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Ranked Day 14

Game 38: Taric Support

Don't really remember this game :o

End Result: Victory +17 LP 75->88 212/180

Game 39: Zed Top

Good game for me, started out 2-0 in two really close fights. Most CS in game, came to teamfights stage I could take out the ADC and we won game pretty easy.

End Result: Victory Qualified for Gold III Promotional Series 213/180

Game 40: Jarvan IV Jungle

Really good teamfights, it was an even game, but we had better fights so gg no re.

End Result: Victory 1/0 in Gold III Promotional Series 214/180

Game 41: Jarvan IV Jungle

Top lane got absolutely crushed Vlad vs. Warwick. Bot lane didn't do well either, so everyone turned on me for being a bad jungler. Oh well I probably could have played better, but Vlad was useless, and a useless Vlad is gg.

End Result: Defeat 1/1 in Gold III Promotional Series 214/181

Game 42: Jarvan IV Jungle

Great game, not very close, closed out my promo's and on to Gold III!!!

End Result: Victory 2/1 in Gold III Promotional Serie…

How to deal with Twisted Fate (ganks)?

I don't really have enough experience with this match-up to know what to do. Playing against Twisted Fate mid isn't challenging. That's fine. However, his ganking is a problem. How do you deal with it if you didn't pick a mid that can stop his teleporting (like if you were first pick)?

I've considered outright banning him, but my priority bans are Shen,

Can't stop

I just can't stop listening to this:

If you wanna blame someone for getting me into this anime blame Heazle! Totally her fault!

Oh and the anime is basically about a brother and sister trying to repair their relationship and as the story progresses they uhh *cough* start "liking" each other *cough*. If you're interested PM me and I'll link it for you. Too lazy to do it here :P

Streaming my S3 Ladder Climb, Giveaways HQ (720p /...

Come and watch my S3 Climb stream as i will have giveaways depending on what you guys want.
I won't have giveaways if there is only 30 people viewing but sure i will do the best i can.

To participate you need to be a follower and also actually follow my stream and watch it.

I'm training to become pro and would love all the help i can get :)
It's my dream and I'm dedicated to succed so please tune in :)






Thank you so much everyone, your support is helping me very much. Love you all.



Hey. Im a average player. Im in level 30 on EU West. I dont play on any other server. But if you wanna play with me on like EU Nordic & East, etc, I sure can make an account there! :D

Just keep in mind please!! :d Check my profile for my username, favorite champs and roles :)


Last Hitting With Cloud Carry

Hey there mobafire community,

I wanted to stop by and leave a link to my last hitting drill I just made this week.

It's about 15 minutes and I go through my first 2 lessons that I give via to my students when they want to learn ad carry.

I also give mentoring advice about your gameplay and encourage players to add me on my smurf/ask me questions in my twitch chat.

I just got into this streaming thing this last month, and am in love with the idea of having more students. Please come follow and tell your friends about me if they want to learn their roles better.

I label all of my vods and put them into the highlight section.

without further ado: my last hitting drill link:

link to my highlights:

My Lover Ezreal

Lets kick things off with a movie!
I've been noticing that Ez and Sona have a certain chemistry on the battlefield. He makes a good lane partner that's for sure. Maybe he isn't just some queer. Probably bisexual or just an unfortunate bishie.

In the last few days, I've paired up with something like 6 Ezreals, and only one was terrible. Said terrible Ez was just not aggressive, I even started pinging ahead of time to let him know which one we could kill. Specifically, I was doing a good job warding and the enemy ADC and Support (a MF and a Leona) and it got to the point where The support went B and the carry assumed I had left because I cleared our bush of wards. All of us were lvl 6, so I ping the MF so Ez will actually move his ***. I waited a sec for him to move closer, he didn't, so I just went ahead and hit her with my ult. I got to see exactly how long someone gets stunned for because Ez didn't even attempt to hit her. He didn't make a move until…

The introduction

Ah, first blog. First off, these will be few and far between.
Same with my Bio, I'm Zouch. Not entirely sure how that's pronounced...the name is the same as A Hindu Deity that was added to Buddhism. He's the King of the South and Lord of Spiritual Growth. Sadly, he's entirly obscure and the only reason why I know the name is because it was the name of one of my most used Personas in Persona 3 Portable. It looks cool enough. Not too often someone's name starts with Z and doesn't end in numbers.

God, I hate names like that. Oh look out! Its Naruto112432! Totally original!
I guess it doesn't matter in a game like this, but it still irks me.

Recent events:
I was on hiatus because I was convinced that I was due for a refund on my Noc and Vayne. I still am, but they say I'm not eligible, so **** it. I'm still enjoying my game. Sona's skin is gonna have to wait a bit.

Next, my team owned someone who was on livestream. That is what led me to start this blog and other ****. I figure I might …

What anime/manga do you recommend?

So I have watched Angel Beats!, Death Note, Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, Black Lagoon, Ergo Proxy, Bleach (hated it after the rescue of Rukia), Naruto (reading it but kind of hating it due to b.s. story), DBZ (loved it when I was younger, now it seems a bit meh), Zoids (way back in first grade) . Any recommendations? I like anything that has an amazing story, likable and hate-able (for the right reason) characters, and comical relief elements. I hate anything that goes overboard with "fan service" and has DBZ syndrome, but it can be made up with if it has a interesting story.

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