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Stuff on the list of things I should do irl: Part 1

First thing:
KNIT MYSELF A SWEATER (which, according to Psiguard, is weird xD)
this sweater, in fact (except I'm going to make mine green :D):

Why, you ask? because there's nothing like wearing something and being able to say you made it yourself, besides I want to prove to myself I can. I've been knitting for more than 5 years now...& in that time I have made 2 felted purses, a pile of wristwarmers (in pairs ofc), a couple scarves (I don't like making scarves much), a few hats, & several other things...but NO SWEATERS (other than the baby sweater I'm working on).

(my first felted bag)

This may seem strange as sweaters appear to be what non-knitters consider the quintessential "thing to knit"....or maybe that was socks (which I attempted to knit several years ago)...

In other news:
-the textless sigs are taking a short break
-Yum chai tea
-Is now officially on THB :D

Begining of huge update

Hello there.

I think i covered all i wanted to cover on the topic of MOBAFire. Now i am starting to cover the update on my guides.

Finaly i have some spare time @ work so i can run tests from here and also need to transfer fiew .docs to my PC @ Work with the guide descriptions.

Main Prio is ofc
- Warwick
- Master Yi

Next i think i will go non standard and skip irelia for ending up the Malphite build.

I am considering taking down Ezreal and Zilean builds permanently.

Ok so back to work :)

Mastajdog's Blog's Random articles

So Mobafire's got a blog now? cool. so anyway, I'm Mastajdog. I'm on the U.S. Servers, and I'm level 30. i plan on starting ranked soon. My mains are evelyn (DOMINION ONLY) nasus, amumu, cho'gath, and i'm starting as sion. SO... Anybody else being stalked by dufftime? If you feel like looking at any of my builds, just keep in mind that i took advice from chaotic bliss. I don't play champs entirely normal, since that's easially countered. however, don't expect stuff like AP GAREN. just to clarify. but i don't take you shalt play this champ with this item. there are some exceptions, such as ryali's on vlad and roa on singed or rageblade/gunblade on jax. but ohter than that, expect some randomness. thanks for stopping by.


Hello all!
Noticed there was a new blog function and it seemed pretty cool, so I'ma post one now. :P
Nothing much to say...
Anyways, I'm going to take a break from LoL right now; Might be short, might be long, I'm not sure.

If you're interested, feel free to add me in game (RosePhoenix).

Gl & Hf with your games. C;

The Purpose Of This Blog

Dear Summoners,

I am GrandmasterD (or Nick, whatever you prefer) and I figured I should make use of this new blog concept. I figured I did not have a lot to talk about as my life is not that interesting but I thought about something I could write about even though it is not really contributing to this wonderful community.

First, I will tell you a little something about me. I am a 19 year old Mathematics and Physics student at the Utrecht University and I'm an avid gamer. I play League of Legends a lot, I often find myself still playing at 2:30 am while I know I really shouldn't do that. Also, I am a programmer and really into game design. This brings me to the actual purpose of my blog.

Currently I am working on a game similar to League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth and Defense of the Ancients. The current title I'm going with is "Swords of Darkness" but I welcome all suggestions. One of the most fun things to do seemed to be designing heroes (or champions whatever you like to call …

Hatred, Evil and just a touch of Chaos

Oh goodie! It seems that MOBAfail has done something right for a change. Blogs that I can fill up with my thoughts and opinions about the losers and puppets I play with on LoL. That's simply fantastic! I was going to make a tumblr for all that stuff, but hey, this is a little bit more convenient, seeing how I have an active audience of people I torment right here on the MOBAfire website.

I suppose I can take a little time to introduce myself for those who don't really know me all too much. I'm the self-proclaimed villain of MOBAfire, also known as the number one (considered by many) 'troll' of MOBAfire. The sad part? Most people know of this and yet still seek to get enraged by my most obviously-joking-around posts because they take everything on the internet seriously and have the sense of humor comparable to a 90 year old liberal politician. But enough of that I suppose, you came here to laugh right? That will happen in future posts, along with random trash art I'll use to spew m…

How to Write a Good Introduction for an Essay

Hello everyone :) In this blog I wanted to cover English to help some of you grasp the nuances of the English language.

What I'm going to do is walk you all through the very basic, very preliminary steps to writing an introduction for an essay. Please feel free to use all the tips and tricks I mention here for your own essays/assignments/stories.

"50 000 people have diabetes, which is a disease."

50 000 people, where? Is this a percentage from a certain county, or is this the whole world? Are you sure that figure is correct? What do you mean by diabetes? Does the demographic "people" consist of children and adults, or just adults?

Do some research and answer your questions.

- 285 million people suffer from it
- Most third-world countries (low-middle income) are sufferers
- Diabetes is an illness
- Primarily adults between 40-59 suffer from it

Now rearrange these facts into a paragraph:

"Diabetes is an illness that 285 million people suffer from. Third-world countri

Hello everyone. Let me introduce myself.

I am living in Germany (and was born there as well) and I'm 16 years old.
My name is Philipp aka AndroidPron aka Xiron.

How I arrived to League of Legends

When I first heard about League of Legends I never thought that it'd be this good. It's the best game I've ever played (compared to the money I payed and the hours I've played). I never thought I could really like this game. "It's for kids". But then my friends convinced me to try it. Somehow... I liked it.
Then I discovered my first Champion Veigar. I liked playing him because I was able to deal tons of damage over a really short time. The next Champion I bought was Nocturne.
Hell I loved this... thing.
League of Legends caught me.
Then I wanted to actually know what I was doing. I searched for Guides. Then I heared about MOBAFire. After reading some guides I wanted to write my own. Not only to improve my English but because it seemed alot of fun. After some failed guides I finally discovered my champion.

Who Am I + Thanks

Hi all, I'm jhoijhoi (or Jai) and I am currently an active Veteran here at MobaFire. I love writing guides and I enjoy helping people write their own guides. Currently I had set kind of a trend with my personal spin of formatting, and I always squeal with glee whenever I see my templates implemented.

Imitation is the highest form of flattery :)

Beyond MobaFire (though I do spend much more time here than I should, people get sick of me pretty quick) my life revolves around full-time university studying a Bachelor of Secondary Education (Physics and English). And when I get time, I spend it with my two best friends and roommates in real life, Patch and Warlemming.

When I joined MobaFire I just lurked. I read guides, improved my gameplay and spent some time learning about the site. It was only until I published my own Ashe guide that I learnt the harsh reality of not everyone liking your ideas.

In this regard, Jebus McAzn helped me out significantly, and I owe everything I am today …

Australian Pro LoL Teams

Recently I've been interested in joining a professional LoL team. It all started when my mate Dougly asked me in-game to sign up for a small team he was getting together. He created the team on an Australian gaming site called CyberGamer. The site has 3 League of Legends ladders and we are playing on the 5v5 ladder.

Anyway, after winning our first match I started researching the top 10 teams on the ladder. The team that instantly drew my eye was MiNDFREAK.RAZER, I mean, here was a team that was sponsored by RAZER, AMD, ENERMAX & iPGN. Their team members were all crazy good players and they had won 13 games lost 3, sitting at second on the ladder.

Further down the ladder two other teams caught my eye, Sequential Gaming and Vortex Gaming (Vortex Gaming lost their sponsor today and their name is now in limbo xD).

Being the ballsy guy that I am, I applied for all three teams.
MiNDFREAK- Did not hear from.
Sequential- Already had a full team lineup for the WCG in Korea
Vortex Gaming- Nee…

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