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NA All-star Selection

So I'm putting together this Blog to talk about my choices for the NA all-star team, who I'd like to see go, and who I think should go. this should be a good blog for talking and I hope you guys give some good feedback and your personal opinions on who should go.

Top Lane

My Choice

Voyboy - He's probably the best top laner in North America at the moment, perhaps even the world. He draws a tremendous amount of pressure to his lane,in 1v1 scenarios he's a mismatch to every player in the world. The Koreans even feel that he is a mismatch and are often forced to 2v1 him or camp his lane with a jungler. He's often called inconsistent, but I think thats a very minute detail. Whether or not Voyboy is on his game is not the issue, you still have to apply a tremendous amount of pressure to his lane because of the possibility that he is on his game, he can single-handidly win for his team, it also frees up aggression for other lanes. Because of other choices for my team, I think Voyboy i…

Vayne AD Carry powerful Build Guide

Vayne Build;

Boots > 3x Health Pots > 2x Doran's Blade > Either Berserkers Greaves, Mercury Treads or Ninja Tabi dependent upon enemies (Tabi for Heavy AD enemies) (Berserkers for More damage dependent upon that of the enemy teams current gold and in game lead) (Mercury Treads against a heavy AP enemy Team). > Phantom Dancer > Frozen Mallet > Trinity Force > Zonya's Hourglass in the prder displayed is the order they should be bought.

Nova Build - Ashe - Mode Tanker

Para quem também joga de Ashe assim como eu, com a ajuda de meu primo,
consegui efetuar uma Build melhor e mais fácil de ser entendida pelo povo,
relacionada com a melhor build criada pela Ashe que está com cerca de 94%
como melhor, não consegui efetuar ela completamente já que usa recursos
de nível muito alto, então elaborei uma build muito fácil e que não
necessita de tanto dinheiro assim para ficar um cara foda de Ashe.

Com essa build você aparentará que está feedado e um cara muito
tanker e lazarento.

Build Yagasaki - Ashe

The best game in history

o my god

In bot lane we were doing pretty well, despite dying to some Nocturne ganks we picked up some kills and took their tower. Ryze ragequit pretty early in the game after feeding something like 4 kills to Anivia. Shortly afterward, his 'friend' reconnected to play the game for him. Shortly after that his 'friend' ragequit because Diana was taking his farm. I was pretty sure the game was over then, but somehow we were still able to take bot tower.

After we went mid we repeatedly fought them and won every single time due to their bad positioning, initiates or being split. They also couldn't hit a single skillshot on me or hurt me at all. I got pretty fed during this time and realized we could actually win, so I went full glass cannon and started taking both buffs.

Eventually they did start to fight with all five players, but Zac and Diana would take all of their attention while I destroyed them from the back. There were a couple of lost fights but I always lived and always pick…

Silence is something I never seem to get anymore.

Blah, once again I've been gone for month -.- School has been keeping me busy. Hey nothing right with straight A's, right? I've been working on an Miss Fortune guide for months and I could never seem to get peace and quiet to put it together so I had to make it while I have mom bothering me, and life. If my mom feels like I 'm not listening sh'll say rude things and get mad. Sigh. The only time I get to think straight is in the shower or late at night. So, I finally put up the guide. I'm only 70% happy with it. I need to fix things. I like things perfect and this isn't perfect, that angers me. Oh well, at the end of the a guide isn't going to break me. I just wish I could put 1005 into it and into my sig shop. I have 32 emails to reply to on here and 16 homework assignments to finish before next Friday. Yay! NOT!

Hope all is well here on Moba...

Hopefully staying for good,

SSD installed :D

Just bought an SSD for my computer,YAAAY!
My old HDD was dying so i decided to spend my bday money for a 500 GB Western Digital HDD and a 60 GB Kingston SSD. I installed windows on it in 10 minutes, with all drivers and all the restarts, doing windows update atm... already love this stuff.

Place your bets gonna install LoL in under a minute or not? XD

AP-Rengar: OP?

Hello Mobafire!

Sry for writing you so late, I really wanted to post something about that issue on thursday, but there were problems with my laptop, and yesterday the server failed. So I tested AP-Rengar today, and I wanna tell you if he's good or not.

Here's the answer: He IS GOOD! AP-Rengar has a very strong early game, I don't know why, but with a good partner you can easily get first-blood (If you're bot, I didn't test solo top yet, i will do it later)! In the later game, you need a good team (You need a good team everytime...). In team fights, Rengar can make much Damage with his "W"-skill, his shout. Also he is able to slow and/or stun an enemy. I had some really great games with him now, the scores are satisfactory (They are not VERY good, because i had hard enemies and also I have to make my item build perfect...). So in more or less 1 hour I will start testing AP-Rammus and practising AP-Rengar and trying to win solo-top.

So see you later!

Ranked Day 12

Game 33: Zed Mid (Purple Side)

Matched against a Cassiopeia, took wraiths level one, got two quickly and tried to go aggro but she knew what was coming and instantly backed off and put damage on me. Friendly Zac came to gank, Vi counter-ganked, and Zac's passive proc'd. Everyone escapes with no Summoner's and really no HP. Zac comes right back and I get FB. Keep laning, and right when I hit 6 I go all in and kill her, surviving with 50 HP. I die when Zac comes to gank and Vi counter-ganks again. I die again on a DC. Bot lane did really well, we have Dragon control throughout the game. We push hard, take lots of turrets, and eventually win a fight and take inhibitor. I can burst their carries throughout the game, and Zac and I zone both their carries out most every fight. We Baron and get ace'd after Graves gets caught by a Cassiopeia ult. Keep pushing, catch them out and GG the game. In promotional!!

End Result: Victory Qualified for Gold III Promotional Series 8/7/10 21…

Sooo, I just fudged up most of a game, until the end

tl;dr: I jungled Taric for the first time ever in my first game in Silver II. I pulled 0 ganks and my teammates *****ed at me, but we still won because Taric is op and doesn't care how bad I am at jungle.

So yeah, some ppl duo'd bot and kicked me out of support and into the jungle. Now, putting me in jungle is just a horrendous idea. I don't play it ever, so it's no surprise that my instincts are god awful. And then the only jungler I'm halfway comfortable with (

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