading for a team that is down.

Some games that is going to mean losing as slowly as possible until the enemy team makes a major mistake out of impatience.

Sometimes that means revamping your champion pool to one that can thrive in the current META.

Sometimes that might mean reviewing your replays to understand why you died.