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Karma's Remake

How about the new Karma's skill set...???....

I do like the way her spells can provide some kind of support and sustain but the bust damage is pretty low....

Should Riot improve the AP ratio on them to make her more viable..???

You may now call me: Meiyjhe the Scout

Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

I promised that my journey wouldn't end at being an editor, and my promise has been forfilled :D
Each day... I will be rising.
Soon, my journey is complete, AND I SHALL RULE MOBAFIRE! MUHAHAHAHA! >:D

No, but seriously though, thank you all,
I really enjoy being here.

Thanks your everything :D
Your favorite banana

I Dreamed A Dream...

So last night I dreamed that Lissandra had been released, and being still groggy when I woke up, immediately rushed to my computer to buy her. Much to my displeasure, I soon discovered it had all been a dream, like a terribly cliché book ending (lazy too).

So why I am shouting this out to the (MOBAFire)world? Because I dream about LoL and DoTA 2 a lot, but no other games, and I have played other games a lot longer than these two. Why no Warcraft dreams? Or Pokémon, or Legend of Zelda? Or what about all the books I read?

Perhaps it's because of the degree of thought that I put into LoL. I'm no pro player, or even particularly good, but I constantly analyse what I do and what the other 9 players do both during and after the match. I try to manipulate my laning opposition by learning how they react to certain situations and then forcing those reactions when advantageous.

But, if that was the case, then you would expect me to have tonnes of dreams about my college work, or roleplayin…

The rich get richer (A story about honor)

Greetings ladies and gentlemen,

I am going to rant a bit again about honor :D
As you might know, I have a ribbon for great teammate!
You do?
Yes I do.

Now, since the honor system was changed quite a while ago, my ribbon was gone.
I still had an honorable opponent ribbon, but those aren't quite rare.
Anyway, I barely got honor anymore, if I was lucky, I maybe got 1 honor each 5 matches.
This process went very slowly

Now I have my ribbon again, and guess what?
Now I get every match at least 1 honor.

It's quite rediculous, because I didn't change that much with my attitude.
What are your opinions about this? Did anyone else experience this aswell?

Hip Hop

So is it just me or is this music category a race to the kind of douche? I mean, I don't know much of it at all, but all I hear, from le1f and nicki minaj to azaelia banks and brooke candy, and whatever other **** I've been randomly hit by, all I hear is "I rock, I ride all that ****/*****es wan't my ****, I'm the next big thing, I'm ****ing amazing".

So basically, hip hop is about fapping to yourself?

Awesome ****in night in LoL

Tonight has been an amazing freakin night. I haven't kicked back and relaxed like this in awhile. So, me,my bf and his friends were playing. I was LuLu,my bf was Kass, and the rest were Lux,Ashe, and Teemo. We were like screw it,let's all go mid this game. We did freakin awesome. I went machine gun LuLu. I kept spamming my W and letting myself to auto attack. This post probably doesn't make sense,but idc. It was such a great time.

Ranked Day 13

Game 34: Taric Support

What a stupid game. Last pick is ADC, so he picked Jarvan IV of course. Wants to find all lane because we running half bruiser, so I get beat up all game because they target me. Have a decent mid game but they have way more damage.

End Result: Defeat 0/1 in Gold III Promotional 210/178

Game 35: Zed Mid

Laning against a Fiddlesticks, and it was really lame. Could never go aggro on him. I outfarm him but rest of team loses lanes. Oh well back to Gold IV.

End Result: Defeat 0/2 5/5/4 in Gold IV Promotional 210/179

Game 36: Jarvan IV Jungle

Enemy team has a mid Soraka, so I focused that lane. Good teammates, forced them back, but they ninja'd a Baron at about 22 minutes. Do a great job of defending, then with 20 seconds left on Baron Cassiopeia gets hooked, end with a 3-3 fight. Baron dance ends when enemy Thresh facechecks us and Cassiopeia gets a 5 man Gaze, I follow up with my combo for an easy Ace and win.

End Result: Victory +14 LP 74->88 3/2…

F**K THIS S**T!!!!

Tried to duo with someone else yesterday... i know why i was bad at lol... the dudes i used to play with suck epic time... lost 2 ranked in row. Yea got told to change my attitude, but every game i run with those who generally called me back to lol when i quit are lost games, if i go solo i can carry. Conclusion = they suck...

After that i went on solo to get back the points i lost... ****in fed jungle Jarvan searing trough the sky raping any gods of the old world that's in the way.... aaaand ISP thinks turning off the internet from 12pm-5am would be fun...

Calling them that the service went off, they actually said: "We don't see any problems, checking any malfunction would take 24 hours.." so **** this.

In just 1 day im back at 19 points from 82 -_-

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