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Patch 7.18 Summary

by PsiGuard on September 12, 2017

Hello and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary - 7.18!

We've finally reached the patch that the World Championships will be played on. This patch includes a lot of small-to-medium tweaks to major competitive champion picks, as well as a few items, to try and get the game in a balanced state for professional competition. Despite the relatively safe nature of a competitive patch, this one includes a lot of champion changes. Friendly reminder that Ornn will be disabled in competitive play throughout Worlds.

Check out the full patch notes for details on any changes that interest you.

Notable Champion Changes

Ornn received a number of changes this patch, so we're separating him from the pack. Masterwork item upgrades are now locked for Ornn's team until he reaches level 13. There is also a new masterwork item, Zhonya's Paradox, to give AP champions another option besides Rabadon's Deathcrown.

Call of the Forge God received a small buff in travel speed towards Ornn, from 1050 to 1200. There were also a number of mid-patch 7.17 updates to Ornn that buffed his health, health regen, and attack speed as well as tweaks to all of his basic abilities. Check out that link for the full details.

Azir: Emperor's Divide base damage increased at rank 2 and 3.

Cassiopeia: Twin Fang poison-empowered base damage lowered, AP ratio raised.

Elise: Volatile Spiderling base damage lowered, AP ratio raised. Rappel cooldown increased.

Fiora: Duelist's Dance movement speed increased. Grand Challenge once again grants the passive movement speed close to the target.

Gragas: Base armor decreased by 3. Body Slam hitbox is now smaller.

Ivern: Triggerseed explosion base damage and AP ratio up.

Jarvan IV: Golden Aegis shield lowered (mainly the % max health scaling).

Kalista: Fate's Call cooldown increased.

Lee Sin: Safeguard base shield increased at early ranks.

Lucian: Relentless Pursuit cooldown increased at early ranks.

Nautilus: Dredge Line mana cost lowered to 60 at all ranks. Hitting terrain refunds half the cost.

Nidalee: Primal Surge minimum and maximum AP ratio increased.

Rakan: Grand Entrance speed is slower, particularly at higher amounts of movement speed. The Quickness has a lower cooldown at rank 2 and 3, but a smaller collision radius.

Ryze: Rune Prison AP ratio increased from 0.2 to 0.6.

Tristana: Explosive Charge bonus AD ratio reduced, significantly less damage at rank 5 with 4 stacks.

Item Changes

Health: 325 ⇒ 300
Cooldown Reduction: 0% ⇒ 10%
Tribute lockout on last-hit 6 seconds ⇒ 8 seconds (also affects Spellthief's Edge)
Recipe changed to Frostfang plus a Blasting Wand instead of a Fiendish Codex. Total cost unchanged.
Now increases base health and bonus health separately. This will positively affect base health scaling like Sheen and negatively affect bonus health scaling like Locket of the Iron Solari and Feast.

Active no longer scales with Stoneborn Pact or Consume's Well Fed buff. Also re-fixed a bugged interaction causing Enchantment: Cinderhulk to grant more bonus health than intended during Stoneplate's active effect.
Total Cost: 2300 ⇒ 2200
Combine Cost: 700 ⇒ 600
Health: 350 ⇒ 250

Star Guardian Event & Invasion!

Invasion continues through this patch as part of the Star Guardian: New Horizon event. Band together as the Star Guardians to protect the city from waves of monster attacks until 9/25/17 at 11:59 p.m. PT. Check out our Star Guardian Event & Invasion guide for more information and tips on mastering the new game mode.

Other Changes

  • Champion Select

    • Made a few visual changes to champ select in an effort to reduce dodge rates. The pick timer is much larger and more pronounced and there's now a clear countdown next to your name when it's your time to lock in.

  • Bug Fixes

    • Chum the Waters no longer attaches to spell-shielded champions at max range.

    • Eye of Destruction slow now correctly decays from 25% to 13% once, not twice.

    • Fixed a big where Searing Charge didn't destroy Crystallize, it merely made it invisible.

    • Karma, Lulu, and Brand now correctly have recommended item pages for both mid and support.

    • Preferred item slot functionality now correctly works in the first game that the custom item set page is used.

    • Fixed a Mac client bug where resizing the game window caused health bars to become incorrectly offset.

    • Heartseeker Quinn is once again swinging on her swing during her recall animation.

    • Champion voice lines now correctly play upon entering champion select or rerolling.

    • Mission progress now correctly appears upon login.

    • In 7.17, we fixed an audio issue in Highlight Viewer on PCs with more than two audio channels.

Upcoming Skins & Chromas

The following skins will be released during patch 7.18:

The following chromas will be released during patch 7.18:

Share Your Thoughts!

That's it on our end, time to hear from you guys! How do you feel about the state of the game's balance for Worlds? Do you agree with the champion and item changes in 7.18? Will you be picking up any of the new skins or chromas?

Let us know in the comments below!

August Raffle Winners!

by PsiGuard on September 4, 2017

Hey everyone, we're happy to announce the August winners from our MOBAFire Monthly Raffle!

These lucky winners will be receiving their choice of one of the Omega Squad skins. Congratulations!

You can also check out last month's leaderboard to see our top ticket earners, and maybe give those hard working folks a nice comment or +rep. :)

Look out for an email from MOBAFire! Whitelist to be extra sure it doesn't get caught in spam. Emails should be going out tomorrow.

P.S. Winners, please make sure you have room in your friends list and accept friend requests from PsiGuard (NA), Sereth (EUW) and Wayne3150 (EUNE). If you're on another server, we'll make arrangements to make sure you get your prize.

Hey everyone it's a new month which means it's time once again for another monthly giveaway! If you're unfamiliar with the way our reward points and how our giveaways work read the announcement post, here.

This month we will be giving away both old and new Star Guardian skins! Win a Star Guardian skin from the original set of Janna, Jinx, Lulu, Lux and Poppy, or from the new set which includes Ahri, Ezreal, Miss Fortune, Soraka and Syndra!


Your Choice Of Star Guardian Skin

These are the prizes that will be available for the month of September! At the end of the month everyone's reward points will be reset and a new monthly giveaway will start! Stay tuned each month for the new prizes.

New Login Bonus!

In order to reward our consistently active members and as a nice extra bonus for checking in to the site, we're adding a new, easy way to earn tickets for the giveaway. Starting this month, you'll earn 2 tickets just for logging into MOBAFire! You can earn this bonus once per day, which adds up to around 60 tickets per month. Not too shabby!

Login Bonus 2 Earned for logging into MOBAFire. Limit 1 per day.

How Does It Work?

Okay so you're not sure how reward points work, don't worry we'll break it down for you. It's pretty easy to earn points, all you have to do is just go about your regular MOBAFire business. The points you earn are worth varying amounts from writing a build or guide, updating a build or guide, reaching a score threshold on your build or guide, responding to comments on your build or guide, and even commenting on other member's builds and guides for the guide reviewers out there!

This pretty much means that any MOBAFire member that is being helpful in any section of the site will have a chance to win some pretty cool prizes. You must earn at least 10 points to be entered into the raffle, but don't worry, earning 10 points in a month is very easy for any active site member!

For reference, the points per activity are currently as follows:

Login Bonus 2 Earned for logging into MOBAFire. Limit 1 per day.
+Rep Gained 5 Counts per reputation point gained this month. No Limit.

Guide Updates 10 Counts once per guide, per month
New Guides 20 New guides created this month, limit 3 per month
Good Guide Scores 10 Achieve or maintain a guide score between 75-85%. Counts once per guide, per month
Great Guide Scores 20 Achieve or maintain a guide score of 86% or higher. Counts once per guide, per month
Good Scores Achieved 50 Achieve a guide score of 75-85%. Only counts once per guide.
Great Scores Achieved 100 Achieve a guide score of 86% or higher. Only counts once per guide.
Build Updates 2 Counts once per build, per month
New Builds 5 New builds created this month, limit 3 per month
Replies to Readers 2 Reply to any comment on your guide! Small character limit (25)
Lengthy Replies to Readers 5 A more in-depth reply to a comment on your guide. 200+ characters
Guide Comments 2 Comment on a guide that is not your own, Small character limit (25)
Lengthy Guide Comments 5 A longer comment on a guide that is not your own. 200+ characters

Tier Lists
Vote on Community Tier List 1 Counts per champion vote on Community Tier List. Limit 50.
New Tier Lists 10 New Tier Lists created this month. Limit 3.
Good Score Achieved 25 Achieve a tier list score of 75-85%. Only counts once per tier list.
Great Score Achieved 50 Achieve a tier list score of 86% or higher. Only counts once per tier list.
Good Scores 5 Achieve or maintain a tier list score between 75-85%. Counts once per tier list, per month.
Great Scores 15 Achieve or maintain a tier list score of 86% or higher. Counts once per tier list, per month.
Tier List Updates 2 Counts once per Tier List per month.

Your reward points may fluctuate as we adjust points values or fix bugs, but do not be alarmed, your points will be recalculated frequently so you'll have the right amount by the end of the month!

August Winners

The winners for August raffle will be announced on Monday to give us time to go over everything, so look forward to a post then!

Fine Print

  • Contest is worldwide.

  • Open to registered MOBAFire members only. Not a member? Register now and craft your guide!

  • You must earn at least 10 points to qualify for a prize.

  • Winners will be notified via the email associated with their MOBAFire account and will have 7 days to claim their prize. Please whitelist

  • If you already own one of the prizes, you may request it be sent to another Summoner or Address. Or if you'd like you can swap that prize out for a different prize of equal value (for this contest, you may swap for another 1350 RP skin).

  • In-Game Prizes
    • Prizes are distributed via the League of Legends client
    • Prize must be currently available in the League of Legends in-game store
    • In order to receive your in-game prizes you must provide us with your Summoner Name and server when we contact you via email
    • You will receive a friend request from one of our admins (we'll let you know who to expect), and must accept and leave this admin on your friends list until we distribute prizes
    • If for some reason we cannot gift you a prize, we will work with you on an alternate prize

  • Riot Merch Prizes
    • In order to receive your physical prizes you must provide us with your shipping address when we contact you via email
    • Shipping for Riot merch prizes will be handled through the official Riot Merch store. In order to get your Riot merch prizes to you they have to be able to ship to your address.
    • Riot merch prizes must be in stock.
    • If for some reason they sell out before we can get them to you, or they will not ship to your address, we will work with you for an alternate prize.

  • Steam Store Prizes
    • Prizes through Steam will be distributed via a one on one basis
    • When we email you please provide us with a link to your Steam Profile. This way we can avoid any confusion with duplicate Steam Names/ Accounts.

  • Winners will be pulled at random. Each reward point you earn will give you 1 entry into the giveaway. More points means more chances to win!

  • Any attempts to subvert or cheat the system will get you disqualified from this month's giveaway, and repeated attempts may get you banned from future giveaways entirely. Keep in mind that you must follow our General Rules & Guidelines with your comments and guides. This includes rules against spamming, character count cheating, and operating multiple accounts, among others.

  • Contest closes September 30, 2017 at 11:59pm PST (GMT -8)

  • Winners will be announced October 1, 2017

As always please drop us a comment with your thoughts and suggestions. We'd love to hear what you guys like about this update, any ideas you have to expand on this new feature, and even if you don't like this update. Don't be shy, comment below!

We've given the forums a facelift! There are no new features, but everything has been updated to match the new site style.

Please let us know what you think! We felt that the best way to gather feedback on this forum update is to let you guys try it out! We hope you enjoy it! :)

Patch 7.17 Summary

by PsiGuard on August 22, 2017

Hello and welcome to the MOBAFire Patch Summary - 7.17!

We're almost at 7.18, the Worlds patch, so balance changes in this one are going to be pretty light. That said, we have a slew of new skins and the new champion Ornn, so this patch is far from empty! There's also a nifty new tool called Preferred Item Slots, where you can set your preferred slot for active items in your item sets.

There's also a brand new game mode called Invasion! Scroll down for details on that one.

The Hunt of the Blood Moon looms into rotation from 8/25/17 at 12:00 PM PT - 8/29/17 at 04:00 AM PT and 8/31/17 at 12:00 PM PT - 9/5/17 at 04:00 AM PT. Sacrifice Spirits, Demon Heralds, and enemy champions to gain points and the Demon Brand buff, which turns you invisible to hunt down your enemies.

Check out the full patch notes for details on any changes that interest you.

New Champion

Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain will be will be released in patch 7.17. Learn more about the master craftsman here:

Champion Changes

Draven: League of Draven base champion bounty halved. Draven now loses 75% Adoration stacks on death, up from 50%.

Ezreal: Mystic Shot total AD ratio increased from 1.1 to 1.25.

Hecarim: Devastating Charge duration no longer ticks down during R's charge. Onslaught of Shadows fear duration changed from 1s to 0.75 - 1.5 seconds based on travel distance.

Leona: Sunlight lasts only 1.5 seconds down from 3.5, but deals more damage. Shield of Daybreak cooldown changed to 6 seconds at all ranks, from 9/8/7/6/5.

Maokai: Sap Magic no longer procs on wards.

Urgot: Purge now refreshes the duration of the locked-on debuff. W will also resume firing more quickly after a missed Disdain. Fear Beyond Death slow duration and activation window increased from 3 to 4 seconds.

Zed: Base attack speed raised by 0.07. Living Shadow duration increased by 0.5 seconds.

Item Changes

Attack Speed Buff 20-35% ⇒ 25%
Health Drain Buff 20-35 ⇒ 25
Fixed a bug where Gargoyle Stoneplate's active was incorporating Enchantment: Cinderhulk's +20% bonus health multiplier when calculating its health increase. For example, at 1000 bonus health with 3 or more enemies nearby, the Stoneplate active was providing 240 more health than intended.

New Game Mode: Invasion!

Witness the arrival of a new and mysterious Star Guardian team, and participate in the new Invasion game mode to help protect the city from a series of monster attacks. From 9/7/17 at 11:00 AM PT – 9/25/17 at 11:59 PM PT, band together in a five-player PvE game mode to defend the Starlight. Earn Starlight Tokens for completed missions on this custom map, and then craft those tokens into the New Horizon Ward and a Hextech Mystery Champion (random Champion Permanent). All Star Guardian skins are free to play during Invasion.

Stay tuned for more information during the Star Guardian event.

Other Changes

  • Honor

    • A notification now appears when you miss honors from your previous match.

  • Match History

    • Unranked match history is now publicly visible

  • Preferred Item Slots

    • Preferred item slots are a new feature of item sets (under the "Collection" tab). Settings are saved per item set, so make sure you've assigned your item sets to the correct champions and maps!

    • Items added to an item set now display a grid icon in the upper righthand corner. Clicking the grid icon lets you assign a preferred slot for that item to occupy.

    • Multiple items can be assigned the same preferred slot, but each item can only be assigned one preferred slot.

    • When you purchase an item with a preferred slot, your inventory will automatically shift to put that item in its preferred slot unless a different active item is already in that slot.

    • You're still free to rearrange your inventory however you want in-game!

    • Switching item sets in-game also switches your preferred item slot settings. Reminder: the "Default" item set has no preferred slot assignments.

Upcoming Skins

The following skins will be released during patch 7.17:

Share Your Thoughts!

That's it on our end, time to hear from you guys! Are you excited to try the Invasion game mode? What's your reaction to the balance changes this patch? Will you be using the new Preferred Item Slots feature? Are you interested in any of the new skins?

Let us know in the comments below!