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18 Apr

Views: 641 Ranked journal #5

Been a while since i posted... again... Seems like spamming ranked games is not actually a good idea, it's really tiring to carry even one game.

Started to play 2 ranked games at max a day, usually one in the morning and one at night. This way i can focus much more on ranked games like this and play normal games for practice/chill. Yea i know playing a lot increases the odds of climbing, but being focused each game results in better win ratios.

Also read and watched lot of guides and writings, after filtering the bullsh*t i tried to implement everything i found useful into my...
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26 Mar

Views: 679 Ranked Journal #4

Ok, i'm giving up on ranked games, lost 4 out of 5, doesn't matter how much i carry, doesn't matter how many turrets i take down. I havn't seen a won teamfight for a week in ranked. I always get matched with people who cant teamfight at all -_-

//Waiting for stop blaming your team comments//
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18 Mar

Views: 832 Ranked Journal #3

Hello everyone, lately i forgot to update my journal regurarly... i forgot my password and was lazy to reset it :P. Well anyway i finally made it out of bronze... actually wasnt that hard, just needed lots of matches and heavy carrying.


I expected some improvements in silver matches, not much just a little... but i never been so wrong. This low silver tier is so damn toxic it makes me want to quit... Generally in bronze most of the players are simply bad or stupid, the amount of toxic players is not that bad, if they see you play good, they listen to you, if you carry them they ask...
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11 Feb
Well I've been playing ranekds for about 2 week now. Last season i got ranked in low bronze becouse of well... i had enough and wasnt going ranked after getting stuck in bronze I and eventually dropped lower for inactivity...

So my provisional... i just don't want to talk about it... got played in bronze IV...

Even though i learned to play all of the roles at a good lvl, jungle and adc being my best 2 and support my worst, i can carry a game if we only have 1 tard on the team (feeder/afk/utterly useless), if we got more the only chance is...
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