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ShortyHUN's Mobafire Blog

09 May

Views: 430 EUNE allstars #2

As some advised i started normal draft games, feels a bit better than blinds, but takes about twice as much to get matched... and still getting matched with these every now and then.

Just how is it possible that these people got to lvl 30 and have same or more wins than i do????
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08 May

Views: 478 EUNE allstars

Why... Why am i getting these mindless idiots for days... My bloodpressure starts to increase and now i'm on the edge of killing someone...
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06 May

Views: 331 Finally some free time...

Really busy lately, something going on all the time. School stuff, we had a gig... a really **** one :P i regret wasting a day for it... Met some nice girls too, they take some of my time too :D

Last week my father went to hospital because of heart problems again, this time he's not really getting better, i guess the family rambo genes are giving up... Any normal human should be dead actually. Well who gonna help my collect the dragon balls?

In the past few days i tried to finish this Freljord event stuff, but seems it attracts feeders... Can't even win anymore. Started an account on...
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24 Apr

Views: 313 No ranked for now...

Just had enough of the idiocy on ranked, i'm getting better teams on normal games -_- So taking a break, probably 1-2 weeks from ranked.

Meanwhile i'm back at guitar playing... checked some random community free guitar stuff in my neighborhood. Got some band proposal and a gig proposal at some fest nearby... lol that was fast, eventhough i suck at guitar lately, not practicing since about started university =/

Also a little merit, walking around with a guitar attracts the female species of humankind. :D
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23 Apr

Views: 1423 For all those b*tching...

For all of those who say change my attitude, i'm not good enough etc... Seriously screw you

Got all my CS while winning my lane against Jayce, after that i was in teamfight constantly, getting 7 assist and 3 kills, along with 3 deahts. I'm so noob it ****ing hurts...

This is why i can't get out of ****ing bronze league.
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