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Riven, Sona, Ahri
Fighter, Assassin, Support


Greetings to all both newbie and veteran!

I'm Zouchouten, a twenty-something living in the city trying to make ends meet. I also respond to the names "Dante" and "MrBoltstrike." I used to like playing league but stopped for a while. I picked it up again but stopped for a little while again. Then I thought I'd seriously practice and grind to finish my preparations for my ranked journey, but then I got annoyed with the venom that comes from practicing in public games.

Now I'm back with a vengeance and my skills don't seem to have degraded too much. I might take issue with the bad attitudes of the collective internet but the gameplay of League is just too fun and accessible for me to pass up for long. This time I'll be getting serious, especially since preparations are pretty much done.

"But Zouchouten, you handsome devil. What are these 'preparations?'" I'm glad you asked attractive reader. And please, call me Dante. I probably could have just hop right into ranked and carried my way to the top on the combined backs of my loves Riven and Sona, but I had a life changing experience when I realized Riven couldn't do it all or, at least, not easily.

I also play tons and tons of Warframe and Hearthstone.

So far, I'm competent with:
Riven, Sona, Ahri

I'm still learning:
Akali, Katarina, Irelia, Sejuani, Vi, Ashe, and Vayne

I plan on getting:
Nami and Syndra