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Jarvan IV, Tristana
Fighter, Tank, Marksman


Name: Zsolt Molnár
Age: 21
Country: Hungary

Hi, i'm ShortyHUN. First of all HUN refers to my country so don't call me that :P. I'm an engineering student, learning electronics. I would like to play music again in the future and do something technical as job... despite graduating from electronics class would put me in high rank paper lifting job...

I joined the community when i was a noobie in League of Legends to learn more from the game. Now i'm a bit more experienced (regurarly playing with Gold+ people and doing pretty good), i'd like to help the community with whatever i can, be it review, help with coding, artwork or maybe even a beer if you live nearby...

So have fun and hakuna matata summoners!

My guides

I archived them, no guides for now